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01/21/18 03:11 PM
allisongoodgirl: Then after about an hour of looking at all the cute panties they have at Victoria's Secret I bring my pretty panties to the counter to pay as every salesgirl smiles. One time a salesgirl said: "omg all of these panties are so cute!! You will love wearing these panties" I smile at her in *sparkle* mode and respond with "Omg ever since i've started shopping at Victoria's Secret, my panties have gotten a lot prettier and a lot cuter and it's like my panty drawer has multiplied" then I giggled and gave her a limp wrist feminine affirmation. She said "Omg you are so cute! How long have you been buying your panties here" i smile as she says this almost like i've been wearing appropriate feminine panties my whole life which until this year wasn't true but now that I wear them all the time I can't even imagine not wearing them!! "I've been shopping at Victoria's Secret for a year and never buy bras, panties and lingerie anywhere else" she smiles and giggles
01/21/18 03:17 PM
allisongoodgirl: All the ladies just know and love to see me as one of the girls looking at all the cute panties I can purchase for me too!! ***giggle*** ***giggle*** ***giggle*** ***giggle*** ***giggle***
01/23/18 10:51 PM
allisongoodgirl: Omg feeling super sparkly right now girls!! Mister Dreamy is paying this good girl a visit and is making her clitty tingle from the inside out ***giggle*** Listening too Goddess Gracie's true important words while her pussy gets penetrated by Mister Dreamy is such a feminine sissy affirmation that i've become super proud of ***giggle*** Also succeding in getting closer to the girls at work by giving them the limp wrist feminine gesture at various points in the day while having girly conversations with them about topics most girls love to talk about!!
01/25/18 05:32 PM
coco snowflake: vs panties and bras are so adorable and shopping there is super fun. sometimes i like to go to the discount stores like ross cuz you can buy lots of pretty panties and bras for cheap. also on ebay there is jolie boutique which sells the yummiest satin lingerie which i love so much.
01/26/18 10:20 PM
allisongoodgirl: Planned a girl talk session with my nice lady friend Lainie!! I
01/26/18 10:26 PM
allisongoodgirl: I sent her snaps of tje girly pink pajamas, sparkly blue sweater and just small *oopsies" on my part realizing only after I sent the pretty picture that you could see a hint of my girly pink *sparkle* panties peaking out, they are super cute though, and she didn't seem too mind as she wants to have coffee with me while we chat like two girly girls about fashion, makeup, ♥hot guys♥!!
01/26/18 10:35 PM
allisongoodgirl: She has told one of the nice ladies in her department Leeann about what a sissy I am, like I recently let my nice lady friend would be okay for all women to know moving forwatd!+ Leeann wants to have a girls nights with me and Lainie to fo facemasks, play board games and talk like girls do!! We are like so totally good girls to each other me and Lainie to the ppint where are limp wrists are both present for the whole time during a girls night in with eachother!! I think Leeann serms very eager too join are sisterhood!! I'll start calling ourselves the Good Girl Squad with myself as the subordinate good girl learning from them!!
01/28/18 08:56 PM
Goddess Gracie: :flower:
02/01/18 03:22 AM
allisongoodgirl: Omg i'm sitting with all the nice ladies at work now and they have slowly begun treating me like one of the girls!!
02/02/18 03:58 PM
prissipuss : That's so wonderful, allison, sounds like the nice ladies have made you one of them :)
02/02/18 05:24 PM
allisongoodgirl: Omg that means the files worked at its besties and has allowed me to form friendships with nice ladies who know me for their limp girly faggot friend!! Dancing too Madonna, wearing makeup, girly outfits, talking about boys and being emotiinal around them!!
02/02/18 05:25 PM
allisongoodgirl: Women Just Know now and being girly and feminine is second nature!!
