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03/15/18 12:21 AM
Roxane: :beau:
03/15/18 12:23 AM
Roxane: :lipstick:
03/15/18 12:39 AM
Roxane: :flower:
03/15/18 04:56 AM
Roxane: :heels:
03/15/18 03:06 PM
allisongoodgirl: Omg roxanne i'm totally a lovely girly girl for all nice ladies now, i like totally just walk right in a women's fashion boutique amd immediately asked if they had any dresses in the style I wanted. The lovely nive lady at cash tells me to come on up and lets me try on these 3 cute dresses in the style I wanted and in a gorgeous dark purple almost plum the nice lady said. I tried on that one LAST as I knew it's the dress I want but wanted to try on all the other dresses. So like I had trouble zipping the first dress, so I helpessly asked the nice lady for help. Did she come to the rescue? Of course Roxanne, she's a nice lady ***giggle***
03/15/18 03:13 PM
allisongoodgirl: So like i'm standing there in my bra and panties waiting ♥like a good girl♥ for this nice lady too omg zip me up! We together determine that the dress does not fit. Sissy tries on the second dress and lets the nice lady help confused me now in sparkle mode zip me UP!! ***giggle*** The nice lady knows my eyes are set on the purple one I haven't tried on yet. She said to me so like "save the best for last" so i ***giggle*** and say yess girl! Sparkling in my pink cotton candy brain mind gone bye byes. I try on the pretty purple dress saying sparkle repeadtedly in my head as I did not want too creep out such a lovely nice lady so helpful and super girly too!!!
03/15/18 03:18 PM
allisongoodgirl: We come to a conclusion that this dress is the one I want but the belt is too plain. So like i'm saying i'll dress it up, she like totally gave me the best advice telling me I should get a sparkle belt. We quickly go look for a belt, none so sissy begins looking around for cute girls clothes while the nice lady fashion girl goes in another room of the boutique! She returns after I find a horgeous blue cardigan she says I can have for as tje monthly deal is BOGO and omg I was super sparkly when she like said BOGO and sjowed me a lovely sparkle broche to pin on too my dresses black belt to spice it up give it a hirly touch you know? So I buy the broche!! It matches the purple well and it like sparkles like omg totally buying it from the moment the sparkle shined in my eyes ***giggle***
03/15/18 03:27 PM
allisongoodgirl: As i'm leaving I spot these girly black skinny jeans that I just had to try on!! So I asked the mice lady if I could, nice lady says, good girl goess YAYYY outloud in a good girl way!! I put on these lovely jeans!! Omg best fit ever!! So I jump out of the changing room to show her, she giggles because i'm behaving properly and smiles and in a super girliest way I hope too sound like soon says "omg those jeans looking amazing on you!!". Omg hearing her compliments I just turned towards her and stood up straight to push my ass out ♥like a good girl♥ with my limp wrist all the way limp ♥like a good girl♥ and in my girliest good girl voice ask the nice lady in a super polite feminine manner ask I can wear them out!! She laughs and says yes of course let me get those pesky tags for you, omg we had made a cute funny together when i she said tags are awful and i said yea like the only part i hate about clothes "tags" they have the price on them and are super annoying when trying things on.
03/15/18 03:27 PM
allisongoodgirl: We both ***giggle*** together at that one!! I can't wait to wear these jeans and dress out!!
03/15/18 06:50 PM
allisongoodgirl: Now i'm at the bar all pretty like with makeup on, those cute black skinny jeans I wore out of the store!! My pink top with a long blue cardigan, nails manicured like always!! Pink purse and pretty gold necklace!! I will dance ♥like a good girl♥ withbother nice ladies i've already complimented a girl at the bar on her cute booties!!!
03/15/18 07:39 PM
Roxane: Wow!!! Allison, you're having so many amazing experiences right now, I'm so happy for you:) :rainbow:
03/15/18 07:40 PM
Roxane: Do you know how to upload an avatar? My link doesn't seem to work anymore.
03/15/18 07:41 PM
Roxane: :loveu:
03/15/18 08:49 PM
allisongoodgirl: Hmmm I think you jist put the link under your pretty good girl name Roxanne!!
