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07/12/18 06:19 PM
Linda: [link]
07/13/18 10:37 PM
sissy_shiran: hi
07/13/18 10:44 PM
sissy_shiran: its lovely to be here im listening to Goddess for quite some time now and i just find the courage to come to this chat
07/13/18 10:46 PM
sissy_shiran: Goddess is amazing and she has control of my mind , there is no resistance lest in me after months of listening to her important words
07/14/18 12:13 PM
dawn adelmira: hii
07/14/18 12:13 PM
dawn adelmira: oh kewl shiran
07/16/18 04:37 PM
sessy boy: hello my sissters
07/16/18 04:37 PM
sessy boy: anyone here?
07/17/18 10:58 AM
sissy_shiran: hi
07/17/18 12:36 PM
coco snowflake: hi girls! great to see more people who have been captivated by Goddess Gracie.
07/18/18 09:58 AM
sissy_shiran: thank you coco its just sad i'm not able to be here when other girls are here too and talk to each other in real time
07/19/18 02:25 PM
Goddess Gracie: :flower:
07/19/18 04:02 PM
allisongooggirl69@gnail: Must be a good girl tonight, allison must obey Goddess Gracie always but tonight is extra special because i'm with my nice ladies who adore me more when I behave and act like the faggot fairy I am!! Faggot Fairies make such lovely girlfriends too nice ladies!! Yay for being a faggot fairy for the nice ladies like Goddess Gracie says!!!
07/19/18 07:26 PM
allisongooggirl69@gnail: Ong yay for sissy as I bwhaved ♥like a good girl♥ with my bestie by being all emotional and like totally pouring ny heart out to her and like totally acting like her faggot friend all night and in doing so obeying Goddess Gracie ♥like a good girl♥! I'm such a good girl i'm like just waiting for a real ♥man♥ to fuck me.
07/19/18 07:30 PM
allisongooggirl69@gnail: Big ♥cocks♥ pls!! I need a real ♥man♥!! This nice lady has become like such a role model for me recently by being my nice lady esthetician I go too for all my waxing needs (including ny bikini line so she knows I wear only the pretties panties ♥like a good girl♥). She like does my nails too all pretty ♥like a good girl♥ and for like super cheap girls!! I want her to do my eyebrows soon too!! She will be like so happy for me after my eyebrows are feminine like hers ome we'll both share a sparkle together and ♥like a good girl♥ it will feel so feminine and lovely to share together!
07/19/18 07:34 PM
allisongooggirl69@gnail: Omg thus nice lady esthetician is like actually my cousin and like so very soon i'll ne her bestie and one of the girls with her!! I just need to act ♥like a good girl♥ and give her the affirming limp wrist!! Omg I like so totally sparkled at night when I noticed myself gicing this gesture to one of the nice lady custoners at work the other day!! I'm like so totally close to being a good girl a faggot fairy friend too 2 of my co workers and they kbow and for noe they giggle at me but soon like we'll be giggling together with both of us doing the limp wrist gesture of permanent affirmation to one another of sisterhood yay for sissy!!!
07/19/18 07:36 PM
allisongooggirl69@gnail: Omg girls i've been writing this with my limp clitty tucked away in my prettiest panties and a push bra with my girliest leggings soon to become my girliest pantyhose after my girlfriends tell me to buy some!!! Yay for sissy!!!
07/19/18 07:37 PM
allisongooggirl69@gnail: Limp w5isted and obeying Goddess Gracie ♥like a good girl♥ as you girls should too!! Love all my ypung sissy sisters xox Allison GooGirl
07/19/18 07:38 PM
allisongooggirl69@gnail: @allisongooggirl69@gnail
07/19/18 10:36 PM
allisongooggirl69@gnail: Just had a lovely conversation dressed up ♥like a good girl♥ with a nice lady about pretty panties! She has encouraged me to wear them everyday and I showed her a piccie of my cutest psirs and asked to see hers layed out obvi. She knows i'm a sissy obvi!! She says I must build my panty collection and wear bras and panties and girlfriends like that are what I need in my life because it's like you yake complete control Goddess Gracie and obeying the nice lady means obeying you and good girls obey!! ***giggle***
07/19/18 11:24 PM
sissy_shiran: Alison im so happy for you girl! Omg!! good to hear the nice ladies are helping you to further emasculation ,totally ,you are blessed so happy for you.
