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06/08/17 07:27 AM
AllisonGoodGirl: Omg coco, how is selfie slut, can you tell me a the wonderfil benefits it has made in your lifelong decizion of being a good girl for the hunky ♥men♥ and superior nice ladies we encounter!!
06/08/17 10:27 AM
coco snowflake: selfie slut is really wonderful of course. Goddess makes it so clear and convincing that Nice Ladies want nothing to do sexually with limp little sissies. it all got me to thinking about who i really am and i remember so much stuff now. and Goddess just wants us to be able to live like normal sissy singles looking for a ♥man♥ to date, which is so awesome. anyway She makes the perfectly valid point that it is normal and expected for Women to take sexy pictures of themselves to send to ♥men♥ they want to make sex with and that sissies should make this a fun hobby too! i do love dressing up and taking pictures!!
06/08/17 10:37 AM
AllisonGoodGirl: Omg that is exatly what all my nice lady friends do, I should listen and do exatly lime all the mice lafies don't you think!!
06/09/17 07:41 AM
AllisonGoodGirl: Omg me and my bestie Lainie are already planning another shopping trip out of town, where I am instructed by her to be as girly as posssible with no silly fears of someone I know seeing me holding me back too being the girliest sissy I know I can be for all the nice ladies!! Yay!! She has invited one of her girlfriends Sarah too come along with us!! I'm like so excited too meet another nice lady I can be girly besties with!! Sissies need as many girlfriends as possible too discuss the important topics of makeup/fashion and real ♥men♥ with!! ***giggle*** Sarah is apparently a trendy makeup queen like Lainie!! Which is like such perfection as i'm a trendy makeup queen in training yay!! I plan a buying a wig at the suggestion of my nice lady friend as well as a cute black/gold purse too match the high heels I bought with Lainie the other day!!! I also told Lainie i'm gonna buy new makeup necessary too have the prettiest cutesie face possible too attract all the guys!!
06/09/17 07:43 AM
coco snowflake: oh yes allison. all of Goddess' files have so much that can help a little sissy have good ideas of things to think and do, like taking pretty pictures to attract boyfriends and what makeup to use and other good things!! like one of the things Goddess helped me with is realizing how much i love having sex with ♥men♥ and how truely terrified i am of a Woman's pretty but scary Giney.
06/09/17 07:44 AM
AllisonGoodGirl: Finally, I also plan on buying a proper fitting super cutesie sparkly pink bra and matching sparkle panties so my underwear can sparkle just as much as my girly mind does on a regular basis when out with my nice lady friends or when i'm taking a big ♥cock♥ in my mouth or pussy which i'm like totally positive will happen soon!! Yay for having such encouraging lady friends!!
06/09/17 07:46 AM
AllisonGoodGirl: Giney are sooo scary!! My soft little wee wee shrivels up around all nice ladies now!! I'm so thankful Goddess's words has turned me into the limp fairy princess I am today!! I'm a slut for real ♥men♥ and a pretty princess for all the nice ladies!!
06/09/17 07:48 AM
AllisonGoodGirl: Omg coco i'm having this thought that were like so close too being true good girls, i love you so much coco, I hope you never abandon us i'd be like so sad. Love all my sissy sisters!! 💖💖💖💖
06/09/17 07:49 AM
coco snowflake: oh alluson we must have posted at the same time sweetie! that shopping trip sounds superfun! i went shopping last tuesday and got my favorite onesie romper that is just too adorable. love you sweetie. have the bestest time!! and i so love putting on pretty makeup too.
06/09/17 07:50 AM
AllisonGoodGirl: That romper does sound super adorbs coco!! Love you xoxoxo I was just popping in before watching my favorite show bimbovision TV 😍😍😍
06/09/17 07:51 AM
coco snowflake: ok, bye sweetie. kissies.
06/10/17 05:05 AM
michellemontana: I adore you sissy girls (coco & allison) .your both so inspiring.
06/10/17 07:12 AM
coco snowflake: thank you so much michellemontana but i think you are one of Goddess' bestest good girls. sometimes i think i should only wear pink panties but i do so love other colors as well. do you suppose ♥men♥ even notice other than if my panties are slutty or not? love you michelle!