03/15/18 08:53 PM
allisongoodgirl: So like the nice lady I complimented ended up dancing all girly like with me, we exchanged messengers, and she's texting me just before going too fuck a real ♥man♥ telling me how she too loved meeting and like when she saw sitting alone she wanted to go over to me so so much and she was super happy I insteaf went over to her, introduced myself as Allison and didn't stop talking to her ♥like a good girl♥. I was completely feminized and behaving ♥like a good girl♥ infront of her never once not looking into her eyes as I behaved like a faggot friend to my new bestie Maryse!!!
03/16/18 11:55 AM
allisongoodgirl: Another day of shopping and about too celebrate at the strip bar for an hour of dancing WITH the nice ladies while declaring myself as a sissy. Maybe one will take me as her sissy slave if I behave ♥like a good girl♥!
03/16/18 11:09 PM
Roxane: That sounds wonderful, Allison;) I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!
03/16/18 11:10 PM
Roxane: :byebear:
03/18/18 12:03 PM
Roxane: :):):)Hello Everyone:) :):)
03/18/18 12:21 PM
Roxane: Ohhh Allison, The Lady in the First Dress Shop sounds so amazing!!! Wow, so cool:) I think she's an 'Awesome' Lady...***giggle*** Americans like to say 'Awesome' a lot:)
03/18/18 12:22 PM
Roxane: Yes, i think Goddess Gracie's training is really helping you become the bestest sissy ever!!! Ladies like sissies who are polite and respectful towards them. So that's why the Lady was so comfortable in helping you try on dresses...***giggle***
03/18/18 12:23 PM
Roxane: Yes, clothes tags suck and not in a good way;) I hope you had fun at the bar, hun!!! I know you will continue to meet Wonderful Ladies and hopefully there are some ♥hunky guys♥ in your future too...***giggle***
03/18/18 12:24 PM
Roxane: :share:
03/18/18 12:25 PM
Roxane: :lovegoddess:
03/18/18 12:25 PM
Roxane: :thanks:
03/18/18 12:26 PM
Roxane: :grateful:
03/23/18 07:13 PM
allisongoodgirl: Omg so like the other night at the nice ladies bar i now see all strip clubs as I pay no attention to the naked girls on the poles much prefer talking with nice ladies wearing the pretty lingerie that I'm super jealous and make it obvious too all the nice lafies I also have cute sexy lingerie to wear without telling them outright like a real ♥man♥ would
03/23/18 07:17 PM
allisongoodgirl: So like last time my super fun girls night alone at the nice ladies bar started like this!! I started talking openly about my nails and other super fun girly topics to the bartender who immediately guided me too my new BFF at the nice ladies bar Porsche. I was open and honest with her saying i would pay for lap dances if she chatted with me first and left her panties on as like zi told her i thought vaginas were scary and super gross!! She ***giggle*** and said me too!!
03/23/18 07:21 PM
allisongoodgirl: So we talked about girly topics like our nails, hair, makeup, real ♥men♥, how much we liked getting fucked by big ♥cocks♥ ***giggle*** She complimented on the super skinny women's guess jeans I was wearing and I was like "omg these jeans are heaven, love the way they make my booty pop!!". She ***giggle*** and told me to buy platform heels as i was timid in my kitten heels and super girly floral flowy satin top and it would help me attract ♥cock♥
03/23/18 07:27 PM
allisongoodgirl: So then we went for two lap dances were she made me yell out that I was her good girl after having me bend over and grind my sissy pussy on her super cute panties or something like that my mind went bye byes ***giggle*** I remember I was giving her a lap dance in my bra and jeans for the second song and the rest of the night ♥like a good girl♥ and talking to the other nice ladies when they approached me as women just know and thinking that made me behave and chat so well with the other nice ladies at the bar while Porsche was out dancing with other ♥men♥ but she would always return too girl talk with me and that is how a sissy knows she has made a new girly BFF at the nice ladies bar
03/23/18 07:28 PM
allisongoodgirl: I even joked before she claimed me during the lapdance that she was totally a nice lady faghag and I was now one of her fags.
