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07/15/17 08:26 AM
coco snowflake: Goddess Gracie has the nicest girls!
07/15/17 08:27 AM
coco snowflake: :loveu2: :swallow:
07/15/17 10:52 AM
coco snowflake: hi jessi... hope you are feeling sparklee!
07/15/17 01:24 PM
cockswallowbabs: hi girls **sparkle** special welcum to cherry **hugs** and warm cuddles to all of you for the sisterly love being shared **gush** omg Manhood Eraser has this dolly going out more and more doing everything Goddess expects of her sissies and she just cant get enough of how delishus she feels **glitter** this dolly just found herself the most amazing strapless bra leading her to a new round of shopping for strapless blouses and dresses which she cant wait to share through more selfies **gush** love you all to pieces **hugs**
07/16/17 04:46 AM
Roxane: :rainbow:
07/16/17 04:48 AM
Roxane: Hello Everyone;) :loveu:
07/16/17 07:37 AM
Cherrydoll: :loveu2: Roxane
07/16/17 10:30 PM
Roxane: Thank you, Cherry:) :sissylove:
07/17/17 12:39 AM
coco snowflake: :share:
07/17/17 09:31 AM
Roxane: ohhh yummy, such a lovely ♥cock♥;)
07/17/17 09:33 AM
Roxane: this guy is such a tease, ***giggle*** :gimme:
07/17/17 10:38 AM
coco snowflake: he has such a long lovely ♥cock♥ that would just taste so good in my pretty mouth giving him a really amazing bj.
07/17/17 12:19 PM
princess faggot doll: howdy ***giggle***
07/17/17 02:11 PM
coco snowflake: hi princess. big hugs to you!!
07/17/17 02:12 PM
coco snowflake: i just listened to manhood eraser again. it is so amazing at helping me think.
07/17/17 04:16 PM
Cherrydoll: Hugs hi princess doll
07/19/17 02:31 AM
Roxane: Ohhh yes coco, i agree;) :rainbow:
07/19/17 08:36 AM
Cherrydoll: Giggle that great coco
07/19/17 02:23 PM
coco snowflake: i thought that Goddess' revealing that pathological sissies are really little girls inside has made such an incredible differnce for me to understand all my pretty little feelings which i have always had. Goddess says that only the truest of pathological sissies are attracted to Her recordings. i think that is so because they take Your little mind to places no real ♥man♥ would ever even want think about like how fun it is to wear pretty panties over our silly girly adorable bitchclits. love you, roxi, cherri, princess and jessi.
07/19/17 04:45 PM
Cherrydoll: Ahhh I luv you to coco
07/19/17 06:30 PM
Cherrydoll: :hug:
07/19/17 06:44 PM
AllisonGoodGirl: My bestie has found a boyfriend!! So happy for her omg!! This has inspired me too start a dating profile ***giggle*** I'm calling myself Bunni because I have the prettiest dilter over my made up face!! The filter is bunny ears and pretty long lashes omg. My bestie was there when I took it and encouraged me too use it!! I've already received offers amd many big ♥cock♥ pictures!!
07/19/17 06:48 PM
AllisonGoodGirl: Omg been training with manhood eraser!! Such a lovely file that has been so beneficial into helping my little mind have proper feminine thoughts!! I've been wearing panties everyday!! I never diddle!! My little clitty remains soft!! I see girly girls as potential BFF's, although I already have a girly girl bestie helping me become even more femme!! I shave all my yucky body hair, omg girls need too make a waxing appointment
07/20/17 04:31 PM
coco snowflake: being a pretty girl that handsome dreamy ♥men♥ want to make sex with is a bit of work totally but it's the funnest work ever to get ready and thinking with everything you do whether it will make him want to make sex with you even more! i love pleasing ♥men♥ with sex and obeying all Women cuz They are v superior!
07/20/17 04:32 PM
coco snowflake: oh allison you sound so fun! i bet ♥men♥ love to make sex with you.
