11 Oct 09, 08:32 AM
Rachel: Happy belated Birthday, Lena!!! I hope the next year of your life is filled with happiness and love :) -Rachel
10 Oct 09, 09:53 AM
tatyforever: happy birthday my dear Lena!!! I'm sorry for being a little late this year, but I didn't forget you on octuber the 4th. have a great year and enjoy it with family, friends and fans!!!! I wish u all the best for your solo career and I hope we'll listen to your album soon. I loe you so much!!!!
8 Oct 09, 05:37 PM
Maxs: Desdew Mexico te mandamos un beso y un abrazo en este tu dia
8 Oct 09, 05:36 PM
7 Oct 09, 05:02 PM
Faiza: Happy Birthday Lena! I have so much to say, but I'll just say that I wish you all Happiness there ever is! I wish you to continue being the greatest person you've always been, and I wish your smile never goes away. Enjoy your 25th year as much as you can :D
6 Oct 09, 04:43 PM
Sam: Happy Birthday Lena! Your gorgeous inside and out and i wish you all the best on your birthday! <3
6 Oct 09, 02:38 PM
Michael: Happy Birthday Lena! <3
6 Oct 09, 04:18 AM
beyza: KATINA <3 i wish you a happy birthday, i wish you a happy life, good luck in your carreer, in everything that you do, may all your wishes come true, we love and support you. <3
5 Oct 09, 09:55 PM
Ericka: Ohhhh my dear, Lena! I wish you many many kisses and hugs from the USA! YES, there are still USA fans!! We love you forever and alwys, Elena! From now until forever, I wish you another happy, wealthy, lovely Birthday. Kisses from Ericka Ponce! Manhawkin, NJ :)
5 Oct 09, 09:54 PM
kotenok: lena I love you soo much, all the best for you my dear lenok!!!!
5 Oct 09, 04:18 PM
angel_devil1989: Well there is nothing more to say about Lena.she is just amazing!Wish you the best
5 Oct 09, 12:48 PM
Wessam: OMG!!! IT HAS BEEN a YEAR OREADY !!! :shock: ...Can't believe time Goes so fast !! HaPpY Birthday Dear Lena !!! :) If i Gave you The Hole World it Wont Show How much I love you !! and Support you :) here is some of my Drawing i made of you Hope you like !! :) All My love , Wessam
5 Oct 09, 03:15 AM
TaTyTu: May all u r dreams come true. I love u so much dear Lena. Happy Birthday from KSA. :heart:
4 Oct 09, 08:56 PM
Byron Albarran: Hello Lena,How are you today?,i think you are so happy for your birthday and i hope you enjoy so much whit your friends and ofcourse WHIT YULIA! ok,happy birthday Lena and i wanna hear your new album soon you are so special for all of us,and..YOU GROW UP SO FAST!! i remmember ALL THE THINGS SHE SAID..whit so much love..alright.so enjoy your day,THIS DAY IT'S YOURS!!!!...GOOD BYE!!!
4 Oct 09, 08:27 PM
Ryane: С днем рождения, Лена! Мы любим тебя. Желаю успеха! <3
4 Oct 09, 07:16 PM
LENA-KATINA.NET: All Best Wishes for You Dear Lena! Happy B'Day :*
4 Oct 09, 05:34 PM
Whitney: Happy Birthday Lena! You are a very wonderful person. I wish you luck on your solo album; You have such a beautiful voice and I know you'll do absolutely great! Once again, Happy Birthday. I wish you the best :heart:
4 Oct 09, 05:09 PM
selince: happy birthday lena. Good you were born. TEebest days I wish for you and Yulia.
4 Oct 09, 04:49 PM
Kevin Krayewski: Happy Birthday Lena! You are the most beautiful girl on this world, you're just perfect as person and phisically too, I ♥ your eyes ^^ I always admired you, since I knew t.A.T.u. I saw an angel, and that was you, I wish all the best for you in your day, enjoy with all the people you love, all the BEST for u
4 Oct 09, 04:44 PM
Gabriel: Happy Birthday Lena! May all dreams come true! :heart:
4 Oct 09, 03:44 PM
Kevin Ramos: Happy B-Day Lena :D I luv u
4 Oct 09, 02:51 PM
Emma: Dear Lena, congratulations with your 25th birthday, make it a day to remember! Know that we all love you and your new soloproject! Love from Holland, x Emma
4 Oct 09, 02:25 PM
Laya (tatu-rock): Happy birthday my sweet Lena ! Wish you all the best . with love :)
4 Oct 09, 01:40 PM
Kayla: Happy Birthday Lena! I wish you so much love and happiness! You are beautiful on the inside and out, and I hope you have success in whatever you do! Much love, Kayla
4 Oct 09, 12:57 PM
Miguel: Happy Birth day my dear Lena We love you :)
4 Oct 09, 12:20 PM
ivonne: Happy birthday Lenka:Di wish all the besr in ure carier and so much love happinest^^Greetings from Poland Lots of kisses mmuuuaawww>3 Iva xoxoxox
4 Oct 09, 11:38 AM
Marte: Lena, Happy birthday :heart: You are the best.
