20 Oct 18, 04:59 PM
HJ: Happy International Observe the Moon Night 2018 all...
2 Sep 18, 08:01 AM
rina: Thank you
8 Feb 18, 09:00 PM
Starboy: What is your recommend telescope of first timer?
15 Dec 17, 11:46 AM
sha: couldnt be any happier to found this :)))
19 Aug 17, 11:03 PM
M: Mrs Tulip Zulhijjah moon sightingg will be on 22nd Aug 2017
7 Aug 17, 03:49 PM
Mrs Tulip: Assalamualaikum..kan betanya..bila melihat bulan untuk aidiladha? :)
11 Jul 17, 03:20 PM
ann: where can i get the latest hijra dates when the sighting of the moons (Ramadhan/Aidilfitri) does not coincide with the date in the original calendar at the beginning of the year?
11 Dec 15, 09:59 PM
geminids: hi jay, browse at " photos" on this site, you can find some Bruneians have seen the milkyway :)
10 Dec 15, 04:01 PM
jay: wow I just found this site :O stars in brunei always seem really small. can we actually spot the milky way here with naked eyes??
4 Nov 15, 09:09 PM
Amal: Salam. ITs my first time here and this look so cool!
18 Oct 15, 05:10 PM
Ismani Ismail: Salam, ada jadual Meteor Shower o any aktiviti di ruang angkasa yang dapat di obserb dari Brunei?
27 Sep 15, 05:02 PM
Silver: Wondering if we can view super moon eclipse here in Brunei
27 Apr 15, 09:35 PM
webmaster: The chat box is back. shout your ideas out here :nuts:
20 Nov 13, 06:04 AM
hardy: wonder what it was coz it was pretty unusual....
20 Nov 13, 06:03 AM
hardy: morning... did anyone notice that there was a very bright shining star last night?
5 Mar 13, 02:13 PM
dd: wonderful
21 Aug 12, 08:24 PM
love: selamat raya everyone
21 Aug 12, 08:24 PM
love: cool :)