07/22/17 04:31 AM
Goddess Gracie: Hope all my good girls are having a wonderful weekend full of all the things that make their little minds sparkle and fill their little hearts with the warmest fuzzies in the whole wide world :)
07/22/17 04:31 AM
Goddess Gracie: Love and warm cuddles from Goddess Gracie xx
07/22/17 04:31 AM
Goddess Gracie: :loveyou2:
07/22/17 05:38 AM
Roxane: :loveu2:
07/22/17 06:17 AM
coco snowflake: :grateful:
07/22/17 09:09 AM
Cherrydoll: :thanks:
07/22/17 09:58 AM
cockswallowbabs: **sparkle** love you too Goddess and all my pretty sisters **hugs** omg just love the warm fuzzy feelings allison and coco are sharing about Manhood Eraser **gush** this dolly couldnt agree more **sparkle** and the file has led this dolly to just post her first superior pov blowjob pic on fetlife while out on a playdate wearing the hot little number in her avatar **giggles** have a yummy day girls **hugs**
07/22/17 02:57 PM
Elizabeth: Hi
07/22/17 03:08 PM
Elizabeth: How Is everyone today. Giggles.
07/23/17 12:45 AM
Cherrydoll: Hi elizabeth
07/23/17 03:43 AM
Princess Julia: I love you Goddess Gracie <3
07/23/17 03:55 AM
Princess Julia: :grateful:
07/24/17 01:32 PM
coco snowflake: once manhood eraser has erased my manhood, what's left, ***giggle***?
07/24/17 10:31 PM
prissipuss : Your sissyness, of course
07/24/17 10:32 PM
prissipuss : You'll just be an obedient sissy bimbo forever
07/25/17 08:00 AM
coco snowflake: yay!!! love you prissi.
07/26/17 06:06 PM
Princess Julia: :bigcock:
07/26/17 11:06 PM
Cherrydoll: :bbc:
07/27/17 08:34 AM
michellemontana: Hi Goddess Gracie and sissy sisters. I feel so happy and sparkly listening to the "NMD" file. I love it. I've been listening for a couple of months now. I have only slipped up once and that was early on. I diddled and had some sissy flutters in my panties :( my brain wasn't thinking right! I have had a bunch of lovely girly ♥♥♥sissygasms♥♥♥ since then. yay! And now I often refer to my clit as a "bitchclit" too ***giggle*** and when I see a woman's bottom I dream about licking their "cherry Blossoms"! ***giggle*** . Thank you so much Goddess for helping create these and many other wonderful changes in my life. I love you.and I love my sissy life! yay!
07/27/17 09:32 AM
coco snowflake: hi all... i know a lot of you are not from the US, but i just want to say the support the trans community is receiving today after pres ridiculous' ban on trans in the military is making me cry. thanks stephen colbert and jk rowling and hundreds and thousands of others for having our backs. all love.
07/27/17 09:33 AM
coco snowflake: oh michelle... i so know what you mean!
07/30/17 06:52 PM
Elizabeth: Hi girls
07/31/17 08:18 PM
Goddess Gracie: :flower:
07/31/17 08:18 PM
Goddess Gracie: Love and warm cuddles to all my wonderful obedient little sissy friends :hug:
07/31/17 08:19 PM
Goddess Gracie: :huggiebear:
08/01/17 12:25 AM
Cherrydoll: :lovegoddess:
08/01/17 06:56 AM
coco snowflake: :thanks:
08/01/17 11:37 PM
sissykendra: hello girls
08/01/17 11:38 PM
sissykendra: :limp4life:
08/02/17 06:48 PM
AllisonGoodGirl: Miss you Kendra xox!!