4 Oct 09, 11:01 AM
Emily: Happy birthday, Lena! May this be a day of happiness and celebration for you. Over the past few years, your voice has not only comforted me, but inspired me to start singing as well. I give you my love and best wishes.
4 Oct 09, 09:21 AM
Eralp: Best beautiful days, best beautiful health, best beautiful dreams, best beautiful reminiscences, best beautiful faith, best beautiful love, best beautiful power, best beautiful smile, best beautiful wishes and all good things... All get your :) >>>>Happy birthday Lena<<<< Good you were born. Many happy returns of the day... Ooo! Without forgetting! You always smiling:) Smiling becomes you ;) Have a nice day... I am always with you;) bye...
4 Oct 09, 08:24 AM
Mimy Scolling: Happy B-day Lénochka i love you forever <3
4 Oct 09, 07:44 AM
Alba: Happy Birthday, Lena!! I hope that you can always find all the happiness, the love and the success that you need in this life, and that all your dreams and all your wishes come true!! ;) You are such a talented singer, but if you really touched my soul it was because of who you are as a person. You are an amazing twenty-five-year-old girl, don't you change, ever!! Love from Spain, and felicidades!! :) Kisses
4 Oct 09, 07:35 AM
mozhde: Happy Birthday and the best days I wish for you and Yulia. :heart: :heart:
4 Oct 09, 07:25 AM
mozhde: :heart: :) :heart: :heart: hi lena . i am mozhde and 16 years old . i frome iran.i love you and yulia very very much and many times I saw you sleeping I hope to meet you and Yulia. I give you my email and hope you send me an email
4 Oct 09, 07:22 AM
Sarah: Lena, you are so beautiful and talented! I can't wait for your new album to come out, I have always loved you singing solo as well :) You are amazing and I am 100% positive you are one of the kindest persons on earth. I hope that one day I will meet you! Happy birthday and keep rocking!
4 Oct 09, 06:05 AM
Suza: Lena, I wish you all the best in life! Keep on being that natural, warm person and I wish you all the best with your work and I'm sure your album will ROCK OUR BUTTS OFF! ;)
4 Oct 09, 04:56 AM
Brandon: Dear Lena, it seems like you grow more beautiful, more talented, more intelligent, more sophisticated, and more perfect with every passing day. You are truly one of the greatest and most special people I have ever seen. I truly hope to have the pleasure of meeting you someday, but for now, I simply hope that you will spend this very special day surrounded by the people you love and cherish, and I hope that you have a wonderful and memorable time. I wish you all the success and happiness in the world. Keep the music goin'! Happy birthday, with much love.

- Brandon
4 Oct 09, 04:52 AM
LenaMyLoveee: Hi Lena, I wish you the best in the whole world and hope you have a great birthday! Love you so, so, so much! Happy birthday, Lena! (L)
4 Oct 09, 03:29 AM
Sammie G.: Happy birthday dear Lena! I hope you get everything you want, and more, for your birthday. Thanks so much for all you've shared with us. Best wishes today and everyday!
4 Oct 09, 01:44 AM
Yuriko: Hi Lena I just wanted to wish you a happy birth day and I hope that you have fun celibrating it and I wish you the best in your career so happy birth day from another one of your thousands of fans be happy xoxo
4 Oct 09, 12:00 AM
gabriella: happy birthday to youuuuuuu!!!!!!! have a great day my little girl. i love you so much, and from i am right now (mexico) y send you weathever you are (i don´have idea) lots of hugs and kisses... you are a beautiful person, an angel and a great singer.... congratulations lena
3 Oct 09, 11:23 PM
Brian (lena-music.org): Amanda, thanks for exclusive files! :O
3 Oct 09, 10:50 PM
Brian (lena-music.org): Happy B-Day Lena, you are the most precious pearl of all... amanda cute site! ;)
3 Oct 09, 10:16 PM
Katharine Martens: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Lenka!!! Please, spend this day with your loved ones, and thank you for taking the time to share your talent with the world. Happy birthday, love, Katie.