02/03/18 11:27 PM
allisongoodgirl: Omg so wonderful too spend the night watching fashion and makeup videos by the nice lady vloggers I love and almost feels like they are one of my girlfriends at this point too!!! I like and comment on there videos all the time now!!! They teach me all about girly girl things I should know!! I feel like it really brings out the good girl in me for a long period of time and automatically triggers there when in the presence of nice ladies I meet out in public looking my good girl best or my current platonic besties and the lovely nice lafies at work who all see me either as a flaming faggot friend or a good girl!! YAY!! Me and my aunt are also becoming like girlfriends lately too now that I live with her!!!
02/03/18 11:28 PM
allisongoodgirl: She's so much more dominant then I so I listen too every word she says ♥like a good girl♥!
02/03/18 11:31 PM
allisongoodgirl: Omg Women Just Know has been so wonderful to me and the girly girls and nice ladies who see me as one of the girls, there cute lil faggot friend, and even saying wonderful things like "he's pretty much a girl anyways!!" amongst themselves when deciding to invite me for a super fun and super girly date night with all the girls, my answer is always a limp wristed YAY!!! ♥like a good girl♥ ***giggle***
02/04/18 01:09 AM
allisongoodgirl: Omg I just spent over and hour dancing too some Christina Aguelerra who has slowly become my favorote artist of all time for wonderful classics like I'm a Good Girl, Lady Marmelade, Candyman ***giggle***, other hits that left me completely limp while I swayed mt hips as I danced limp wristed and in the most feminine, girly and slutty way possible in just a matching super pink bra and panty set with not even a trace of a ♥cock♥ in my panties for all women to see me properly as a good girl and most importantly as ONE OF THEM NOW!! YASSSSSSSE!! 😁💅👑👜💄
02/04/18 06:40 AM
allisongoodgirl: I'm not myself tonight!! Tonight i'm not the same girl, same girl!
02/04/18 06:44 AM
allisongoodgirl: Loving XTina as my new favorite music artists YAY!!! This has literally happened after dancing and listening too XTina all night long!! Now i'm XTina's number one fan!! A super big fan of hers now and will make it my goal in life to go out with some girlfriends to am Xtina comcert after making each other super pretty and helping the other girls dress ♥like a good girl♥ while also accepting all the nice help from the nice ladies in charge of picking this good girls outfits to wear to the office and the club, girly outfits at all times now!! :) ***giggle*** YAY!!!
02/04/18 06:46 AM
allisongoodgirl: Girly outfits leads to super girly behavior infront of other nice ladies I may meet in the future or bump in the present while shopping for more super cute clothes!!I have enough girly outfits now to wear something cute and girly yay!!!!
02/04/18 12:31 PM
allisongoodgirl: Omg my aunt just helped me with my laundry and has thus seen the pretty panties I proudly wear everyday!! She doesn't seem to mind one bit!! She must have noticed how girly and feminine i've become since moving with her and being able to dress how I want!!
02/04/18 12:33 PM
allisongoodgirl: She has also seen Mister Dreamy before too and just *giggled* when she saw it and looked directly at me with a very feminine and super sparkly stare!!! I remember my mind going bye byes and acting super girly as I was locked into sparkle mode for the entire conversation lije a good girl!
02/05/18 03:10 AM
allisongoodgirl: Just spent an entire weekend listening too Goddess Gracie's words hoping they take hold like they do always at work today!!
02/06/18 04:00 PM
allisongoodgirl: I'll be around chat tonight if anothdr good girl wants to *pop* in and sparkle as we sit and talk about our sissy feeling, cute boys, girly pop music, fashion, makeup and our love and devotion too big ♥cocks♥, hunky real ♥men♥ and Goddess Gracie!!
02/06/18 04:03 PM
Melanie: @allisongoodgirl do you have kik?
02/06/18 04:54 PM
allisongoodgirl: Omg i'm in such a girly girl flutter!! I'm in *sparkle* mode with no nice ladies or other good girls to talk too and no ♥man♥ for me too submit ♥like a good girl♥ too around!! Someone help me summon the sparkle fairies I need in my girly girl mind by having some girl talk with me!!!
