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11/06/18 08:44 PM
cassandrasissy: Hi
11/09/18 03:32 PM
coco snowflake: :heart:
11/09/18 05:26 PM
coco snowflake: omg girls, aren't we so lucky to have found Goddess Gracie? She makes me giggle. :heart: :heart: :heart:
11/10/18 02:01 PM
merla: @Goddess Gracie OMG my dear Mistress. Currently I felt such a truth and importance hearing your voice, I couldn't explain when implanted. It must have with the frequency I listened to some of your files over some nights, some agoo - OMG OMG
11/10/18 10:46 PM
allisongoodgirl: Hi merla welcome to life as a fairy princess for all the nice ladies and girly girls!!
11/10/18 10:50 PM
allisongoodgirl: I just told one of my girlfriends to say sparkle a lot then started listening too sissy sparkle 2 immediately!! Can't wait too become a total fairy for her!! She said she loved my pretty panties and has gone out dancing with me all dressed up!!
11/10/18 10:52 PM
allisongoodgirl: I wanna do her makeup and nailsss!! Let her put me in sparkle mode where I behave ♥like a good girl♥ and a total fairy!! I remain limp in my panties with her and she like totally doesn't mind me in panties for her on girlss night! She wears pantiess too!! So much fun being one of the girlss!!
11/11/18 02:21 AM
Goddess Gracie: Sending love and warm cuddles to all my precious pussified princesses :hug: :flower:
11/11/18 09:02 AM
coco snowflake: oh merla, aren't Her wordies just the bestest?!!
11/11/18 01:56 PM
Cindy Girly Nylons: :thanks:
11/11/18 05:25 PM
Goddess Gracie: Fuckdoll Fantasy - Prison Bitch is now a free download for all my good girls! You can download it from WarpMyMind for free right here: [link]
11/12/18 12:35 PM
merla: Oh yes Mistress Gracie words more and more totally overwhelm me :*)
11/12/18 12:43 PM
coco snowflake: it is totally hot and it helped me very much understand who and what i am. Goddess Gracie is seriously the mostest bestest training little sissies. i love Goddess!
11/15/18 12:08 PM
michellemontana: omg! I just listened to "prison bitch" and now I'm super horny for some ♥cock♥ "***giggle***" ! thankies :hug: sooo much Goddess!
11/16/18 05:47 AM
allisongoodgirl: I keep complimentating nice ladies on there hair, makeup and clothes. I'm such a good girl too nice ladies!!
11/23/18 12:33 AM
allisongoodgirl: Made a new BFF tonight, she's so amazing, wants to do my makeup!! We talked about our love for ♥cock♥ and is gonna be such a positive mentor for my complete and utter transformation into her faggot friend and girly BFF!!
11/23/18 12:34 AM
allisongoodgirl: Time for some lovely condition with the nice lady who has made it all possible Goddess Gracie!!! Hugs and Kissies to all her good girls like me!! Xox
11/23/18 12:35 AM
allisongoodgirl: :girly:
11/24/18 12:16 AM
sissycara: omg prison bitch was my first file and I didn't notice until the end but I leaked all over as I felt my body invaded by his big ♥cock♥~
11/27/18 05:00 PM
coco snowflake: :toy: :worshipcock: :grateful:
11/30/18 04:32 PM
enmity: .
11/30/18 10:23 PM
mommys_boy: hi
11/30/18 11:58 PM
allisongoodgirl: Hiii girlsss!!
11/30/18 11:59 PM
allisongoodgirl: I'm totally in sparkle mode, becoming girly girlfriend besties with this nice lady who wants to do my makeup and help me become her girly faggot bestie!!@
12/01/18 12:04 AM
mommys_boy: which lady?
12/01/18 12:04 AM
allisongoodgirl: One of my girlfriends!! :)
12/01/18 12:09 AM
allisongoodgirl: Who is your progress with the files girl?
12/01/18 12:09 AM
allisongoodgirl: What** silly bimbo here ***giggle***
12/01/18 12:10 AM
mommys_boy: ***giggle***
12/01/18 12:14 AM
allisongoodgirl: Tell all girlfriend!!
12/01/18 12:15 AM
mommys_boy: i am just learning.
12/01/18 12:18 AM
allisongoodgirl: Are you wearing pretty girly pantues everyday!!?
12/01/18 12:23 AM
mommys_boy: almost
12/01/18 12:26 AM
mommys_boy: i don't really know what i am doing.
12/01/18 12:27 AM
mommys_boy: just exploring.
12/01/18 12:45 AM
allisongoodgirl: Girls must wear panties, feels so nice wearing pink panties, I reccomend it!! It's a must!!
12/01/18 12:46 AM
mommys_boy: oh
12/01/18 12:46 AM
mommys_boy: maybe i am not a good girl?
12/01/18 12:49 AM
allisongoodgirl: Not yet sweetie, you will become one under Goddess Gracie
12/01/18 01:06 AM
mommys_boy: you think so?
12/01/18 01:26 AM
allisongoodgirl: Of course sweetie, i'm a good girl now but I wasn't akways!!!
