9 May 18, 19:47
Pim: I've been okay =^.^= Will you be adding anymore renders in the future?
5 May 18, 14:44
pim: used some of your renders xD forgot to tell you
5 Apr 18, 08:53
My: its good to be back xD I've added your link too <3
23 Mar 18, 19:26
Lucien: Hakanai has a new look and new things were added; come take a peek. :)
22 Mar 18, 10:24
Tiffany: Hey! I noticed on DA we have the same birthday, happy birthday!
20 Mar 18, 06:21
Cassandra: Hey! How you been? was wondering if you got my email of the psd? I emailed u back on the email you wanted me to send it too.
14 Jan 18, 20:42
Cassandra: O'k gonna send to you now. :)
9 Jan 18, 06:01
Cassandra: Hey! :). Have you gotten my email?
1 Jan 18, 01:57
Cassandra: Happy New Year!
31 Dec 17, 19:08
brandi: Just stopping by to wish you a Happy New Year ♥
28 Dec 17, 01:49
Mireu: Hey Sahsa! hope you're doing well and had a great holiday!
24 Dec 17, 19:52
Cassandra: Hey! sorry yeah I have, i been so busy this month :(. getting a new job and my mother had surgery had to take her to appointments. I'll get to it soon~
18 Dec 17, 20:52
Lucien: Hakanaii.net finally reopened and has new look and new things; come check it out. :)
18 Dec 17, 20:32
brandi: Hey i emailed u. did u get it?
2 Dec 17, 20:25
Cassandra: Did you get my email? :)
19 Nov 17, 21:14
Pim: Hi Sasha! Long time no hear. How you been doing? Hope you're well. Do you still have the psd file for this http://icons.vizune.com/icons-100/058-chikage.png
18 Nov 17, 15:49
Brandi: Brandi here! ♥ just stopping by to say hi & let you know that i'm back and my site has a new look, and new things. :)
14 Nov 17, 00:10
Cassandra: Sure! sorry for slow reply, been gone for a few days ^^
3 Nov 17, 22:50
Cassandra: Sent you an email, :).
31 Oct 17, 23:37
Cassandra: Hey, do you want to see a preview of it? and maybe see if you like it so far...im kinda in a block, xD...
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