06/11/17 02:54 PM
Cindy Girly Nylons: Hi girlfriends! I love reading all your cute little stories! We are all good girls for Miss Gracie and the ❤boys❤
06/11/17 02:54 PM
Cindy Girly Nylons: :girly:
06/11/17 04:56 PM
coco snowflake: hi cindy! sometimes i think i am pretty boring because i mostly want to talk about cute guys and shopping and makeup. and Goddess of course. i just think She is super awesome. i love being diddlefree for Goddess Gracie. hugs sweetie!
06/12/17 07:55 PM
Goddess Gracie: Cbox renewed for another year so all my good girls have a place to come and chat :)
06/12/17 07:56 PM
Goddess Gracie: Love and warm cuddles from Goddess Gracie xx
06/15/17 11:53 AM
coco snowflake: thank You, Goddess! i love being in touch with all my sissy sisters.
06/16/17 01:33 PM
sissyjoshie: I luv you Goddess Gracie...! thank you soooo much...!
06/16/17 03:17 PM
sissyjoshie: I just LUV big strong ♥men♥ and their HUGE ♥cocks♥
06/16/17 03:36 PM
sissyjoshie: ♥men♥ make me feel so girlishly excited and I just ADORE staring at ♥men♥ and their big ♥cocks♥
06/16/17 04:14 PM
sissyjoshie: I LUV ♥cock♥
06/16/17 05:15 PM
sissyjoshie: i feel so GAY when i think of Big, Strong ♥men♥ with Huge Hard ♥cocks♥
06/16/17 05:16 PM
sissyjoshie: I love ♥men♥ with muscles
06/17/17 08:51 PM
Helen: Hi girls!! :heat2:
06/17/17 08:51 PM
Helen: Hi girls! :heat:
06/18/17 07:39 AM
coco snowflake: oh sissyjoshie... you are so right sweetie. thinking about big hunky ♥men♥ just makes me tingle all over they are so awesome! they make me fell like such a good girl.
06/18/17 07:41 AM
coco snowflake: hi helen.... isn't being in heat so fantastic for feeling ♥like a good girl♥? yum!
06/19/17 04:02 AM
prissipuss : I think joshie needs a new name from Goddess :)
06/19/17 04:03 AM
prissipuss : And prissipuss was such a bimbo this morning, she was almost too dumb to remember her password :giggle:
06/19/17 07:23 AM
Goddess Gracie: I think joshie would be totally adorable as a jenny or a jocelyn prissi :)
06/19/17 07:23 AM
Goddess Gracie: Good girls helen and coco :hug:
06/19/17 07:24 AM
Goddess Gracie: I wonder how little allison the good girl has been lately, she was a total bimbo cumslut in heat last we heard from her :giggle:
06/19/17 09:37 AM
Goddess Gracie: Exciting news sweeties: I've just released a brand new file!
06/19/17 09:38 AM
Goddess Gracie: Read all about Manhood Eraser here: [link]
06/19/17 11:55 AM
fluffy: Heya
06/19/17 11:55 AM
fluffy: Its been long long time
06/19/17 11:56 AM
fluffy: i just fell in love with "No more diddles" Thanks Goddess
06/19/17 11:56 AM
fluffy: So apt
06/19/17 01:43 PM
Goddess Gracie: Aww, how precious to see little fluffy is back where she belongs :hug:
06/19/17 01:43 PM
Goddess Gracie: Enjoy the new file sweeties and do be warned it is a curse - yay! :)
06/19/17 01:45 PM
coco snowflake: yay! new file!
06/19/17 01:46 PM
coco snowflake: Goddess Gracie is the bestest at helping our little minds!!
06/19/17 02:51 PM
Goddess Gracie: Good girl coco :hug:
06/19/17 06:51 PM
AllisonGoodgirl: Omg sissy can't wait too listen Goddess. I believe this will increase my love and complete sissy submission towards nice ladies as their faggot friend. And maybe i'll be pretty enough too attract real ♥men♥ soon!! With the help of my trendy makeup queen besties, sissy knows that anything is possible!! Yay for new file! Allison wishes permission too Goddess Gracie too change my name too allison the good girl!!
06/19/17 06:52 PM
AllisonGoodgirl: Sissy will say her thoughts and rate the file after each listen ♥like a good girl♥
06/19/17 07:12 PM
AllisonGoodgirl: Been watching vlogs a lot recently on fashion and makeup!! My nice lady friends all watch them too!!