02/06/18 04:55 PM
allisongoodgirl: No I din't Melanie!! :(
02/06/18 07:42 PM
Melanie: Why don't you get it or do you have any other messaging apps
02/06/18 07:43 PM
Melanie: I love hearing about your feminization in front of women and being the faggot friend
02/06/18 07:43 PM
Melanie: I'm jealous
02/06/18 09:57 PM
allisongoodgirl: Add me on Instagram!! littlemissblissxox
02/06/18 10:00 PM
allisongoodgirl: I just reconnected with a mice lady friend I met at the gay club two summers ago!! After talking to her and reading her approval about my faggot life I totally opened up to her emotionally and now consider her like one of my closest girlfriends as I just know she loves to have me as her faggot friend and good girlfriend!!
02/06/18 10:03 PM
allisongoodgirl: I started sending her Girl Talk videos, these are videos I send her with a few sissy rules added to make her feel superior as a real woman and also to make her accept and love her new faggot friend and bestie girlfriend!! Rule #1 I refer to her as "Miss Cayli" which she hasn't commented on yet!! Rule #2 I must only talk about girly topics such as real ♥men♥, fashion, makeup, girly life events, shower Miss Cayli with compliments on her style and personality atleast 3 TIMES!!
02/06/18 10:07 PM
allisongoodgirl: Rule #3 I must have either a girly pop song or a fashion video from the girliest youtubers I'm subscribed too!! Rule #4 I must be dressed apprppriately in girly clothing example I was wearing a long sleeve girly top, super cute girly bra with the bra straps showing ***giggle*** I was wearing pink girly Pyjamas, girly pink booty socks and of course the girliest panties I own, Sparkly pink hiphuggers I got from Victoria's Secret!!!
02/06/18 10:07 PM
allisongoodgirl: I will always end my Girl Talk videos with a curtsy too Miss Cayli after describing my outfit of the day!!
02/06/18 10:09 PM
allisongoodgirl: I'm like totally doing all this without her asking it of me but I think she approves because after I told her about my Girl Talk video idea she said she would try her best to answer them during the day!! Yay so nice and fun being Miss Cayli's faggot girlfriend!!! ***giggle***
02/07/18 03:26 AM
allisongoodgirl: [link]
02/07/18 03:29 AM
allisongoodgirl: Videos like those need to be watched by every sissy who sparkle around nice ladies and hunky ♥men♥!! My mind went bye byes for the entire video as I made mental notes of all the wonderful clothes she's suggesting I buy so that I cam become a pretty princess too!! Following her to the princess trips where there are no boys allowed!!
02/07/18 04:48 AM
Melanie: Do you have Tumblr?
02/07/18 05:18 AM
allisongoodgirl: No just follow me on Instagram please!!!
02/07/18 05:22 AM
allisongoodgirl: littlemissblissxox
02/07/18 06:59 AM
Melanie: Following you on insta
02/07/18 07:28 AM
allisongoodgirl: Thanks hun!!
02/07/18 07:56 AM
Melanie: Did you accept I've had to request again
02/07/18 11:25 AM
allisongoodgirl: I accepted yea!
02/07/18 12:04 PM
Melanie: Have you got any tips on how i can come out as a faggot to my girlfriend's and be accepted as one of the girls? Im not sure without sounding perverted
02/07/18 02:58 PM
Princess Julia: :lovecum: :thanks:
02/07/18 06:15 PM
allisongoodgirl: Just make sure to speak with your hands and display the occasional limp wrist here and there when appropriate. Talk about your emotions a lot to other woman and listen extra carefully when other girls talk to you about their emotions.
02/07/18 06:22 PM
allisongoodgirl: Dress femininely, grow out your hair and straighten it! Let your nails grow, keep them filed nice and pretty, go to the spa to get mani's and pedi's!! Wear only pretty feminine panties everyday to work and too bed having separated the two in your mind. There is a huge difference between the panties I wear to work everyday and the panties ai wear to bed where I dream about big strong ♥men♥ with rock hard ♥cocks♥ and me dressing up extra pretty for real ♥men♥ with help sometimes from my girly besties!!
