[older messages]
DJ $wipe Left: Holy shit right now
I-Hate-Myself: hi
I-Hate-Myself: ready to get turnt
yung omiscus: pull up
cadem: sep
DJ Netflixx-n-Chill: Who's still locked?
cadem: me
DJ Netflixx-n-Chill: oh shit what up yall
DJ Netflixx-n-Chill: we still in here, drunk n weird vibes
cadem: niceeee dj madd remix?
Westwood Manour (sic): panch u weirdo! love it!!
DJ Netflixx-n-Chill: x8 of you. we're 10 hours deep. who's still locked?
Westwood Manour (sic): yeeeee
Westwood Manour (sic): 10/10 would red pill again
DJ Netflixx-n-Chill: gonna keep going, but most of us are out
DJ Netflixx-n-Chill: neil with the wax
DJ Netflixx-n-Chill: who is westwood manour?
DJ Netflixx-n-Chill: That's it for tonight. Thanks for tuning in.
D4RKL1N9: björk-cooool.awesome track of her.
ox: nice station... i hear it again
ox: like nightmare on wax..
ox: hi phaeleh
frostislav: Eyy this is fire
frostislav: if anyone finds Arcade - this is it mix as online DL post link pls
beatbum: wow is this little dragon??
beatbum: moby
pow: pow
pow: :D
pow: love this mix
pow: wow
tomsk: отличное радио
Monika: :P
Chris: Very nice
Chris: :cool:
moonwatcher: :cyclops:
ICONIK X: Love this Space Bass ... already looked up the DJ on soundcloud
ICONIK X: thanks for sharing .... great stuff ... loving it on itunes on my internet radio
robdee: @DJ Netflixx-n-Chill Would kill for a tracklist from the last 5-6 hours...
Feten Bunker: [link]
Adelis: Best regards from Sabana de Mendoza, Trujillo, Venezuela ... Longing for Bass Music