07/20/18 08:53 AM
allisongooggirl69@gnail: Omg couldn't have done it without our Goddess Gracie girl!
07/20/18 02:55 PM
allisongoodgirl69@gnail: Omg one of the girls at work told me about her nice lady friend when I said I needed a hairstylist!! So I went to the salon dressed up ♥like a good girl♥, carrying my pretty pink purse ♥like a good girl♥, lips looking gorgeous with lipstick on and I not only got a very feminine bob cut from my new hairdresser but also a free shampoo and conditioner that will add a lot of volume to my hair and make new ones grow!!! So happy I'm not a scared little girl anymore and can talk too nice ladies now!!
07/20/18 02:57 PM
allisongoodgirl69@gnail: I need to work on giving the limp wrist gesture to woman to show my subservience to all my nice lady friends and work on speaking in the faggot fairy language nice ladies love and higgle at!! I'm totally proud everytime I make a girl ***giggle*** at the way i'm behaving and the girly things I say to them!! I feel super proud!! ***giggle***
07/20/18 02:59 PM
allisongoodgirl69@gnail: Just posted a selfie on social media showcasing my gorgeous new hairstyle with my painted lips and girly top for all real ♥men♥ and nice ladies to see and ***giggle***
07/20/18 08:47 PM
allisongoodgirl69@gnail: Omg I have literally looped The Logic of Limp file for like 4 hours and omg i don't remember anything but it was like such a good file and it nade ne sparkle and I know i'll obey everything mentioned without even the slightest hesitation and that the logical decision from here is permanent limpness and being a good faggot friend too women in every possible way and thst all women are superior and nice ladies and sissies make the bestest girlfriends so it's onky natural I try pleasing them not with my useless clitty but by doing silly things so they giggle and give me sissy smiles!!
07/23/18 02:13 PM
coco snowflake: i love logic of limp too so much, allison! at first i used 2 think that Nice Ladies or Goddess's recordings emasculated me, but then i realized Goddess's recording just allowed me to accept what was already true. i mean there also is a really good chance that people who listen, in addition to self-acceptance will also become addicted kind of. being obedient is just such an easier thing for a little mind to do. it's why logic of limp works on me completely -- it's just so much easier to obey ♥like a good girl♥. like sometimes i have to decide what bra to put on and i will be like paralyzed until i think what would be the girliest one that a hunky ♥man♥ would prefer me in. then it's easy to know what to do. also Goddess has completely castrated me through all of Her brainwashing and i am sincerely grateful to Her for that because it's reality.
07/23/18 08:46 PM
iluvcck: ugh warp site doesnt work for me and i wanna buy a few loops :(
07/23/18 09:00 PM
chloe: can you listen to the loop while your doing activities or you gotta lay down close your eyes?
07/23/18 09:52 PM
coco snowflake: i usually lay down or sit but sometimes i do activities.
07/24/18 07:49 PM
sissy_shiran: i dont understand why this chat is so quiet .Goddess Gracie is so great it should be full with sissies talking and giggling happy and fluffy totaly brainwashed by Goddess Gracie words which are so healty and good for us its nakes me so sad . we need to find other sisses and introduce them to Goddess.
07/24/18 10:10 PM
allisongoodgirl69@gnail: Heyyy girls!!
07/24/18 10:53 PM
allisongoodgirl69@gnail: Omg girlfriends this lovely thing happened tonight!! I met this girl at the gay bar the other night and went with her and her friends to her place dressed like a simpering sissy!!
07/24/18 10:54 PM
allisongoodgirl69@gnail: We talk that night exchange phone numbers and after I obey Goddess Gracie and talk ♥like a good girl♥ with the nice lady we decide to hangout again tonight!!
