19 Mar 17, 04:18
Pim: Hi Sasha! How are you? My link changed if you wanna update it to the new one.
6 Mar 17, 00:43
Crystal: Hi Sasha! I hope youre doing well. )
2 Mar 17, 19:20
Salya: Affie?
1 Mar 17, 16:37
Lucien: Hakanai was updated with a new look and things; come take a peek. :)
16 Feb 17, 11:03
Peach: Thanks, for stopping by my place as well. And for your comments.. Anytime you like to talk more please stop by or send me an email. Love to chat with ya. :D Have a great rest of the week!~<3
15 Feb 17, 22:57
Nicole: Thank you :) Happy Valentines Day to you too (sorry it's a bit belated aha) <3
15 Feb 17, 14:41
Lucien: A belated thank you; hope (and wish) you're better now - if not now, you'll be. Your're strong like that. :)
15 Feb 17, 13:37
Peach: Hope your doing well still and had a great V-Day!. Please take care~<3
15 Feb 17, 09:32
esthaim: aww thank you, happy valentine's day to you as well :) (belated though haha i was busy yesterday)
13 Feb 17, 19:57
Cristina: Heey, how are you?:*
12 Feb 17, 16:24
esthaim: hey sasha where can I download your themes? I'm probably too dumb to see the download button :|
7 Feb 17, 12:01
Pim: Hi Sasha! How are you? Hope you're doing well
5 Feb 17, 16:48
Crystal: Just stopping by to say hi! :)
27 Jan 17, 21:17
Adri: Hi Sasha, just to let you know that I moved my site (The NINPOJineous) to its own domain - http://ninpojineous.ninja. Pls update, thanks!
23 Jan 17, 16:42
Martin: Hi, Sasha. How are you? It's been way too long since we last talked.
11 Jan 17, 11:26
esthaim: I wanted to use either Template no. 13 or 8. :) I cant decide. but this would be a blessing if you'd do that bc I want to move my site to wordpress :) Thank u so much
9 Jan 17, 13:37
esthaim: Hello sasha, I want to use one of your amazing Templates but is it possible to use them in Wordpress? I have no idea of Template coding in wordpress and ...yeah :|
5 Jan 17, 14:44
Lucien: Thanks lots. :)
3 Jan 17, 15:16
Crystal: Thanks! :)
1 Jan 17, 22:39
Lucien: Hakanai is finally off revamp and updated; come check. :)
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