4 Dec 15, 11:52 AM
clayton mose: michelle williams i love you
4 Dec 15, 11:51 AM
clayton mose: i love you best artist destiny`s child
14 Apr 15, 11:21 PM
Need Culture: Watch Michelle perform at the White House here: http://www.needculture.com/blog/president-oba
17 Mar 15, 04:32 PM
Elis: If i had your eyes é a melhor
23 Feb 15, 04:29 PM
Leah: When you do your tour don't forget Antigua
13 Feb 15, 06:39 PM
Abeeku Destiny Child: :heart:
13 Feb 15, 06:38 PM
Abeeku Destiny Child: Back from the East
23 Sep 14, 10:54 AM
beyonceworld: hey ,elite affililiates ?http://beyonceworld.us/
23 Sep 14, 07:29 AM
Jonathan (UM Team): Hey guys! It's Jonny from the Unexpected Michelle team. We are only Michelle's OFFICIAL FANSITE. You can reach Michelle on social media - Twitter, Instagram - at @realmichellew | #TeamMichelle
24 Aug 14, 10:05 AM
Marieanne: Hi Michelle. I was wondering if you could perform at an event happening in the UK? Next year during tthe final week of March
20 Aug 14, 03:47 PM
K: His Michelle I'm a nigerian and I'm wondering how you heard that song say yes because it is an old Nigerian gospel song but thank God you sang it most people have stopped singing it
20 Aug 14, 03:45 PM
K: Hii
21 Jun 14, 07:35 PM
Uche: thanks Michelle,i grew up with this song but your version makes it so much alive. and you danced perfectly to it. that was the dance that goes with it. by the way, i am Nigerian from the ibo tribe
13 Jun 14, 07:34 PM
Ervin: I don't know how to request the song =(:::
11 Jun 14, 06:24 AM
abigael: hii michelle i cant wait to listen to the songs on your album. with say yes you have a lot to hold up too, it sounds promising! Kinds regards from the Netherlands
26 Mar 14, 03:08 AM
MarozCreative.Com: www.MarozCreative.Com HQ Designs for you fansite ! (Sorry for this spam :$)
24 Jan 14, 11:56 PM
Tracy(Grayned)Stepney: Hi cuz luv your music my 15yr daughter loves you
8 Oct 13, 10:25 AM
saffron: I'm listening to Fire Michelle . W
8 Oct 13, 10:24 AM
saffron: :heart:
8 Oct 13, 10:24 AM
saffron: <3
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