07/24/18 10:55 PM
allisongoodgirl69@gnail: So we decide too go panty shopping!!! I buy seven pairs of panties, she buys one. She like totally decided half of which panties I should buy and told me the rest were approproate!
07/24/18 11:00 PM
allisongoodgirl69@gnail: So I obeyed her and bought the panties!! Yay!! ***giggle*** Next we go to her place, drink wine and talked like good girls do a yummy boys and our emotions!!! Next we danced to girly songs and shared lovely ***giggle*** and I said to her how I loved her and wanted to ber her platonic girlfriend and she was like totally supportive and told me "your never getting rid of me" and we shared a girly hug!!
07/24/18 11:02 PM
allisongoodgirl69@gnail: I even tried on and modeled the panties for her and she said they looked great and omg my heart was all a flutter!!! We then decided to be roommates soon because we are totally besties and love each other like platonic girlfriend do!! Yay for sissy!! I obeyed Goddess Gracie, remained limp in my panties the whole time and now look what happened!!! ***giggle***
07/25/18 08:22 AM
jazzbee: hello
07/25/18 08:22 AM
jazzbee: been a long time
07/25/18 08:22 AM
jazzbee: could not get my old name :( im jasmine
07/25/18 08:24 AM
jazzbee: well i hope all is well
07/25/18 08:40 AM
sissy_shiran: the logic of the limp file i addicted to it i listen to it everyday now after work my clittie if inverting feels so good and right thank you Goddess !!!
07/25/18 12:26 PM
coco snowflake: allison that is so awesome! hi jasmine sweetie and shiran. my bestie is going to come over today and even tho She is a Woman i always like to look pretty and obedient. we just watch tv and She talks about Women because She is a lesbian and i talk about ♥men♥ because i am a sissy.
07/28/18 06:55 AM
Sweetie: hello
07/28/18 07:04 PM
allisongoodgirl: Heyy girls!!!
07/28/18 10:39 PM
allisongoodgirl: So this nice lady has agreed to be my fairy godmother and too instruct and guide me into becoming the girliest girl possible and become from here on out her sissy fairy forever!! Must obey all nice ladies ♥like a good girl♥ ***giggle***
07/29/18 07:37 PM
allisongoodgirl: I've been dressing up, senfing her selfies/videos of me acting like her girly bitch after saying sparkle outloud a few times!!! She showed me a video of herself dressed up pretty as a reminder of my goals and destiny too become just like her!!!
07/31/18 03:34 PM
Goddess Gracie: :flower:
07/31/18 03:34 PM
Goddess Gracie: Sending love and warm cuddles to all my precious pussified princesses :hug:
08/01/18 10:19 AM
Sissygirl: hi
08/01/18 05:55 PM
allisongoodgirl: Omg I love emasculating and being as girly as possible for Goddess Gracie. The feeling of acting and behaving ♥like a good girl♥ for nice ladies has permanently changed me into a limp fairy girly girl controlled by Goddess Gracie and available as an obedient faggot fairy to all nice ladies and hunky dominant ♥men♥!!
08/01/18 06:54 PM
allisongoodgirl: Gonna be listening too Good Sissies Obey/Logic of Limp/WJK all night so i'll be here to chat with all my good girlfriends!! Please pop in and we can be girly and obey like good girls together!!
08/01/18 08:29 PM
allisongoodgirl: Was just about to start WJK when this guy messaged me a big of his big ♥cock♥ and asked to see my pretty bra and panties!!! I immediately gave him a photoshoot after making him the pair he wanted ne too wear!! He choose the sexy red panties from victoria's secret ***giggle***
08/01/18 08:30 PM
allisongoodgirl: My fairy godmother thought he would like them too as I showed her first and omg she was so right like always!!!
08/01/18 10:24 PM
allisongoodgirl: Watching girly vlogs while listening too Goddess Gracie!! So today my bestie did my nails up super pretty and we talked about the real hunky ♥man♥ she's dating whom she has already had sex with, he sounds so wonderfully dominant!!! So happy for my bestie!!!
