16 Oct 17, 06:20 PM
Peggers: yep, it's gorgeous ;)
16 Oct 17, 03:45 PM
Clelinha: WOW! Love the new skin, WTG (((Gwenda)))
15 Oct 17, 09:06 PM
Bobbisox: WOW Gwenda! So beautiful skin you made for the Group! I LOVE IT. Its great!!!!...♥♥
15 Oct 17, 06:38 PM
VarshaSM: Happy Birthday Angel. Hope you had a good day. sorry not had time to post in your thread yet.
15 Oct 17, 06:38 PM
VarshaSM: I love all the skins that has been put on here. Well done Gwenda.
15 Oct 17, 07:50 AM
Angel: Ty Elly :)
15 Oct 17, 03:43 AM
EllyBl: Happy Birthday Angel.
15 Oct 17, 03:42 AM
EllyBl: Oh I love the new header! Well done.
14 Oct 17, 10:38 PM
Gwenda: You're welcome Wanda :)
14 Oct 17, 08:33 PM
Wanda: Oh! Love the group background and pic. Gwenda, it must be your art work! Thanks!!!!
14 Oct 17, 06:35 PM
Angel: Thanks Wanda!!!
14 Oct 17, 04:46 PM
Wanda: Happy birthday Angel!!
14 Oct 17, 04:20 PM
VarshaSM: just done tagback and there are 8 tags altogether - for active members here. pls check
13 Oct 17, 11:13 PM
13 Oct 17, 03:06 PM
VarshaSM: Hope everyone is ok. California fire seems so bad. Hope our members in that area are safe.
13 Oct 17, 03:05 PM
VarshaSM: but I can use the ones where she spent time with us esp since we got married 33 yrs ago.
13 Oct 17, 03:05 PM
VarshaSM: Great ideas Doreen, thanks. I don't have enough time to get old pics of the family from my family
11 Oct 17, 06:57 PM
Bobbisox: Maybe a birthstone Ring, or a Mothers Ring with the birthstones of her children? My Mom had one.
11 Oct 17, 06:57 PM
Bobbisox: How about a nice calendar? Or a journal she can write in? Her thoughts and such? Even jewelry.
11 Oct 17, 06:56 PM
Bobbisox: Thank you Varsha. I will check it out on Word Art. Ive been a bit slow on the tag making this week.
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