12 Jun 17, 00:01
David: Hey there :) i regularly visit your lovely website. seeing all those upcoming tour dates almost brought tears to my eyes... i so hope she'll release more music. greetings from a fellow german warrior
30 Nov 16, 12:31
Aroa: Loreen is coming back to Melodifestivalen!! :) :heart:
16 Oct 16, 17:31
Manuel: Always happy to be back here. Our girl is coming, stronger than ever. Love Charlotte xoxo
16 Apr 16, 09:56
Aroa: Wlcome! And your new look is great! Also I want to say congrats for the 1k subscribers on Youtube :)
15 Apr 16, 15:22
Charlotte: Hi my dear Aroa :-), thank you very much for your nice message and your endless support. I will answer your e-mail as soon as I can. Have a nice day and take care :heart:.
10 Apr 16, 15:44
Aroa: Thank you very much for the info Charlotte :) :heart: you are doing a great work with your page
26 Mar 16, 05:45
Charlotte: New information about upcoming album and single you can hear in the latest interview from Bulgaria: https://www.facebook.com/RadioNJOYBulgaria/videos/vb.62619464998/10150778634604999/ :).
19 Mar 16, 08:38
Charlotte: Hi Marek :), unfortunately there's still no exact date, but hopefully it will be this year. Next time I hope I'll give you a better answer. Thank you for your visit and message! Take care ;)
25 Feb 16, 15:30
Marek: When is her album coming out ? I cant wait :/
14 Feb 16, 16:31
Charlotte: Hi Manuel :), thank you for your nice words. It's always nice to see you coming back to this site, it means a lot :). Thank you for your support! Warrior love back! :heart:
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