13 Jun 19, 18:47
Anna: Hey) I love sex, can do it all day. See more ❤ http://s4f.net/dating/cbox
19 Apr 18, 12:44
Aroa: Darling, what happened to your page??? Come back please, I miss it
1 Dec 17, 18:21
Charlotte: Hello Manuel :), so happy to see you back here :D. You're right of course :glad:!
1 Dec 17, 17:03
Manuel: Loreen is back! Stronger than ever
24 Nov 17, 20:24
Charlotte: Hello Drifus :), yes, we are here :)
23 Nov 17, 22:33
Drifus: is anybody out there?
23 Nov 17, 22:33
Drifus: Hello
20 Nov 17, 12:15
ChrissyTeigen.org: Cool site! :)
30 Oct 17, 00:29
Charlotte: Hello David :D, I'm so glad that your wish was heard and that you are so excited that Jupiter Drive will be on the album. Now it's really confirmed and even directly from her :glad:. Happy for you :)
29 Oct 17, 14:03
David: OH MY GOOOOD :O LOREEN JUST CONFIRMED JUPITER DRIVE TO BE ON RIDE!!!! but very indirectly as always :D i asked her to please include it on the album on her latest IG post and she liked my comment :o
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