12/01/18 01:30 AM
allisongoodgirl: Goddess Gracie's conditioning has made me think of girly girls as my platonic girlfriends, wear panties and hras everyday, obey nice ladies, suck ♥cock♥, submit too real ♥men♥, wear girly clothes everyday, carry a pink purse, rub my clitty, tell my girly girlfriends I have a tiny clitty I tuck away in my pretty panties, the salesgirls at Victoria's Secret make me sparkle and tingle right then and there and always help me pick out the most cutesie panties and at this point there's no silly need to even say there for me as Women Just Know
12/01/18 01:32 AM
allisongoodgirl: The manager at MAC knows how to put me straight into sparkle mode and gives me free girly makeovers because of how much of a good girl i'm behaving!!
12/01/18 01:32 AM
mommys_boy: hmm
12/01/18 01:32 AM
allisongoodgirl: Become a good girl like me!!
12/01/18 02:01 AM
mommys_boy: i don't know how.
12/01/18 02:35 AM
allisongoodgirl: Listen too Goddess Gracie and you'll become a good girl like me too!!
12/01/18 02:53 AM
mommys_boy: Listening to audios is sort of boring. All the audio files seem the same.
12/03/18 09:08 AM
coco snowflake: dear mommys_boy, omg i am so sorry that is your experience. i think Goddess's files have been very effective on me. sometimes it even surprises me.
12/03/18 01:13 PM
Goddess Gracie: No need to apologize coco sweetie - how silly :giggle: much better to ignore stupidity like that.
12/03/18 01:13 PM
Goddess Gracie: Exciting news girls, I've just put out a new version of ♥cock♥ & Cum Princess featuring the classic background audio :flower:
12/03/18 01:14 PM
Goddess Gracie: You can get it exclusively at WMM for a special introductory price of $20 for first two weeks of December.
12/03/18 01:14 PM
Goddess Gracie: sidenote: some of the chat emojis appear to be broken right now, I'll try and fix them when I have some free time.
12/04/18 12:28 AM
allisongoodgirl: Omg thank you for letting your good girls know how silly mommas boy is for not listening too Goddess Gracie.
12/04/18 12:31 AM
allisongoodgirl: Obey you always Goddess Gracie ♥like a good girl♥
12/04/18 01:05 AM
allisongoodgirl: Said sparkle outloud at a party with my bestie Zara
12/04/18 01:17 AM
allisongoodgirl: Every nice ladies girly girlfriend!!
12/04/18 09:02 AM
allisongoodgirl: Bought new panties at victoria's secret, omg two sparkly pairs in a cute dark pink and ivory colour!! Also bought a cute lilac pair with two bows in the back!!! Couldn't afford the matching lilac bra but the salesgirl was like totally in sparkle mode with me when I asjed if she could help me find matching bras!! Totally sparkly!! ***giggle***
12/04/18 09:03 AM
allisongoodgirl: Got my makeup done by Ria at the MAC Store, omg feel super girly mow and will go too work like this today!! I should be in sparkle mode on the phone today especially if i'm talking with a nice lady!!!
12/04/18 09:05 AM
allisongoodgirl: Nice ladies make me sparkle so so much!!! Omg I talked about girly tv shows wirh a nice lady yesterday!!! I told her all about my love for the girliest tv shows like Vanderpump Rules and Real Housewives and sold her HBO by telling her how she could rewatch the sex and the city series!!!
12/04/18 09:08 AM
allisongoodgirl: All sissies are silly and must continue their training ♥like a good girl♥ if they think they don't need the teachings of Goddess Gracie to become proper girly faggots!! I love giving nice ladies a nice and cute limp wrist gesture to show how much I obey!!!
12/06/18 03:15 AM
allisongoodgirl: Si acted like such a faggot at work today while talking too a nice lady I had a sparkly pink top on limp wristed and must obey her order to sit next too her tomorrow!
12/06/18 06:56 AM
Lillian: My clitty is tingling so much and it's making me super sparkly.
12/07/18 02:48 PM
Linda: :sizequeen:
12/07/18 02:48 PM
Linda: :needsex:
12/08/18 03:21 AM
diapered maid: hello all curtsey
12/08/18 08:26 PM
allisongoodgirl: Feel such a revitalizing limpness from spending the day watching real housewives with my little clitty tucked away in pretty panties!
12/08/18 08:29 PM
allisongoodgirl: Watched over 8 episodes today!! Learned so much about friendship between woman, socializing ♥like a good girl♥ giving warm compliments t the nice ladies n their hair style or makeup.
12/09/18 08:50 PM
crissy_: hi
12/09/18 08:50 PM
crissy_: :girly:
12/10/18 12:45 PM
coco snowflake: :swallow:
12/11/18 10:47 PM
Roxane: :gimme:
12/11/18 10:48 PM
Roxane: :lovegoddess:
12/12/18 12:36 AM
allisongoodgirl: Who else watches real housewives?
12/14/18 07:39 AM
jamieanne: :lovecock:
12/14/18 07:40 AM
jamieanne: Love Goddess so much i cannot express it
12/14/18 02:18 PM
Roxane: Ohhhh jamieanne, that ♥cock♥ looks so yummy;)
12/15/18 03:29 AM
jamieanne: Hello girls
12/15/18 03:31 AM
jamieanne: :grateful:
12/16/18 12:14 PM
jamieanne: Hi who's out th?ere

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