02/07/18 06:24 PM
allisongoodgirl: Like I need to have cute nails like in my picture here Melanie, all tje girls in the office paint theirs for the most part and they all super cute nails!! I'm gonna get a nanicure soon and join them!!
02/07/18 07:34 PM
coco snowflake: oh princess julia, that is such a lovely piccie.
02/08/18 02:40 AM
Goddess Gracie: Good news for my cutesy little sissy friends :lala:
02/08/18 02:40 AM
Goddess Gracie: I've just made my Sissy Pageant file free for you all to download to your little heart's content via WMM. Have fun sweeties and remember Goddess Gracie loves you :hug:
02/08/18 02:42 AM
Goddess Gracie: You can download Sissy Pageant 100% free right here: [link]
02/08/18 02:42 AM
Goddess Gracie: Enjoy girls :)
02/08/18 02:42 AM
Goddess Gracie: Love and warm cuddles from Goddess Gracie xx
02/08/18 02:42 AM
Goddess Gracie: :byebear:
02/08/18 12:53 PM
Princess Julia: Thank you Goddess Gracie :cuddle:
02/09/18 01:04 AM
allisongoodgirl: Omg thank you so much Goddess Gracie, I will listen and obey at this very moment and let my mind go bye byes ♥like a good girl♥ during this new piece of brainwashing
02/10/18 07:23 AM
sluttyprincess: hi. happy to be here, i feel so good today :grateful:
02/11/18 02:25 AM
allisongoodgirl: Omg I am about too feminize myself further into a lil sissy slut , who loves hunky masculine ♥men♥ and also loves being a faggot friend too all the nice ladies I speak too!! Listening too Goddess Gracie before work is simply the correct acrion that leads too correct girly thoughts and girly behavior, *sparkle* Mode, mind going bye byes and wearing panties everyday with my little clitty tucked away in them.
02/11/18 04:34 PM
allisongoodgirl: I've just signed up as a girl's sissy faggot bestfriend! Sje called me to talk about fashion, cute boys, my feminine girly new behavior that she said she was happy to see me being my true self. Mind went bye byes after that!! Don't remember a single girly thing i said, and i like totally don't remember the conversation we had so it must've been like super extra girly girl in subject matter as no other best girlfriends can talk about except me!!
02/11/18 04:35 PM
allisongoodgirl: And my new girly girl bestie Allisha!! Allison and Allisha!! Good Girly Girl besties forever!
02/12/18 08:15 AM
alexia: hello
02/13/18 08:11 AM
coco snowflake: hi alexia! lovely to see you here, sweetie.
02/13/18 09:33 AM
michellemontana: Hello Goddess Gracie and sissy girls! WTG Allison! Wish I had some besties like you! I wanted to let everyone know I'm sooo excited about my new pink chastity cage!!!! Usually I tuck everything away so this feels different even a little naughty! ***giggle*** Focuses more on ♥cock♥ and real ♥man♥ cum now *giggle*. This will help with being diddle free too! yay!!!
02/13/18 09:36 AM
michellemontana: thankies :hug: so much for the free file Goddess! I love it!!! All the fun naughty scenarios are so super exciting. And maybe with my new cage my clitty will shrink and I will win the smallest clitty prize! ***giggle***
02/13/18 06:57 PM
coco snowflake: that's such great news, michelle! your new cage sounds adorable!! but don't get too ahead of the rest of us in claiming smallest clitty.... don't we all just love what Goddess Gracie has helped us achieve? :heart: :heart: :heart:
02/13/18 10:12 PM
allisongoodgirl: Omg so lovely seeing more good girls chatting away like I do with my girly girl besties!!! Told another girl at work I was gay, wore makeup and we talked about girly topics throughout the shift with no recollection of most of the girly chat as my mind went bye byes as I was in *sparkle* mode the whole time!! She's been sitting next to me ever since and has acted really girly towards me and keeps giving me sissy smiles like I no doubt must be doing to her without even realizing!! So fun being a girly faggot for all nice ladies!!
