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05/16/18 08:05 PM
allisongoodgirl: I will buy the new file from its proper place even cotton candy pink girls can obey orders!
05/16/18 08:06 PM
allisongoodgirl: Am I being a good girl Goddess Gracie!? I need some reassurance and big ♥cocks♥
05/16/18 08:36 PM
Goddess Gracie: Aww, hi allison :giggle:
05/16/18 08:36 PM
Goddess Gracie: Yes sweetie, such a good girl :flower:
05/16/18 10:14 PM
allisongoodgirl: Yay!! **Sparkle** ***giggle***
05/17/18 12:17 AM
Goddess Gracie: Your avatar pic isn't displaying allison hun - I think you need to update it! Perhaps the pic is no longer hosted on the site you linked it from, so it no longer works :P
05/18/18 04:33 AM
Mia Enthea: Love the new file Goddess, thank you! :loveyou2:
05/18/18 04:35 AM
Mia Enthea: I've uploaded some videos of myself to get some wonderful attention from real ♥men♥, if anyone wants to see. :)
05/18/18 04:35 AM
Mia Enthea: [link]
05/18/18 05:56 AM
coco snowflake: hi mia! your videos are adorable and you are so pretty! i love how amazing you take that big dildo. you are such a good girl. xo-coco
05/18/18 06:11 AM
allisongoodgirl: Mia you are like super pretty girl!!! Thanks for sharing, i should share my sissy s3lfies with the lovely good girls here!!
05/18/18 09:23 AM
Mia Enthea: aww thanks so much girls :3
05/18/18 09:24 AM
Mia Enthea: and I get so many wonderful, hot comments from Real ♥men♥ that want to fuck me :D now I just got to get over my anxiety and actually meet someone :O it's like 8 months since I got fucked last :(
05/18/18 11:04 AM
SissyCrystalCuck: Ms. Mia, 8 months is too long. You are beautiful and if I were a real ♥man♥ ..........:(
05/18/18 11:08 AM
prissipuss : Hopefully some real ♥men♥ will fuck us all :)
05/19/18 08:07 AM
sissypastelfairy: why cant it be the sissy royal wedding!?!
05/20/18 03:04 AM
Goddess Gracie: Aww, mia looks just adorable and so pretty and feminine - yay! :hug:
05/20/18 03:04 AM
Goddess Gracie: Such a good girl sweetie :)
05/20/18 03:06 AM
Goddess Gracie: Remember to rate the new file on WMM girls - it’s nice when sissies take a second to give the files I put so much time into creating a nice appropriate 5 star rating :flower:
05/20/18 03:54 PM
Mia Enthea: aww thanks so much Goddess for the wonderful compliments :pucca:
05/20/18 03:54 PM
Mia Enthea: and I totally missed there was a rating system on WMM :o voted all your files 5 stars now :)
05/20/18 07:27 PM
Goddess Gracie: Yay! Good girl mia so proud of you sweetie :hug:
05/22/18 10:53 AM
sissypastelfairy: i love you Goddess Gracie!!
05/23/18 07:26 AM
Goddess Gracie: Aww :) Love you too sweetie :hug:
05/23/18 09:29 PM
allisongoodgirl: Omg I just asked my girly girl bestie who just moved in the city wanted a girly gay roomate. I don't need to tell jer how limp I am as women just know. I sparkle together so much with her like i say the word outloud like 6 times when I hanout with her which has made her my bestie!! She knows how girly I am and controls me by letting me sparkle. She's like so superior and has like so much control over my sparkle. She makes me sparkle and then i'm telling her which outfit looks cuter on her infront of nice ladies at the mall showing off my faggot friend status too the nice lafies who giggle and sparkle with me.
05/23/18 11:04 PM
allisongoodgirl: Helloo my fellow good girls who belong too Goddess Gracie as she has given us the pink cotton candy needed ***giggle*** Listening too Eternal Sissy Happiness on loop until I learn the nursery rhymes by heart yay!!
05/26/18 12:27 AM
allisongoodgirl: I feel like such a good girl after listening and obeying too Goddess Gracie ♥like a good girl♥!! Had my legs waxed by my cousin today!! Also found these super cute sandals abandoned at the beach, I happily brought them back with my, omg a perfect fit!!?! I've been goind around a few houses with makeup catalogues with the idea of finding a nice lady to talk too about fashion/makeup/boys. I'll have to go see my nice lady neighbour Chantale as she told me too come back this morning for a wonderful cup of coffe and girly gossip session!! She knows i'm a sissy as I met ger today for the first time wearing girly guess jeans, cute girly tops, makeup on, girly flip flops and a pretty pink purse!! She just knows and wants to be my nice lady friend judging by the invite to come over this morning.
05/26/18 05:37 AM
Goddess Gracie: An alternate version of SSD is now available exclusively on WarpMyMind :)
05/26/18 05:38 AM
Goddess Gracie: It's the same file content wise, but features brand new professional background music which suits it perfectly. If you'd like to buy the new version featuring the BGM I'll be using in the future, you can do so here: [link]
05/26/18 06:05 AM
prissipuss : Sounds wonderful, Goddess, and seeing you in chat always makes Tasha and Jocelyn tingle with happiness :)
05/26/18 01:29 PM
coco snowflake: the new background music is so trancey!
05/26/18 03:43 PM
allisongoodgirl: Wonderful news as Mallyson, I was called for a lovely interview with a pretty nice lady for a position on the sales floor!! The interview went super well and the nice lady said I should be getting a callback soon!! Yay!! Omg my job will be selling pretty bras and panties too all the nice ladies!! One of the salesgirl chatted me up before the interview which lead to me being introduced to the lovelt supervisor who conducted the interview for every sissy's dream job. Selling bras and panties at Victoria's Secret ***giggle***
05/26/18 03:44 PM
allisongoodgirl: I bought a pair of panties while I was in there too.
