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01/08/19 05:32 PM
cassandrasissy: How are you ?
01/10/19 10:33 AM
merla: Dear Goddess Gracie: I sent you an email some time ago
01/14/19 06:59 PM
Sharri: Goddess...
01/14/19 06:59 PM
Sharri: Just wanted to say that this subbie/slave feels that your work has greatly evolved over the many years since I first started sampling your work.
01/14/19 07:01 PM
Sharri: Mind you... I have been testing your work off & on for several years now.
01/14/19 07:02 PM
Sharri: Your application of techniques has come a very long ways from your earliest work & I had my doubts a few days ago when I first decided to sample some of your latest posted subliminal MP3's.
01/14/19 07:05 PM
Sharri: Mind you, having subjected myself to all sorts of hypno & subliminal, I have been constantly disappointed until that point because I had yet to find even one individual that had been able to create any sort of hypno or subliminal that had at least a minimal kick to it that would then culminate in the results that you offered that I also desired.
01/14/19 07:05 PM
Sharri: However...
01/14/19 07:12 PM
Sharri: I have only just started using the limp & sissy bimbo files so my current mental status is still unafected althougn not entirely as I am very pleased to report that I have finally been able to sit down to tinkle & the icky morning errection isn't present as much as it used to be. Plus, whatever techniques you employed, PLEASE DON'T STOP USING THEM!! After so many years of wandering the internet wasteland, this sissy/trans had very little hope of seeing anyone offering a file or two or more that might have the sort of kick to it to then kick my mindset over the top to a field-goal, ***giggle***! Mind you, I was already a meditation practitioner so your latest approach has helped me to do what I couldn't do on my own because my mindset wasn't close enough to the point that it needed to be & yet, you have helped me to clear that one hurtle in my ongoing chase to find the kind of files needed to help get my head in the place that I both want & need it to be.
01/14/19 07:13 PM
Sharri: I also don't stress out on every little issue that has come into my life so Kudos to you.
01/14/19 07:14 PM
Sharri: Lastly, can I have my gold star now for not diddling since two days before I started more than two weeks ago? ***giggle***!
01/14/19 07:19 PM
Sharri: For me, that has to be some kind of record because even though I was disgusted with myself for diddling, I had to do it only if to get it out of the way so I could keep my head on straight enough to be able to function without my Master being made angry because my head was obviously anywhere & everywhere except on my chores or what he kept trying to get me to do as part of my service to him,. Although, after the 'no diddling' files, not so much any more, ***giggle***!
01/14/19 07:20 PM
Sharri: Also, I feel A LOT happier now.
01/14/19 07:25 PM
Sharri: My master is getting on in his years so his emotional fuse can sometimes be short to the point that he will snap & with me already being a sensitive sissy, it didn't help matters at all even though I didn't tell him that I used my allowance from him to buy several of your files which then helped me to just laugh it off which as my master VERY CONFUSED now when i just laugh because he yelled at me. Of course, he has concluded that even if he can't understand how it came to this where I used to cry a lot for hours after he upset me so much, me laughing for a much shorter time while getting on with my chores & service to him is still a vast improvement even if I am tight-lipped to him about what I did to make it possible for me to change so much.
01/14/19 07:25 PM
Sharri: sparkle... ***giggle***!
01/14/19 07:26 PM
Sharri: Sorry... I just couldn't help myself... I just feels so good to be able to do that while feeling as if my body just won't stop pumping out the natural 'feel-good' bodily chemicals.
01/14/19 07:27 PM
Sharri: Before, I could do that too but it wasn't as long-lasting or as powerful until after listening to several of your files.
01/14/19 07:32 PM
Sharri: BTW... I plan on buying several more of your files to test them out & the ones that have the silly sissy bimbo theme to them, are of special interest to me because I feel it so much now when I laugh to then suddenly feel as if all my smarts just left me but it doesn't seem to bother me at all & that is what like about them the most as the cotton-candy in my head just seems to get bigger & bigger to then push it all out until I don't seem to have a care in the world & it just feels so good!
01/15/19 08:53 PM
coco snowflake: so awesome you love Her files so much, sweetie. ***giggle***
01/16/19 04:13 PM
Goddess Gracie: Yay Sharri, that's wonderful sweetie :hug: and good girl coco for encouraging your new friend :flower:
01/16/19 04:13 PM
Goddess Gracie: Love and warm cuddles from Goddess Gracie xx
01/16/19 11:11 PM
L: Hi i wanna get started but idk what to start with can someone help me please? It looks like you're having so much fun!
01/17/19 08:44 AM
jamieanne: Hi there
01/17/19 08:45 AM
jamieanne: Locked up sissy here
01/18/19 07:05 AM
coco snowflake: i started with the Honesty file.
