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02/28/19 03:29 AM
Sissy rebecca: Bbc
02/28/19 06:52 AM
coco snowflake: omg rebeccs, that is soooo wonderful! wasn't it amazing?!! congrats girl!
03/01/19 06:06 AM
michellemontana: mmm sounds super yummy rebecca!
03/04/19 07:14 PM
Goddess Gracie: Hope all my good girls are having a wonderful week so far :hug:
03/04/19 07:14 PM
Goddess Gracie: It's about to get that much better sweetie as I've just put out a brand new file for all my pink little princesses :flower:
03/04/19 07:15 PM
Goddess Gracie: Read about Extreme Sissy Mindfuck here: [link]
03/04/19 07:15 PM
Goddess Gracie: Love and warm cuddles from Goddess Gracie xx
03/04/19 07:15 PM
Goddess Gracie: :byebear:
03/04/19 07:15 PM
Goddess Gracie: P.S. aww, that's adorable niki :) Now you have something new and wonderful to listen to - yay!
03/05/19 06:04 AM
prissipuss : Hi Goddess!!
03/05/19 06:04 AM
prissipuss : Seeing you in here made Tasha and Jocelyn tingle with happiness...and yay for a new file!
03/05/19 05:37 PM
coco snowflake: new amazing file! yay Goddess!!
03/05/19 07:49 PM
allisongoodgirl: Goddess Gracie's longtime good girl with her sissy brainwashing report pending Goddess Gracie's approval
03/05/19 07:54 PM
allisongoodgirl: Sissy now has only nice ladies she admires and obey and girly girl she gossips with on topics like real ♥men♥, big ♥cocks♥, pretty bras and panties, makeup, fashion, celebrities, what outfits other ladies are wearing, complimenting nice ladies and never being bitchy, just cutesie and cotton candy headed in sparkle mode around them, women just know and so do I as one of Goddess Gracie's fairy princesses
03/05/19 08:00 PM
allisongoodgirl: As a good girl sissies must sparkle at all times showcasing her sparkle by ***giggle*** with the nice ladies talking about girly topics, behaving like a clitty bitch with her legs crossed wearing adorable sparkle dresses in the summer time and the tightest girly jeans in the winter so when paired with sissies pink panties her lil wee wee remains limp and tiny ♥like a good girl♥. The ladies have noticed and complimented me for wearing bras as the pushup style and pretty straps lets the girls know!!!
03/05/19 08:03 PM
allisongoodgirl: Sissy also uses the girls washroom and like all nice ladies sits down too tinkle and like the ladies sissy has a pretend period once a month. Some girls have giggled and given loving smiles too princess when they see coming out of the stall no doubt having heard sissy change her tampon ♥like a good girl♥
03/05/19 08:08 PM
allisongoodgirl: Sissy makes monthly visits too victoria's secret with a smile on her made up face, strut in her walk and wrist goes her limp mind bye byes as the sparkle fairies make sissy sparkle which lets the salesgirls know exactly what pretty panties to pick out for princess. Sissy just gushes and fawns at the pretty bras and panties the nice ladies pick out for sissy
03/05/19 08:11 PM
allisongoodgirl: Sissy has monthly trips to the beauty salon with a nice lady she considers like a BFF telling her everything and pouring her girly heart out too every month as she does sissies eyelash extensions, girly & gorgeous gel nails and her full body wax!! Sissy adores her beauty salon girl!!
03/05/19 08:37 PM
cammi: im so looking forward to the new file!!
03/05/19 08:46 PM
allisongoodgirl: Yess i can't too listen and obey with my girly cotton candy for continued good girl obedience training!!
03/05/19 08:47 PM
allisongoodgirl: Do you want results like me cammi? I only did half of my good girl report too Goddess Gracie
03/05/19 08:54 PM
cammi: hehe yeah totally! Goddess files make me like such a pussified sissy dolly but I’m way behind you
03/05/19 08:54 PM
cammi: :thanks:
03/05/19 09:03 PM
allisongoodgirl: Listen and obey and we'll be good girls together!! Rub your limp clitty through your pretty panties with a big pink vibrator in your pussy as you listen and obey and you'll become a good girl like me in no time!!