08/03/17 10:08 PM
Goddess Gracie: :flower:
08/04/17 05:06 AM
Princess Julia: :panties:
08/06/17 02:12 PM
coco snowflake: :toy:
08/08/17 08:15 AM
michellemontana: love your gif Cherrydoll! I'm always dreaming of black ♥men♥ and their large twitching ♥cocks♥! Especially now that I'm diddle -free and am only allowed ♥♥♥sissygasms♥♥♥! little sissy minds think alike! ***giggle***
08/08/17 08:59 AM
Cherrydoll: Congrats Michelle. I agree big black ♥cocks♥ are totes the way to go. Cant wait to be locked up as well so I can worship true alpha ♥men♥
08/08/17 08:59 AM
Cherrydoll: :obsessed:
08/08/17 06:27 PM
cockswallowbabs: hi girls and hope you all had a yummy weekend **sparkle** thought you would like to see the new folder created for this dolly on a BBC superiors xhamster website **blush** a yummy BBC blowjob video featuring this dolly should also be posted in a few days **gush** here is the link to the folder [link] **eek**
08/08/17 06:56 PM
Cherrydoll: Can anyone send a cyber hug really need it?
08/08/17 09:25 PM
Goddess Gracie: Here you go Cherrydoll sweetie :hug:
08/08/17 09:25 PM
Goddess Gracie: Hope all is ok with all my good girls :flower:
08/08/17 09:27 PM
Goddess Gracie: Congrats michelle on being diddle-free sweetie, so proud of you! And yay babs for taking your slutty nature to the next level :)
08/08/17 09:27 PM
Goddess Gracie: Love and warm cuddles from Goddess Gracie xx
08/09/17 07:20 AM
cockswallowbabs: **sparkle** aww hugs to Cherrydoll and hoping things are all right girl :sissylove: thank you Goddess it is such a cumpliment to be treated like a queen of spades and BBC fuckdoll by the owner of that xhamster account Black Master Rob **sparkle** this BBC fuckdoll cant believe where Selfie Slut and Manhood Eraser have taken her **gush**
08/09/17 07:21 AM
cockswallowbabs: fluffy thoughts and warm cuddles to everyone xoxo bimbo babs
08/09/17 08:07 AM
Cherrydoll: Thks Goddess and babs :hug:
08/09/17 08:09 AM
Cherrydoll: And yeah it is just need one at the time
08/10/17 05:03 AM
coco snowflake: your photos are super awesome babs! you look so pretty and slutty.
08/10/17 08:04 AM
michellemontana: omg! thankies :hug: sooo much Goddess Gracie! It makes me very happy that you are proud of me and I want to be the best sissy I can be for you! Yay!
08/10/17 08:07 AM
michellemontana: And Omg! babs! ***giggle*** I love your cards!!! and I am super jealous of you. Hopefully I will become more and more adventuress in my sissified diddle-free lifestyle. Thanks for sharing your pics with the world. much love and shared bbc cummy kisses! ***giggle***
08/10/17 08:12 AM
michellemontana: big, squeezing girly hug and feminine kiss to you cherrydoll! I'm sure you will get some alpha ♥cock♥ soon!
08/10/17 09:49 AM
Cherrydoll: Thanks Michelle and very jealous of you babs. Look fantastic for that alpha ♥cock♥ k
08/14/17 08:16 AM
Goddess Gracie: :lala:
08/14/17 04:42 PM
cockswallowbabs: thanks for all the pretty support and cumpliments girls **hugs** this dolly could never have done it without all of you and Goddesses important brainwashing that this dolly has always thought of as the most yummy blessing in her life **sparkle** ere is a little vid to go along with the pics [link]
08/14/17 04:44 PM
cockswallowbabs: look for another vid called cum dumpster for BWC in a few days **giggles**
08/17/17 07:06 AM
michellemontana: Your my new fav sissy pornstar cockswallowbabs! yay! Now I can imagine I'm you sucking a hunky black ♥man♥'s large twitching ♥cock♥ while slurping on my black dildo! all the while dreaming of his apha seed exploding in my mouth! sooo exciting!

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