01/20/19 06:52 AM
allisongoodgirl: Started with the good girl series , honestly and WJK
01/20/19 06:57 AM
allisongoodgirl: I'm a lovely sparkle slut for all the nice ladies and super gay faggot fairy for her lovely girlfriends that have slowly become my bestiess too going bra shopping together and looking for ♥cock♥
01/20/19 07:29 AM
allisongoodgirl: :heat: :girly: :panties:
01/20/19 01:44 PM
Ebony: @Goddess Gracie hello everyone:)))))))
01/20/19 07:28 PM
Ebony: I love all my sister's here this much *stretches out arms* :hug: ....at the end of diddle free matras when mommie says "awww:)" it makes me feel happy
01/20/19 07:29 PM
Ebony: I wish mommie could make all my thoughts go bye bye so I wouldn't have to try so hard to be good because sometimes it is very hard
01/21/19 03:41 PM
Ally: HeyIs it wrong for the idea
01/21/19 03:42 PM
Ally: of seeing my girlfriend pleasing another guy to turn me on so much? While I'm locked up in chastity
01/23/19 12:46 PM
cassandrasissy: Hi girls
01/23/19 12:46 PM
cassandrasissy: How are you today ?
01/23/19 12:57 PM
cassandrasissy: Hi girls
01/23/19 12:58 PM
cassandrasissy: ?
01/23/19 09:09 PM
Ebony: Hrmmmm... I think it's a no no to see nice ladies with no pretty outfit on. Innapropiate
01/23/19 09:10 PM
Ebony: I am didle free for 6 days yayyyy. Also I threw away all my yucky make underwear and also I bought some very suppy pretty bras and panties. I just need my clitty to be smaller. Any tricks?
01/23/19 09:59 PM
cassandrasissy: Hi sweeties
01/23/19 09:59 PM
cassandrasissy: How are you ?
01/23/19 09:59 PM
cassandrasissy: is there anyone here ?
01/24/19 07:05 AM
coco snowflake: @ebony: hmmm, i think wearing panties in a way that makes it difficult for your clitty to get all yucky stiffie helps super lots but takes some patience. Goddess' files like logic of limp, ***giggle*** redux, and sissy sex education (almost all Her files discuss the reality of our useless clitties) are super helpful as well. plus i love wearing pretty panties. @ally: Goddess often says as long as you are not hurting yourself or others you should do as you want. if that turns you on and She enjoys sex with real ♥men♥, then everyone benefits, right? @cassandra: hi sweetie. hope you are doing well and enjoying hanging out with your Nice Lady friends.
01/24/19 07:07 AM
coco snowflake: ebony, that was supposed to be logic of limp redux not giggle redux but typing the letter el then oh then el, shows up like this: ***giggle***
01/26/19 12:44 AM
allisongoodgirl: Omg so happy for you the only pantiess from now on is such a milestone in getting your Sissy clitty._Just continue listing to all ladiess and princess ***giggle***
01/26/19 12:52 AM
allisongoodgirl: Obey ** I was visiting my nice ladiess today i was wearing a super cute top in black with written in rhinestone omg I received so many compliments on it and a nice lady noticied and said your so dainty, your wrists have been limp and your girly skinny jeanss making you booty pop, she giggled and talked for an hour in the back doing our makeup with the nice ladies. We giggled and talked about boyss, fashion,dresses i should buy, where to shop for outfits the answerr is fashion nova girlfriendss because this nice lady told to buy gorgeous dresses from them!!!
01/26/19 12:55 AM
allisongoodgirl: I only have girlfriendss now and sissies need to have only pretty girlfriendss. Tell all glamorous you love real housewives and watch it everyday._ You'll have only nice ladies as your girlfriendss
01/26/19 01:27 AM
allisongoodgirl: Hiii little princess merla wearing your pink panties is required here ***giggle***
01/26/19 08:49 AM
niKi: Omgoss just watched Bros doc on tv..feel like smitten teen now!!!! Muah! muah! Matt + Luke xxx anywayz i'm wearing my new sparkly pink Mary Jane heels tonight! sooo excited xxx toodle pip
01/26/19 08:02 PM
allisongoodgirl: Any good girls available for girl talk?
01/29/19 02:04 PM
coco snowflake: niKi, sounds like your new shoes are super sexy and pretty!
01/30/19 11:27 AM
cassandrasissy: HI everyone
01/30/19 11:27 AM
cassandrasissy: How are you ?
