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04/18/19 06:01 PM
allisongoodgirl: Just made an account to join all my sissy fairies for sissy gossip
04/18/19 06:03 PM
allisongoodgirl: Hey girlfriends just gonna show you my pornhub account where I post my pretty selfies for nice ladies and real ken to compliment nesides instagram/facebook obvi!
04/18/19 06:03 PM
allisongoodgirl: [link]
04/18/19 06:09 PM
allisongoodgirl: I only watch videos of nice ladies instructong ke too fress super pretty and act like a sissy!!! Or training videos with big ♥cocks♥ snd no giniesss!! I have no interest in seeing nice ladies naked and much prefer watching shows like real housewives and gossip with nice ladies about the show and the housewives!! I have so much girlfriends who watch and I’m the fairy of the real housewives facebook hroup talking about the ladies like the nice ladies do and being a little jealous of there gorgeous bodies and fabulous outfits!!!
04/18/19 06:11 PM
allisongoodgirl: I think all fairy princesses should be conditioned to only watch shows like real housewives (all cities), vanderpump rules and of vourse keeping up with the kardashians, along with sex in the city/romantic comefies we have been trained to obey and watch already!!! What do you think Hoddedd Gracie!? @Goddess Gracie
04/18/19 06:22 PM
allisongoodgirl: I have a lovely nail girl now who treats me like a fairy princess every I go get my nailss done with her!! Omg I said the lovely word sissies adore “Sparkle” with her like so kuch and everytime I did we both giggled and our chat got so girly and like I was acting like a total fairy but she loved it and said I’d be getting a lot of compliments on my pink sparkly nailss and took pretty pictures of them so she could show her girlfriends!!!
04/18/19 06:28 PM
allisongoodgirl: She’s like such a nice lady and she loves it when I obey her, adore her, compliment her and follow her instructions like I have no idea why but when she told ke too open ky mouth and place my new nails right next to it, my other hand went limp for her and I looked myself in the mirror and tjough what the cutesie fairy obeying her was super cutesie and then I realized it was me, so I giggled and yelled out in excitement “My nails are soo gorgeous and cutesie” she just giggled and took a picture of me posing in the mirror ♥like a good girl♥!
04/18/19 06:32 PM
allisongoodgirl: Any good girls here too gossip?
04/18/19 11:51 PM
allisongoodgirl: Nice ladies love the fairy princess and total sissy and obedient faggot friend i’ve becoMe
04/19/19 06:00 AM
prissipuss : It's so nice to be a sweet and obedient sissy faggot :)
04/19/19 09:03 AM
wensdaybree: I Love Big ♥cocks♥ TOO! :bigcock:
04/19/19 10:31 PM
allisongoodgirl: Hey violetx!!! ;) Say hi to the good girls who obey Goddess Gracie
04/20/19 01:27 AM
prissipuss : I hope Goddess gives us the new Discord link soon :)
04/23/19 07:59 PM
littleone: Where do you start? Which files should you begin with? Any suggestions? Bimbo Blessing or Sparkle maybe?
04/25/19 07:53 PM
Goddess Gracie: Here's another link girls, which is set to never expire. I think it may link to the server, then you'll need to go to "precious n pussified" which is the channel for all my little sissy princesses. [link]
04/25/19 07:53 PM
Goddess Gracie: :byebear:
04/25/19 08:16 PM
prissipuss : That didn't work either, Goddess, it said the invitation has expired
04/25/19 08:17 PM
prissipuss : Discord is being very mean
04/26/19 12:07 PM
prissipuss : Goddess, we could give you our names on Discord and you can invite us there, if this continues to not work
04/27/19 11:01 AM
coco snowflake: i can't wait until i can chat on Goddess' new servery thingie! so excited. precious n pussified is dreamy.
04/27/19 01:21 PM
prissipuss : Me too
04/27/19 09:17 PM
niKi: hi girls [link]
04/27/19 10:39 PM
GummySissyHearts: Omg Omg girls, hey I never thought id be posting here . Ives been lurking for as long as i can remember and been listing Goddesses files off an on for what seems like years now, but its always just been a "hobby", But Ive just realized its been almost a year since my last purge. i have make up and sissy cloths on almost all the time when im at home. a few moths ago i started flirting with this hunky Black Alpha long haul trucker. Weve been flirting and chatting hes coming though my town this Wednesday and wanted to meet ! and of course i said yes <3 . Im soooo nervous Im a 27 sissy virgin but i don't think i will be for long. so thios is it im about to get my first alpha ♥cock♥ and its a BBC <3 Any advice?
04/28/19 02:11 AM
niKi: hi again girls..so rude of me I didn't say more after prematurely sending earlier message..i became distracted which is not hard for me. I was attempting to rectify not having profile pic..would like to show of how sexy i can look! Anyways was gonna comment on Discord link incl. in prev message - been trying to locate Goddess Gracie's server i'm also super excited to explore and goss with all you gorgeous girls on this new platform..Yay! Pls feel free to click on my link if you guy(s) have also set up your on Discord profile/server it would be so nice to be friends. Not sure what i'm doing at the mo with my server/profile been able to add pics and narrative!
