16 Oct 17, 15:23
Martin: Haha, I understand. I've been just as busy, too. I'm still doing well. :D
16 Oct 17, 00:38
Brandi: Hey Sasha. I was just browsing through and thought we were link exchanges?
11 Oct 17, 03:36
Cassandra: Hey, im almost done with the design, sorry im taking a bit of time but im also working on a new design for my page :)
7 Oct 17, 17:00
Cassandra: Okie i'll see what i can do :)
6 Oct 17, 04:43
wowbeat: Would you like to be affies?
4 Oct 17, 16:17
Cassandra: Is there any particular design you have in mind? I might make a fresh new one.
4 Oct 17, 08:13
Cassandra: Hi Sasha! I been doing good, :). Yourself? It be awesome to collaborate with you!
12 Sep 17, 04:03
Martin: Hi, Sasha. How are you? Sorry that I've been rather MIA lately, but I've been quite busy. My blog posts divulge that info. Haha. Take care.
7 Sep 17, 19:38
T D 5: Hello
7 Sep 17, 19:38
T D 5: هههههههههههههههه
18 Aug 17, 21:07
Mireu: Hey Sasha! Hope you're doing well! :D
16 Aug 17, 13:39
Lucien: And don't worry, RL always come first nothing can be done if it takes up all your time. :)
16 Aug 17, 13:38
Lucien: Thank you so much. :)
5 Aug 17, 22:41
Lucien: Hakanai got a new look and new additions. come peak. :)
16 Jul 17, 20:09
esthaim aka ginko: Hello dear!! ive closed ryuuen and started a new site with a friend of mine! Could you please link the new one if you want to be affiliates? :D
7 Jul 17, 15:00
Melisa: thanks<3 my dear
28 Jun 17, 02:30
Cassandra: Welcome back! :)
22 Jun 17, 00:14
Melisa: Hey long time, I am doing ok just busy now. I still love your site lets be exchange I now your busy too so I'll add you my dear:)
21 Jun 17, 21:52
Cassandra: Doing better, :) and its so great to hear from you. I'm so glad you still here! Been working a main new design for my site, the one i have now is just a temp and fixing some pages too.
20 Jun 17, 19:54
Cassandra: Hi :), Been awhile. I'm coming back to web designing again. How have you been?
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