01/30/19 09:49 PM
prissipuss : I miss seeing Goddess in here
02/02/19 12:33 PM
niKi: hiya everyone *giggles* feel so happy headed tonight! love luv to listen to ♥cock♥ + cum princess before going out tonight *giggle* wearing my pink sparkly mary janes tonight for 1st time..i'm super excited..how is everyone else xx toodle pip xxniKixx
02/03/19 10:12 PM
niKi: muah! muah! thanks for all positive feedback girls. :
02/03/19 10:17 PM
niKi: muah! muuah! thanx so much for all your positive feedback girls. Yeah heels are pwetty special..love luv them! make me feel like a princess! toodle pip xxx
02/04/19 05:40 AM
coco snowflake: hope your evening was dreamy fun, sweetie. your pink sparkly shoes sound amazing!
02/04/19 03:44 PM
littlesissysister: hey, is there anyone?
02/04/19 07:47 PM
Wet Jennifer: hi there hun
02/06/19 10:57 PM
Goddess Gracie: :flower:
02/08/19 12:29 AM
Mike: I'd love to find a sissy to call mine tonight. You girls are the perfect cure for sexual frustration
02/08/19 07:16 PM
prissipuss : Shame Mike wasn't on later, he sounds lovely
02/08/19 07:17 PM
prissipuss : The idea of making him happy made Tasha and Jocelyn tingle :)
02/10/19 12:48 PM
crissy: hi
02/11/19 10:11 AM
coco snowflake: hi crissy
02/12/19 02:27 PM
cassandrasissy: hi sweeties
02/12/19 02:27 PM
cassandrasissy: How are you ?
02/12/19 09:44 PM
Goddess Gracie: Sending love and warm cuddles to all my precious pussified princesses :hug:
02/12/19 09:45 PM
Goddess Gracie: Love from Goddess Gracie xx
02/17/19 12:31 AM
Gloris: Just looking for some strong hypno havent been able to find one tht gives a trance
02/17/19 04:47 PM
Tomi: Hi girls.Goddess Gracie thank you for helping me become true gay sissy sluty wife I am now. I'm married with kids and beutifull wife my life long love. 5 years ago we started to play crossdresing etc,,, and my wife loved every part of that. She loved it so so much, to have a grilftiend for shoping. And after 3 kids we was scared not to have another one. So she would now touch her pussy and cum while i kiss her. True lesbian sex. After some time I become expert in makeup, clothes And i have cute face and stopped excercing and gone on diet to have nice femine figure .Later came wigs....Funny is that my wife are same size in clothes even shoes. So now we have huge wardrobe of cute sexy clothing shoes...5 years passed since i had sex as ♥man♥ even my wife is so sexy. I cant even imagine it anymore and i dont want it. I found that i love having my ass pussy fucked. So now our regular sex is me sexy dressed as slut. my clitty tucked big dildo in my pussy and my wife rubbing herself,
02/17/19 04:51 PM
Tomi: And cumming as we kiss and talk sexy stuf. She fall inzo sleep and i go on net to watch sexy muslce gay pics and ♥cocks♥. And I so happy now with myself. I listened your hypnos Miss and you helped me so much. Especilly I love ultimate sissy princess maker, I think it is the name.
02/17/19 04:58 PM
Tomi: I'm so happy that I finnaly foind courage to admin to myself that I never was real hetero ♥man♥. That I'm gay sissy, week, emotive, cute, submissive totally impotent now for woman. And I'm so happy that I have supportive wife my love who loves me this way. Listening to your hypnos was like that you totally understanded me. Helped me a lot to become who I am. Love you Mistress
02/17/19 05:08 PM
Tomi: My clitty become totally usless and i hate it now i keep it hidden tucked as my wife prefers it too. I'm learning to cum as woman now only from dildo in my ass pussy. True ♥♥♥sissygasm♥♥♥. I think I'm close. and i'm sure like other stuff i will become expert in it hihihih. I'm 41 now and rest of my life i will live as sissy wife.
02/17/19 05:17 PM
Tomi: I still work as ♥man♥(pretending) so i cant go on hormones I m scared that my boobs will develop too quickly. But i would love so much to have nice female hips and ass, I and love idea that hormones will shrink my clitty. As time passes I'm also more and more into idea to remove my clitty, To go on surgerey. I find it so cute and sexy to have a pussy. And my wife cums when i mention that to her hihihi she loves that idea so much. And that should pass in real world.
02/17/19 05:18 PM
Tomi: What do you think Goddess Gracie should I remove my usless clitty, Kisses from your fun Goddess
02/17/19 05:31 PM
Tomi: Sorry for bad english and maybe too long and boring confesion
02/17/19 10:29 PM
prissipuss : You're a sissy faggot from now on, tomi :)
02/20/19 01:39 PM
Sylvia: I'm all confused about my body. I'm doing 'no more diddles' so I don't have to be concerned with my clitty. I do worry about my titties. I'd like them to become larger. When doing titty massage is that referring to only the nipples or including all of the boobie part. I can't use hormones due to the side effects.

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