04/29/19 01:58 AM
Zoe: Hello girls, so. Happy to have joined this chat. Have been listen to the Goddesses work for years
04/29/19 09:53 AM
coco snowflake: hi everyone! :loveu:
04/29/19 11:46 AM
Zoe: Any girls in the UK?
05/02/19 12:47 AM
Sissly Layla: Mistress please can you help this struggling sissy with a castration file. I am tried of failing to lose my balls please hypnotize me to get thru.
05/06/19 08:16 AM
Cocksleeve daisy: sissy found Goddess Gracie's discord link ^^ [link]
05/08/19 02:05 PM
sissyfreya: just found out about these files hypno virgin. any one chatting to talk support guide?
05/08/19 02:14 PM
sissyfreya: anyone on?
05/08/19 02:54 PM
sissyfreya: hi Zoe uk here
05/08/19 06:18 PM
sissybimbomaidandrea: hi
05/08/19 06:19 PM
sissybimbomaidandrea: here drugged sissy
05/08/19 06:19 PM
sissybimbomaidandrea: i love pink
05/08/19 06:19 PM
sissybimbomaidandrea: and also
05/08/19 06:20 PM
sissybimbomaidandrea: purple
05/08/19 06:20 PM
sissybimbomaidandrea: but mostly
05/08/19 06:20 PM
sissybimbomaidandrea: pink
05/09/19 11:40 PM
dragana: Hi
05/10/19 02:30 AM
Zoe: Hi girls, have a great day 🤗
05/10/19 05:02 AM
sissy bryan: i love being a sissy so much
05/10/19 05:03 AM
sissy bryan: i want to be madam lohs slave forever
05/10/19 05:03 AM
sissy bryan: Goddess Gracie has me a true sissy
05/12/19 06:40 PM
coco snowflake: being a sissy is super bestest. i think Goddess has helped me so much!
05/13/19 12:23 PM
Goddess Gracie: :flower:
05/13/19 12:23 PM
Goddess Gracie: Hi girls, exciting news: I have a brand new file for all my precious little princesses! :hug:
05/13/19 12:23 PM
Goddess Gracie: Read about Sissy Sparkle - Part 3 here: [link]
05/16/19 06:48 AM
Soniyacd30: Hi, I am on no orgasm month.. and its already difficult for me.. on 5th day.
05/18/19 04:04 AM
Melanie22: Hi I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas how a sissy can start to acquire a group of girly girl platonic friends. I have friends now male and female and a gf but they don't know about me and I really would like some tips on where I could go to make new female friends totally open as a sissy like maybe beauty classes or something? As I've been listening to gg files and ms j about the importance of platonic female friendships?
05/20/19 06:57 PM
Goddess Gracie: Enjoy the new file girls :flower: If you're very lucky, there may be more in the future! :)
05/20/19 06:57 PM
Goddess Gracie: Love and warm cuddles from Goddess Gracie xx
05/20/19 06:57 PM
Goddess Gracie: :byebear:
05/21/19 01:33 AM
coco snowflake: dear Goddess, the new file is amazing. thank You for fixing my little mind and explaining reality which has changed me so much. love You!!! 🥀❤👸
05/24/19 05:48 PM
missy: Hi . I know its not december but i want to do the Diddle-free December! ♥♥♥sissygasm♥♥♥ Training challenge .! got any tips and advice :)
05/25/19 10:39 AM
eleyna: hey
05/25/19 10:39 AM
eleyna: can you hear me
05/25/19 10:39 AM
eleyna: help me
05/25/19 10:43 AM
coco snowflake: hi sweetie. just checking in and saw your msg.
05/25/19 10:45 AM
coco snowflake: ok. be well.
05/26/19 06:31 PM
crissy: hi
05/27/19 10:49 AM
Stacy: Hi
05/29/19 11:46 AM
Sissy shanya: Hello just a beginner
05/29/19 07:49 PM
coco snowflake: hi sweetie
05/31/19 10:39 AM
sissy jamie: hi
05/31/19 10:40 AM
sissy jamie: any other sissys here?
06/06/19 10:32 PM
20mturning: yes new sissy here
06/06/19 10:33 PM
20mturning: any with skp?
06/07/19 06:23 AM
samsak: hi
06/08/19 03:02 PM
sissymichelle: hi sissy snoyflake
06/08/19 03:03 PM
sissymichelle: im a sissy panty boy giggles
06/08/19 03:03 PM
sissymichelle: im so feminie and girly
06/08/19 03:04 PM
sissymichelle: are you there?
06/08/19 03:04 PM
sissymichelle: hi sissy sparkle
06/08/19 03:05 PM
sissymichelle: hi everyone im a sissypanty boy giggles
06/08/19 03:06 PM
sissymichelle: will someone sy to me please
06/08/19 03:06 PM
sissymichelle: curtsey mistress Gracie
06/08/19 03:07 PM
sissymichelle: i want to be your little bitch
06/08/19 03:07 PM
sissymichelle: feminized and in panties maam
06/13/19 07:57 AM
Lost: hi
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