20 Jul 18, 10:32 PM
Cathy: gone for the weekend, back on Monday, have a good weekend everyone...hugs
20 Jul 18, 10:48 AM
Purrr: Cala won the cookie game tag on pick up waiting for you. http://forum4.aimoo.com/CalasUniverse/General-Discussion/Game-Winner-1-2473570.html
20 Jul 18, 09:47 AM
Purrr: Morning Cala yes I saw it an replied. Will do for new vote thread this morning for you.
19 Jul 18, 04:20 PM
Cala: Signing in tags in game room are posted
19 Jul 18, 04:17 PM
Cala: Been in there Yvonne.
19 Jul 18, 10:40 AM
Cindy: Have a wonderful day!..Love y'all..xoxo
19 Jul 18, 10:40 AM
Cindy: Hi Ladies..I just woke up..late getting in here..I did Purrr's group and turned off computer..seeing double..I am so tired..xoxo
19 Jul 18, 10:15 AM
Purrr: Cala can you pop onto your board in the Den please, going to leave you a message need to know what you want me to do
19 Jul 18, 09:39 AM
Purrr: Morning Cala I got my fab tag saved now thank you very much an posted one for you hopt of psp this morning.
19 Jul 18, 06:36 AM
Cala: Hump Day Tags are posted in pick up, thanks for playing
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