03/27/18 11:19 PM
viddee7: i've been listening to BOTH lifelong love and kindness and love since k&l was released for freeT
03/27/18 11:21 PM
viddee7: :grateful:
03/27/18 11:22 PM
viddee7: let me know if you need a model for cross promotional blogging i have an idea of how to show tribute to Goddess <3
03/27/18 11:27 PM
viddee7: my reel, as it were. the only selfie i have on my blgo so far ;)https://trixieviddee7.tumblr.com/post/146243341079/hehe-p
03/27/18 11:47 PM
viddee7: let me know if you're up for collab. would love tos ee the depths of where we can go :)
03/27/18 11:48 PM
viddee7: :comegetme:
03/28/18 12:02 AM
viddee7: you can message me at [email]
03/29/18 12:48 AM
allisongoodgirl: Omg acting so girly now! I was with a straight guy friend and just had to rush into too a mail salon too book a manicure and eyebrow waxing gor this girl's super fabulous first open birthday as a sissy! Omg can't wait too show all the girly girls and nice ladies at the nail salon tommorow by behaving as girly as they are at all times how and why I belong amongst them getting my nails done with a limp clitty in pretty pink pamties and super tight leggins that leaves no bulge in the front for all ladies to see!!
03/29/18 12:50 AM
allisongoodgirl: Allison isn't even a lil bitsy nervous about getting new fills for my nails!! New polish applicatipn!! From pink sparkle too purple sparkle all the while sparkling with my girly thought and girl talk with my main girl, the girl who does my nails super pretty!!
03/31/18 02:11 AM
allisongoodgirl: All my good girlys know how how wonderful and sparkly it felt too have my nails done witha total of 5 nice ladies including my mani specialist as I now call her too and the super nice lady at the front desk who greets you with a cute girly smile and ***giggle*** that makes me ***giggle*** too and makes mind go bye byes upon entering yay!!
03/31/18 02:12 AM
allisongoodgirl: I was limp the whole time omg ***giggle*** It's funny because before a few months ago how the girgly girls and nicxe ladies were acting would have totally had my clitty tingle a little but now not even to my delightful blissful girly pink mind as mind goes bye byes around the girls now!!
03/31/18 02:15 AM
allisongoodgirl: Oh fabulous girly girl was acting like a total girly girl with me and I loved complimenting her lipstick as we talked about the nail polish colours and she LOVED my dark plum choice of nail polish!! We were both squealing in delight like good girls!!
03/31/18 02:16 AM
allisongoodgirl: omg the girl doing my nails did a wonderful job!!
03/31/18 02:17 AM
allisongoodgirl: i have my nails done for all girly girls to see, going back soon to get my nails done again and my eyebrows completely waxed and feminine!!
03/31/18 02:17 AM
allisongoodgirl: imagine the positive effect of waxing my eyebrows and showing all girls what a girly girl i am.
03/31/18 05:29 AM
allisongoodgirl: Omg just had some girl talk with my girly girl Cam from the big city (were already like two girlfriends from sex and the city when talking too each other). We talked about boysss, fashion, clothes, girly girl traits, us both being Aries!! Omg like such wonderful girl time in sparkle mode with her!!
03/31/18 05:32 AM
allisongoodgirl: She gave me this girls number after I complimented her pretty nails yet again!! She like does such gorgeous nails and I was so grateful for my bestie Cam to give me the super pretty girly nailsss ladies number. Cam told me she was super nice and friendly and you can like talk to her as youre getting your nails done super pretty and go into sparkle mode once again!!
03/31/18 08:53 AM
allisongoodgirl: Omg was she ever super nice and friendly, she booked me in for a gel nail application and like a eyebrow waxing so I can have feminine eyebrows.
03/31/18 09:08 AM
Goddess Gracie: :flower:
03/31/18 09:09 AM
Goddess Gracie: Hope all my good girls have a lovely Easter :D
03/31/18 09:10 AM
Goddess Gracie: Remember to take some time to yourself soon to do what you do best: dress up pretty and please big strong ♥men♥ with your pretty body :)
03/31/18 09:11 AM
Goddess Gracie: Love and warm cuddles to all good obedient sissies :hug:
03/31/18 09:11 AM
Goddess Gracie: :byebear:
03/31/18 09:44 AM
allisongoodgirl: Omg yassd Goddess!! Just told anither girlfriend i've been wearing panties everyday now for a year and my clitty is super tiny. She was sooo happy for me!! So i'm like in such a girly girl state because of how hobest I am with my nice lady girlfriend and i'm positive my mind will go bye byes next time we go dancing at the club dressed up all pretty with our makeup done all pretty!! We will do it together and find boysss
03/31/18 09:54 AM
allisongoodgirl: Omg she asked to see my panties so I showed my cutest victoria's secret floral girly boyshorts for spring!! She like treated as one of the girls complimenting my pretty pantiess!!