03/05/19 09:09 PM
cammi: mmm yes please!! i def know how to listen and obey and play with my pussy but right now this sissy is committed to no more diddles with her limp clitty :P
03/05/19 09:24 PM
allisongoodgirl: I diddle a lil but remain totally limp and get her panties a lil wet with cummies allowed from rubbing like a proper fairy princess!!
03/05/19 09:28 PM
cammi: yeah me too ***giggle***
03/05/19 09:29 PM
cammi: but I hate making a mess of warm spurties in my panties so I’m trying to be a good girl :diddlefree:
03/05/19 09:39 PM
allisongoodgirl: Do nice ladies compliment your girly outfits and sparly nails?
03/05/19 09:42 PM
cammi: its usually me complimenting them ***giggle***
03/05/19 09:50 PM
allisongoodgirl: Good girl, princess
03/05/19 09:51 PM
allisongoodgirl: Remember too be honest with nice ladies so they know your a fairy and they can treat you like a proper fairy princess
03/05/19 09:54 PM
allisongoodgirl: I just told one of my besties that I was a sparkle fairy and she said she loves cutesie sparkle fairies like me and has agreed to nickname me bunny from now on and how i'm going to be her fairy from now on and couldn't wait to tell her girlfriends about her new totally limp totally sparkly fairy princess
03/05/19 10:02 PM
cammi: thats so awesome! I hope you have all sorts of girly girl fun together :cuddle:
03/06/19 11:52 AM
Sylvia: thank you, coco snowflake, I appreciate the encouragement. I'm using tea tree oil, lavender oil mixed with coconut oil as a massage medium as often as I'm able. I feel like I'm getting some results but I never thought of visualizing as a stimulus. Silly me. Stirring up the ol' hormones is definitely a part of process.
03/06/19 12:10 PM
prissipuss : Bunny is such a cute nickname
03/06/19 12:11 PM
prissipuss : So lovely to be a little fairy with our little dollies tucked away in our panties
03/06/19 12:34 PM
prissipuss : I love when Goddess compares me to a little baby girl in the files
03/06/19 12:34 PM
prissipuss : I'm a good girl who just has to look pretty
03/06/19 12:37 PM
prissipuss : I love it when manly ♥men♥ grab at my titties My dolly's the softest and girliest one Real ♥men♥ are buff and burly and strong I love panties and bras and feminine things And all the warm feelings that estrogen brings I'm the best cumslut and I'm not even bragging I can deep throat 10 ♥cocks♥ without even gagging
03/06/19 08:04 PM
allisongoodgirl: Pink cotton candy went bye byes while reading that yummy nursery rhyme outloud prissipuss thanks girlfriend !!
03/07/19 08:06 AM
coco snowflake: we are all Goddess Gracie's pretty flowergirls. ❤❤❤👗👙👜👠💍💄
03/07/19 08:25 AM
prissipuss : That would be so fun to be a flower girl!
03/07/19 08:26 AM
prissipuss : Maybe Goddess could create a fantasy file where a nice lady gets married and asks us to be her flower girl :)
03/07/19 09:34 AM
coco snowflake: and we try to go make sex with the hunky groomsmen Daddies but find out the Maid of honor and the bridemaids go first.
03/08/19 11:02 AM
allisongoodgirl: Omg being a flowergirl would be lovely
03/09/19 06:44 PM
princess faggot doll: love the new file mistress
03/13/19 07:40 PM
coco snowflake: ESM is an esm.
03/16/19 11:44 AM
Ebony: @allisongoodgirl wowwow wow 💓 Allison how can I be as good a sissy as you. You always have such a pretty wonderful thing to post on here and I'm sure you are super pretty to. How can I be just like you? What do I do?
03/21/19 11:19 PM
allisongoodgirl69: Well girlfriend as soon as I started complimenting the nice ladies on there outfits and makeup look and limp wrist them so they know you’re there fairy princess!! One must obey Goddess Gracie and nice ladies always!!
03/21/19 11:21 PM
allisongoodgirl69: Dress like nice ladies, act like a lady, obey them is the secret to being a fairy princess for ladies, sexy and cute for real ♥men♥ and obeying Goddess Gracie makes you a true good girl!!
03/21/19 11:23 PM
allisongoodgirl: Sorry just signing into my good girl ptofile to show you can trust my good girl fairy princess advice!!