06/19/17 07:15 PM
Tiffani Tinkerbelle: hi allie baby :)
06/19/17 09:33 PM
prissipuss : The new file sounds wonderful, Goddess, prissipuss thinks she will be instantly addicted :)
06/19/17 10:59 PM
AllisonGoodgirl: Omg i'm so sad i missed ypu Tiffani!! I miss you tinkerbelle sweetie talk soon!! Xox
06/20/17 09:13 AM
coco snowflake: i love putting on makeup and looking pretty. it's so fun!! hope you all are have great days ms alli, prissi and tiffany!
06/20/17 11:09 AM
fluffy: OMG!!. GoddessGracie , you remember this lil girl?? I feel soooohappy..*kisses feet*
06/20/17 11:09 AM
fluffy: And yes, Im back where I belong.
06/20/17 11:09 AM
fluffy: So happy
06/20/17 12:30 PM
Goddess Gracie: :flower:
06/20/17 12:31 PM
Goddess Gracie: Enjoy Manhood Eraser sweeties and remember that good girls love to obey :hug:
06/20/17 12:31 PM
Goddess Gracie: :byebear:
06/21/17 07:18 AM
coco snowflake: hi fluffy sweetie!
06/21/17 07:19 AM
coco snowflake: so many sissies.
06/21/17 05:45 PM
Goddess Gracie: WMM is currently down due to a server issue, hopefully it will be resolved fairly soon :)
06/21/17 05:45 PM
Goddess Gracie: Hope all my good girls are having a wonderful week :hug:
06/21/17 05:45 PM
Goddess Gracie: Love from Goddess Gracie xx
06/22/17 04:58 AM
prissipuss : Aww, that's no fun, Goddess
06/22/17 04:58 AM
prissipuss : Hopefully it will be back soon
06/22/17 04:59 AM
prissipuss : Although prissipuss' manhood was erased a long time ago :giggle:
06/22/17 05:00 AM
prissipuss : Now she's just a mincing sissy fairy faggot who loves obeying her Goddess :)
06/22/17 03:13 PM
Goddess Gracie: Good girl prissipuss :hug:
06/22/17 03:14 PM
Goddess Gracie: Sissies who simply can't wait for WMM to get up and running again, I have a new shop site where you can purchase Manhood Eraser in the meantime. There are posts for the rest of my files on the shop site also, but they currently only contain WMM links and alternate purchase links will be added later.
06/22/17 03:15 PM
Goddess Gracie: The shop site is here: [link]
06/22/17 03:15 PM
Goddess Gracie: Manhood Eraser is currently the only file available for purchase :) Enjoy girls
06/23/17 07:39 AM
coco snowflake: hi girls! no more diddles is like the bestest file. it has made my little mind so sparkly. eventho most people can diddle and not even think about it, i wonder how they would feel if suddenly they just were not allowed to because it is so wrong? i would feel terrible if i had to tell Goddess that i diddled even if i didn't make flutters in my pretty panties.
06/23/17 02:20 PM
cockswallowbabs: **sparkle** oh my how thoughtful of you Goddess to make alternative arrangements for us girls who were silly to have waited this long to get these important files **blush** it looks like this dolly can get both Selfie Slut and Manhood Eraser on this new site which seem so important not only for always having the correct thoughts but for a sissy to share her sexy self with the whole wide world **yay**
06/23/17 02:22 PM
cockswallowbabs: this dolly doesnt have an instagram or twitter account but something tells her she is going to shortly after committing to some intense training with Selfie Slut and doing everything the file calls upon a good girl to do **sparkle**
06/23/17 03:00 PM
cockswallowbabs: mmm and lets not forget Manhood Eraser after Selfie Slut *sparkle** shamefully this dolly has fallen out of the habit lately of looping Goddesses files through her sleep but she now realizes how inappropriate it was to do this and she plans to correct this as of tonight **yay** hoping its not too late to send a pic for Goddesses contest **yum**
06/23/17 03:09 PM
coco snowflake: hi babs! when i think about how much Goddess has helped our little minds i just want to squeal and take a big ♥cock♥ in my mouth and swallow every drop ♥like a good girl♥.
06/23/17 03:10 PM
Goddess Gracie: The shop site has now been updated to include alternate purchase links for my other files girls, any files that aren't on there already will be added in the near future :)
06/23/17 03:10 PM
Goddess Gracie: HypnoGracie.com or just click here: [link]
06/23/17 03:11 PM
Goddess Gracie: Have a lovely weekend sweeties :hug:
06/23/17 03:11 PM
Goddess Gracie: :byebear:

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