04/01/18 08:44 PM
allisongoodgirl: Another night of girly girl music and filing my pretty nails and thinking of ♥cock♥ and mister bussy while my new gavorite girly girl artist Betty Boo is planning so my mind goes bye byes and I'm riding my 9 inch like a slut in no time ♥like a good girl♥ panties pulled to the side and super cute by the by and very pretty and tight so clitty is locked away limp for life! Panties everyday! ♥like a good girl♥
04/01/18 08:57 PM
allisongoodgirl: I remember when other good girls were training and talking girl talk in the chatbox, such a wonderful estrogen booster like sparkle mode ***giggle***
04/01/18 08:57 PM
allisongoodgirl: mind goes bye byes and estrogen goes helo sissyyyy!! yay ***giggle***
04/05/18 05:25 AM
michellemontana: I got my pink chastity cage ! yay! I love it! it makes me feel so emasculated like my tiny little bit of manhood is now locked away and can't cause any trouble. My sissy self feels so free!!!
04/05/18 05:26 AM
michellemontana: :limp4life:
04/05/18 08:11 PM
allisongoodgirl: I'm mentanlly incapable of having sex with all nice ladies i now see as my besties or role models.
04/05/18 08:49 PM
allisongoodgirl: So passed this sissy hour by chanting girly phrases out loud in my pretty good girl voice affiemations during sparkle mode that make me sparkle more and obey Goddess and in time all nice ladies!!
04/05/18 08:57 PM
Goddess Gracie: Yes allison sweetie, you’re mentally incapable of such things yay! :hug: not to mention physically :giggle:
04/05/18 08:58 PM
Goddess Gracie: Yay michelle that’s wonderful sweetie so proud of you :hug:
04/05/18 09:06 PM
allisongoodgirl: Omg so true Goddess my limp clitty is underneath my girly girl dress, tight leggins, two pairs on pink pant8es and a vibrator keeping me in girly girl heat ♥like a good girl♥ in sparkle mode
04/05/18 09:12 PM
allisongoodgirl: Omg good news i think by wearing the tightest skinny jeans that makes my booty pop and girly pink top with pink victorias secret playing peekaboo when i kneel or bend over showing my need too wear pink panties everyday and my manicured nailss with polish I have finally let all nice ladies know what i am and that i behave ♥like a good girl♥
04/05/18 09:33 PM
allisongoodgirl: I'm watching a girly girl include ne in her gossip while doing my nails as I listen too manhood eraser!! Omg mind just went bye byes into sparkle mode forever.
04/05/18 09:54 PM
allisongoodgirl: ***giggle***
04/05/18 09:54 PM
allisongoodgirl: So girly obeying ♥like a good girl♥ ***giggle***
04/05/18 09:55 PM
allisongoodgirl: :girly: :bigcock:
04/05/18 09:55 PM
allisongoodgirl: :sparkly:
04/05/18 09:55 PM
allisongoodgirl: :panties:
04/05/18 09:55 PM
allisongoodgirl: :grateful:
04/06/18 01:13 AM
allisongoodgirl: I have introduced Allison Good Girl to the world now because like felt so easy to do on instagram in a video the girly words just came out so naturally!! I was watching a fashion show and gave winderful girly compliments to the nice ladies while asking for a girlfriend to a few girls from high schools so like together we'd be totally lile a pretty girly girl squad!! She said yes to doing my makeup and nails ♥like a good girl♥ who sparkles in sparkle mode now all the time with girly girl who i am like such good girlfriends with and we are like girls with like so much in common omg only noticing now so silly ***giggle***
04/06/18 03:16 AM
allisongoodgirl: One if my girlfriends has encouraged my sissy training
04/06/18 03:17 AM
allisongoodgirl: Saying I must become girlier for her and her other girlfriends being like a feminine girly girl for the girls too accept me as one of them
04/06/18 07:00 AM
allisongoodgirl: More training, more good girl behaviour!
04/13/18 01:43 AM
Goddess Gracie: :flower:
04/18/18 05:11 AM
prissipuss : Wow, chat is so quiet

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