3 Oct 09, 09:39 PM
Bianka [JuliaLenaFan]: Happy Birthay Lena! =D everytime I see new pictures of you, I can see that you keep gorwing into a very wonderful, lovely, smart & beautiful woman. You are very talanted & have a beautiful voice! Congratulations on your site! It's simply amazing & very beautiful. I can't begin to tell you what an inspiration you are to me & how you help me grow day by day. =) I wish you only the best in love, life & your career! You can do anything you set your mind too. I hope someday to be able to meet you in person! =D I can't wait to hear your songs & I hope you will tour the US, count on me being there supporting you all the way! Happy birthday once again, Lena! Much love! <3
3 Oct 09, 09:22 PM
Emily: Dear Lena, I only want to wish you happy birthday! and tank you for all the good years of music that you give us. You're a strong person and a model for all the new singer, I hope you will continu to spread your magnificent voice through the world! don't forget, we love you!!
3 Oct 09, 09:09 PM
Emily: Dear Lena,
3 Oct 09, 08:39 PM
Elise: Happy Birthday Lena! I admire your drive to achieve your dreams and you have been an inspiration to me for almost 10 years. You are the most beautiful person I know, not only physically but spiritually. Your warm and kind nature will never be forgotten. Have a beautiful day surrounded by the things you love, and thank you for all you have done for us xoxo
3 Oct 09, 08:09 PM
Giulia: http://img340.imageshack.us/img340/3764/lenasbday2009.jpg
3 Oct 09, 08:09 PM
Giulia: Dear Lena, I want to wish you a wonderful birthday full of sweet surprises, I wish you health, success, happiness, all that an amazing girl like you could deserve. You are a wonderful person, beautiful inside and outside, you deserve all the best possible in your life & career. I wish you to spend your bday near your dearest ones, may it be a wonderful day full of joy and happiness! With love, Giulia from Italy
3 Oct 09, 07:12 PM
rEmIX220: Your a sweet heart Lena poo =^-^= Happy fall out the crotch day <333
3 Oct 09, 07:03 PM
ryan: Happy Birthday Lena :D may this year and every day of your life bring you luck and happiness. good luck with the new project. all my ove now and always Ryan Flaherty, UK
3 Oct 09, 06:49 PM
Candace: Have a wonderful and enjoyable Birthday and may you be blessed in everything you do! :heart:
3 Oct 09, 06:48 PM
Lauren: Happy birthday Lena! Have a fabulous day. :)
3 Oct 09, 06:44 PM
Aryle: Happy Birthday Lena! I know you'll continue to inspire and show the world your incredible talent!! :D
3 Oct 09, 06:39 PM
victor oscar: lena happy birthday , i love you you are so sweet and cool , good luck , loves and smiles , kisses go katina go!
3 Oct 09, 06:38 PM
edwuinElectro-Colombia: & cheers from Colombia...
3 Oct 09, 06:35 PM
edwuinElectro-Colombia: Lena: I can`t to explain how much I love u...but I only want to tell you...HAPPY BIRTHDAY-FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS
3 Oct 09, 06:25 PM
Newestatus: happy birthday my lena cute
3 Oct 09, 06:14 PM
Kevin: Happy birthday Lena!!! I wish I could meet you and REALLY wish you a happy birthday. I'm so glad you're making a solo album and I can't wait to buy it :D
3 Oct 09, 06:13 PM
Sofia: Wow, happy twenty-fifth! You've always inspired me to keep creating and loving life. You're a beatiful, intelligent woman and I look forward to seeing and hearing your new artistic creations. Keep on keepin' on!
3 Oct 09, 05:48 PM
Tarmizi Kamaruddin: Happy birthday, Lena Katina
3 Oct 09, 05:14 PM
tatulover: happy birthday best women in the world lena u are legend i love u ilove ur smile and ur voic whith all my love i alwys love u
3 Oct 09, 04:39 PM
Pavel: Congrats Lena ... Mexico Loves you!
3 Oct 09, 04:16 PM
Flo: Dear Lena, I wish you a wonderful happy 25th birthday! You are a great woman and I adore you very much! I wish you much luck, health, happiness and love in your life! Stay as you are because you are so down to earth, nice and gorgeous! Happy birthday again! I hope you're going to have a wonderful birthday party with lots of friends and family members!
3 Oct 09, 03:39 PM
Amanda: Dear Lena Katina, I have found that my respect and admiration for you has grown since we have met. I do not only respect and admire you as a singer, but as a person, as well. I think that you are an intelligent, and sophisticated person: well-read, and have an excellent taste in art and literature. I hope that you find love, peace, and spirituality, not only for your birthday, but for every day of your life. Happy Birthday!