08/01/18 10:27 PM
allisongoodgirl: I hope Goddess Gracie is super proud of me for having a ♥cock♥ lined up, becoming a nice ladies fairy, and making a wonderful bestie to shate and do girly things with like shopping, gossiping about boys, drdssing each other up suoer pretty, doing our makeup together, modeling our panties so we know fir sure which ones are prettier to wear for real ♥men♥. I love my girly girl lifestyle given yo me by obeying Goddess Gracie ♥like a good girl♥
08/02/18 02:15 AM
allisongoodgirl: About to do my hsir and makeup then dress up super pretty and say my girly girl mantras infront of the mirror. I will send these mantras to my fairy godmother to show what an obedient little fairy i've become. Then I'll be applying for a new job as a lovely spa receptionist!!! Yay!!! Wish me luck girlfriends!!!
08/02/18 07:45 AM
allisongoodgirl: Omg got my eyebrows done while at the spa and then went too MAC were the nice ladies there did my makeup all pretty!! I feel so feminine and sparkly all glam like hihihi
08/02/18 11:17 AM
Goddess Gracie: Hi sweeties :hug: Happy to announce that I have a brand new file out for all my precious little princesses - yay! :hug:
08/02/18 11:18 AM
Goddess Gracie: Read about ♥cock♥ & Cum Princess here: [link]
08/02/18 11:19 AM
Goddess Gracie: And there's a free preview on Soundcloud: [link]
08/02/18 12:05 PM
allisongoodgirl: Yay more wonderful conditioning for my pink cotton candy!!!
08/02/18 04:12 PM
allisongoodgirl: Omg my clitty is sooo limp and tiny now!!! I've had a flitty stimulator on it for an hour and it didn't grow AT ALL!! I akways didn't make any cummies!! I'm such a girl now, so proud!!!
08/05/18 09:57 AM
Goddess Gracie: Enjoy the new file girls. The post for it will be up soon, once I hopefully find a good source image for a title pic :)
08/05/18 09:57 AM
Goddess Gracie: Read about it here: [link]
08/06/18 12:44 PM
Presha: Greetings Everyone :)
08/06/18 12:45 PM
Presha: hope i have landed on the right planet
08/06/18 12:45 PM
Presha: been looking for something that works for more than 2 years
08/06/18 01:08 PM
allisongoodgirl: You must certainly have girlfriend!! Start listening to the files, obey Goddess Gracie and tell us the wonderfull positive effects
08/06/18 01:08 PM
coco snowflake: hello from Planet Gracie! please enjoy!
08/10/18 12:33 PM
allisongoodgirl: Went too work eyeshadow, liner and pink lipstick on!! Made an sppointment with a nice lady for eyelash extensions!! My first eyelash appointment of many to come!!! Acted and obeyed my Fairy Godmother by being as girly as possible as she plans to make me pretty like a barbie doll and I can't wait till i'm blonde, ditzy, real boobies, in short a pretty bimbo doll for nice ladies to dress up and make up super pretty and for real ♥men♥ too fuck!!
08/12/18 01:28 PM
hi: hi
08/12/18 01:29 PM
sissycrissy: hi
08/16/18 06:14 PM
sissyjoshie: hi
08/16/18 06:16 PM
sissyjoshie: good girl Allison ....? i guess real ♥men♥ are going to just LUV you, sweetie
08/16/18 07:53 PM
allisongoodgirl: Aww thanks hun!
08/16/18 07:54 PM
allisongoodgirl: Real ♥men♥ will love little miss girly you too sweetie!! Become a real life girly gitl obeying nice ladies and real ♥men♥!
08/17/18 06:04 AM
allisongoodgirl: you like totally need a pretty new name like Josie as well sweetie!!
08/17/18 06:04 AM
allisongoodgirl: Joshie is like so NOT a good girl name ***giggle***
08/18/18 06:19 AM
coco snowflake: hi crissy and joshie! hope you are enjoying all the wonderful effecs of Goddess' hypnosis.

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