14 May 17, 07:02 AM
Ellie: Hello,I try to sign in but i can't send the message.
31 Oct 16, 03:37 PM
Nae: Hey ya'll as of right now AD is closed it has been for a while now. I might consider reopening it back up after the Holidays. If so I will let everyone know. Thanks Nae Happy Halloween!♥
21 Sep 16, 02:20 PM
Debs: doesn't seem to want to let me register
29 Aug 16, 09:18 PM
DoodleMuffin: I don't think so,seems all psp groups are now dying out.
18 Aug 16, 01:27 PM
sandy: anybody here lol
18 Aug 16, 01:26 PM
sandy: hi Nae been ever so long xox
19 Jun 15, 10:56 AM
Nae: I am accepting (NO NEW members) at this time. TY -Nae
11 Jun 15, 04:57 PM
Nae: Well you better find it Cuddles! :)
9 Jun 15, 11:03 PM
Kathy/Cuddles: Oh I am so happy to hear this news..Nae might need to include link back here..I had lost it with new computer..
5 Jun 15, 03:37 PM
Nae: I do not think so Lois. Can you click the apply button at the top?
4 Jun 15, 10:04 PM
AngelMamaw: Am i in?
3 Jun 15, 03:39 PM
Nae: God BLESS!♥Nae
3 Jun 15, 03:39 PM
Nae: REOPENING July 1st 2015! (NO new profiles will be accepted unless someone has referred you in which case you must tell who when you apply to join.... I am VERY excited and I hope to see you all HERE!♥
31 Mar 15, 11:33 AM
Cuddles: Miss you AD......
15 Nov 14, 09:58 AM
LaSmiley: Since Group closed, I have missed you and members in group and hope it will be coming back soon. =)
6 Sep 14, 12:45 PM
Jessie: hey
12 Sep 13, 09:52 AM
tjuana: can't sign up
9 Sep 13, 10:38 PM
Nae: I will be making some new Websets and Backgrounds. So be on the look out for them.♥
13 May 13, 02:42 PM
Nae: Hey CUddles I have been too do not feel bad honey life is life. I miss you!
11 May 13, 09:09 PM
Cuddles: I feel so bad I've been absent gang.. sorry.. Hi Nae, Sandy!
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