03/25/19 02:42 PM
Goddess Gracie: :flower:
03/25/19 10:24 PM
tatyana: hi
03/27/19 12:16 PM
coco snowflake: 🥀
04/07/19 06:48 AM
niKi: fluffy giggles *** dear Goddess Gracie love liuv your most recent file :rainbow: meeting super ♥hot guy♥ on Thursday..cannae wait :obsessed:
04/12/19 06:32 PM
jaba: great gif :) and thnx from the deepest heart to Goddess Gracie. Amazing files, calm, hearttouching, goosebumping and soulwarming.
04/15/19 07:53 AM
Goddess Gracie: :flower:
04/16/19 08:56 AM
cassandrasissymaid: Hi
04/16/19 08:57 AM
cassandrasissymaid: How are you ?
04/17/19 10:38 AM
Goddess Gracie: I have a new Discord channel for all my little sissies where you can discuss all things sissy, share sissy captions etc. to your little heart's content :hug:
04/17/19 10:38 AM
Goddess Gracie: My server also contains channels that are not for precious pussified princesses, so do exercise caution and take measures to shield yourself from those harsher channels that aren't for you sweetheart :flower:
04/17/19 10:38 AM
Goddess Gracie: [link]
04/17/19 03:21 PM
Sissy katie: I tried the discord link but it didn’t seem to work! Anyone else have this problem?
04/17/19 04:22 PM
coco snowflake: can't find channels. :bashful:
04/18/19 04:45 AM
prissipuss : It doesn't work for me either
04/18/19 04:46 AM
prissipuss : I think you have to either give us an invite or give us your Discord name and invite us there, Goddess
04/18/19 04:47 AM
prissipuss : What is the server name? Maybe we could search for it
04/18/19 05:26 AM
violetx: hello Goddess, may we have the discord link again? that one doesn't work for me.
04/18/19 06:01 PM
allisongoodgirl: Just made an account to join all my sissy fairies for sissy gossip
04/18/19 06:03 PM
allisongoodgirl: Hey girlfriends just gonna show you my pornhub account where I post my pretty selfies for nice ladies and real ken to compliment nesides instagram/facebook obvi!
04/18/19 06:03 PM
allisongoodgirl: [link]
04/18/19 06:09 PM
allisongoodgirl: I only watch videos of nice ladies instructong ke too fress super pretty and act like a sissy!!! Or training videos with big ♥cocks♥ snd no giniesss!! I have no interest in seeing nice ladies naked and much prefer watching shows like real housewives and gossip with nice ladies about the show and the housewives!! I have so much girlfriends who watch and I’m the fairy of the real housewives facebook hroup talking about the ladies like the nice ladies do and being a little jealous of there gorgeous bodies and fabulous outfits!!!
04/18/19 06:11 PM
allisongoodgirl: I think all fairy princesses should be conditioned to only watch shows like real housewives (all cities), vanderpump rules and of vourse keeping up with the kardashians, along with sex in the city/romantic comefies we have been trained to obey and watch already!!! What do you think Hoddedd Gracie!? @Goddess Gracie
04/18/19 06:22 PM
allisongoodgirl: I have a lovely nail girl now who treats me like a fairy princess every I go get my nailss done with her!! Omg I said the lovely word sissies adore “Sparkle” with her like so kuch and everytime I did we both giggled and our chat got so girly and like I was acting like a total fairy but she loved it and said I’d be getting a lot of compliments on my pink sparkly nailss and took pretty pictures of them so she could show her girlfriends!!!
04/18/19 06:28 PM
allisongoodgirl: She’s like such a nice lady and she loves it when I obey her, adore her, compliment her and follow her instructions like I have no idea why but when she told ke too open ky mouth and place my new nails right next to it, my other hand went limp for her and I looked myself in the mirror and tjough what the cutesie fairy obeying her was super cutesie and then I realized it was me, so I giggled and yelled out in excitement “My nails are soo gorgeous and cutesie” she just giggled and took a picture of me posing in the mirror ♥like a good girl♥!
04/18/19 06:32 PM
allisongoodgirl: Any good girls here too gossip?
04/18/19 11:51 PM
allisongoodgirl: Nice ladies love the fairy princess and total sissy and obedient faggot friend i’ve becoMe
04/19/19 06:00 AM
prissipuss : It's so nice to be a sweet and obedient sissy faggot :)
04/19/19 09:03 AM
wensdaybree: I Love Big ♥cocks♥ TOO! :bigcock:

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