05/27/18 03:12 PM
coco snowflake: congrats allison! that's such a dream cum true!!
05/28/18 04:58 AM
prissipuss : That's awesome, allison :)
05/28/18 05:00 AM
prissipuss : And that reminds me, I should go to Vicky's this week and pick up some pretty bras for Tasha and Jocelyn
05/28/18 04:46 PM
crissy.cox: mature submissive white sissy girl who desires to be trained and totally feminized by a bbc
05/30/18 09:01 AM
Goddess Gracie: :flower:
05/30/18 09:01 AM
Goddess Gracie: Love you all :hug:
05/31/18 11:56 PM
paula0423: omg *sparkle* i hope i can get some bbc this weekend omgg
06/02/18 09:06 AM
sissypastelfairy: i love all of you
06/03/18 08:36 AM
Linda: What do you think of Gigi Gorgeous, Goddess? <3
06/05/18 07:05 PM
Goddess Gracie: I'm not really familiar with her hun but she looks totally pretty :)
06/05/18 07:06 PM
Goddess Gracie: I've just made a new version of my very popular Acceptance (Curse) file. The content of the file is the same but it's been remastered with the new background music and is better than ever :)
06/05/18 07:06 PM
Goddess Gracie: You can read about it here: [link]
06/06/18 05:34 AM
suzie: hi girls
06/07/18 04:22 AM
limpsissy: Hii everyone! c:
06/07/18 08:20 AM
coco snowflake: i love acceptance with Goddess' new background music! so deepies feeling. so fun to listen.
06/07/18 11:54 AM
Goddess Gracie: :flower:
06/07/18 01:14 PM
Goddess Gracie: I've just released my brand new file titled Hypnosis for Women: Adore ♥men♥ :)
06/07/18 01:15 PM
Goddess Gracie: Little sissy princesses will find lots to enjoy with this epic 104 minute session :P
06/07/18 01:18 PM
Goddess Gracie: Read all about it in the post I just published, featuring one of two title pics and two different sample clips via SoundCloud (where I now have more than 640k plays!). The first preview is of the induction which is a lot longer than usual, the second one is from a later section of the file which is more explicit. The file should really cost more given the length and work that went into it, but I've kept the price the same as usual so that it's more affordable for both women and little sissy princesses.
06/07/18 01:18 PM
Goddess Gracie: Enjoy sweeties and remember always that Goddess Gracie loves you :flower: :hug:
06/07/18 01:18 PM
Goddess Gracie: :byebear:
06/09/18 09:33 AM
paula0423: ahhh Goddess FINALLY tonight i might make it out it's been so long but im not starting to get pretty too late this time! Can't wait to hear your voice and *sparkle* and *giggle* like never before and make it on time to the night club.
06/09/18 09:33 AM
paula0423: omg if only I could find some BBC tonight
06/09/18 10:57 AM
Ys: Goddess. where is the alternative pictures to your wonderful files? like i sooo totally need them :obsessed:
06/09/18 10:58 AM
Ys: :heart: :lovecock: :loveu:
06/09/18 11:28 AM
paula0423: nmm which of Goddess files should I listen to before going out tonight and getting some ♥cock♥? which file is most motivational you girls would say? I am already almost ready and fully sexy, can't wait to make some selfies at the very least *sparkle*
06/09/18 10:58 PM
Goddess Gracie: Hi sweeties, just letting you all know that I've just released a new version of All Things Sissy. It features the new background music, and it's being sold as the 4th Anniversary Edition because it was released exactly four years ago today - yay!
06/09/18 10:58 PM
Goddess Gracie: You can read about it here: [link]
06/09/18 10:59 PM
Goddess Gracie: Both parts of the original file are now combined into a single mp3 for the first time, and it costs the same as a regular length file despite its 120+ minute length :P
06/09/18 10:59 PM
Goddess Gracie: Enjoy sweeties :hug:
06/09/18 10:59 PM
Goddess Gracie: Love and warm cuddles from Goddess Gracie xx
06/09/18 10:59 PM
Goddess Gracie: :byebear:
06/10/18 08:22 PM
Marta: When is an appropriate bedtime for a little fairy angle like my little self? :giggle:
06/12/18 06:08 AM
Goddess Gracie: :flower:
06/14/18 05:00 AM
Linda: [link]
06/14/18 05:01 AM
Linda: OMG these are litteraly soo cute :love:
06/18/18 05:20 PM
creampuff: hi all cuteshy small uk pansy here
06/19/18 06:04 PM
paula0423: excited to *sparkle* so much *giggle* i love you Goddess Gracie :)
06/19/18 06:05 PM
paula0423: i wrote you on sissysocial :* going to blissfull bimbo slut mode now omg so excited *sparkle*
06/19/18 06:05 PM
paula0423: [link]
06/19/18 06:06 PM
paula0423: some selfies omg *sparkle*
06/19/18 08:09 PM
Goddess Gracie: Aww, how adorable paula :giggle: Love you too sweetie :hug:
06/21/18 09:26 PM
Goddess Gracie: The new file Adore ♥men♥ (made for women but very appropriate for sissies as well!) has now reverted to it's original higher price of $40 due to its extraordinary length and quality :)
06/21/18 09:26 PM
Goddess Gracie: Hope all the very good girls who need my important words in their little head enjoy the file :flower:
06/22/18 08:36 PM
coco snowflake: it's amazing.omg i am still sparkling.
06/23/18 02:02 PM
allisongoodgirl: @coco snowflake
06/23/18 09:46 PM
allisongoodgirl: Added a new lovely comment on the new file!! Will be looping more files tonight while watching things appropriate for a sissy!

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