22 Aug 16, 02:11 AM
Pastor Niral Patel: Dear Taylor, there are 2 traditions we found while researching. Some say Dragon is Earth whereas others say it is Wood. We followed the tradition that says Dragon is Wood element. I hope this helps.
19 Aug 16, 10:50 AM
Taylor: Hi there, I noticed that you put Dragon under the wood category where as most sites on the internet have it on earth category. what would you say is more appropriate?
19 Aug 16, 10:47 AM
Taylor: Hi there, b
14 May 16, 12:49 PM
NUT: wish ALL.#HERE to have pure mind in contekst DS &KARMAPA without unnnecessary emo,own experience practiice tolerance have.
14 May 16, 12:46 PM
NUT: NUTroll.4TR Saturday, May 14. 2016 01:43 PM after many many years many lamas “inspirations” (i not use2use wordPRose cut ions) to my disLive! its strange that i not change view? http://www.vidsshare.c
11 Apr 16, 10:57 AM
Wan Wai Meng: Showing the information of : 1) Timing 2) URL resource 3) Title 4) Picture is optional Benefits - Can share blog chat information and promote quickly via Social media channels. Best Wishes Wai Meng
11 Apr 16, 10:57 AM
Wan Wai Meng: Dear Blog Team, Feature click on a BLOG CHAT topic and it can create a message that can be shared to Twitter/FB and whatsapp. - Part1
4 Mar 16, 02:49 AM
Tsem Rinpoche: Dear Shengtonpa, here is a post on White Manjushri: http://www.tsemrinpoche.com/?p=36451
25 Feb 16, 09:12 PM
shengtongpa: Hello, Does anyone practice the white manjushri saddhana ? anyone can give me some peaces of advice ? Thanks.
1 Jul 15, 08:43 PM
m somarathana: we are bilding the my temple can u help me
15 May 15, 09:31 PM
Pastor Adeline: Btw, the font type has not changed for this post http://www.tsemrinpoche.com/tsem-tulku-rinpoche/great-lamas-masters/a-gift-from-geshe-kelsang-gyatso.html
15 May 15, 09:30 PM
Pastor Adeline: When the blog chat moderator uses red, green or blue, you can hardly read the wordings.
15 May 15, 09:30 PM
Pastor Adeline: The new interface of this blog is very nice. However, the words colour in the blog chat might need some adjustments.
6 Apr 15, 07:29 AM
Golden Lotus: I think I maybe some reincarnated form of the 13th dali lama. Evertime or say this everything in my head goes BRRRM very loudly for about a minute. I need help please help me. my # is 9044826929
4 Dec 14, 08:04 PM
emmeline: Hopefully In future will have Edit column when you are trying to do posting...Sometime it might hit the keyboard occidentally & posted the unfinished question
21 Nov 14, 10:39 PM
Lew: Dear Kevin, I have sent you an email regarding your issue. We can resolve this issue faster through email or WhatsApp. Thanks
21 Oct 14, 12:40 PM
Kevin Lam: Dear admin, I've been facing problems few weeks back to log in to the blog chat. I can't sent my blog chat after key-in the security captured characters multiple times. Please advice. Thank you.
6 Oct 14, 06:10 PM
Lew: @Dragos, thank you for your feedback. We will them them in mind when we improve our system
30 Sep 14, 10:08 PM
Dragos: I only did it because I deeply believe the content on TsemRinpoche.com is incredibly important to be easy to access.
30 Sep 14, 10:07 PM
Dragos: sorry if I flooded your feedback section :p
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