02/13/18 10:52 PM
allisongoodgirl: Omg hello Princess Julie how lovely to see you girl!!
02/13/18 10:52 PM
allisongoodgirl: I'll be right back just getting ready for bed time by slipping on some cute lingerie.
02/13/18 10:53 PM
allisongoodgirl: I'll be listening to wonderful conditioning before bed if you want too girl talk!!!
02/14/18 03:13 AM
allisongoodgirl: Just sent more proof too Allisha showcasing my status in her life as her girly faggot girlfriend, who agrees with and obeys everything she says like the true girlfriend I am becoming to her. I hope she calls me for some girl talk soon so I can demonstrate my girly behaviour and talk about my girly emotions and hunky real ♥men♥ we both are going gaga over!! Girl Talk with one of my girly girlfriends leads too me entering *sparkle* mode and behaving ♥like a good girl♥ immediately without a hint of effort on my part, just gabbong away like a lil girly bimbo with a cotton candy brain who behaves so well for Allisha!! Also like everything she says and tells me to do during these Girl Talk sessions I must obey!! Like her being happy i'm much more girly then I was a year ago when we went shopping for girly outfits together and she told me how much fun we would have together after the initial awkward stage that was happening in the beginning! That is like so totally over as I tell her everything
02/14/18 03:14 AM
allisongoodgirl: I tell her all my good girl thoughts as my mind goes bye byes and I feel like everything she asks me to do from that point, I simply obey and show her I did it next time we engage in a little Girl Talk together!!
02/14/18 05:26 PM
allisongoodgirl: So like totally spent last night listening too Goddess Gracie all night long for repeat listening sessions! Today I totally went with my bestie to the mall with her to help ger pick out a super cute one piece swimsuit!! Also helped her pick out some super cute panties to wear everyday amd a gorgrous lingerie set for CDay and everyday wednesday from herd on out in a sparkly cute purple colour!!
02/16/18 03:26 AM
allisongoodgirl: The Victoria's Secret saleslady saw I was helping my bestie pick out panties so as soon as I went off into the gorgeous bra section ob my own she insisted on finding me a bra saying "Time for a new bra? Perfect timing it's the buy one get one free sale!!" "Look at all these gorgeous bras you have to choose from". I didn't have any money till today; so I politefully declined by saying "I need another gorgeous bra!! I would totally buy two if I had the money :( " *I'll definetely come back to pick one out" then my bestie Allisha was right next to me having picked out all her cutesie panties as the salesgirl "Aww that's bad, I was looking forward to helping you find another gorgeous bra!!" She turned to my bestie Allisha "I like always help him pick out a bra usually!! Allison was here a few weeks ago during the semi annual sale, she asked for my help in picking out pretty panties for her" how many did you buy again Allison? I ***giggle*** fully in *sparkle* mode
02/16/18 03:39 AM
allisongoodgirl: Then I respond in the girlest manner possible by standing up straight, hips to the side, both wrists completely limp, limp clitty tucked away in my pretty panties (omg it was a cute sparkly pink pair I bought that day!!!) Wearing a matching pink bra, ladies skinny jeans, cute black shirtdress top, pink girly socks that go past the bottom of my leggings, black flats with a black bow on the top, carrying a pretty pastel pink crossbody purse with gold detailing!! I said to the nice saleslady Mindy who I had met before already at Victoria's Secret. "I bought 10 pairs of gorgeous panties with Mindy's help that and my panty drawer loves her!!" Omg then the most amazing thing happened I started too *giggle* and then all the nice ladies in Victoria's Secret started too ***giggle*** while Allisha looked at me with an approving look and smile while Mindy seemed super pleased by my begavio
02/16/18 03:43 AM
allisongoodgirl: Behavior* and told me to come back soon so she could help me find a gorgeous bra!! She said "You'll need a bra fitting first so we can find you a bra in the proper size of course" I ***giggle*** again and said "I'll be back soon, I love shopping at Victoria's Secret"
02/16/18 10:27 AM
allisongoodgirl: About too loop more conditioning as I slowly make more and more platonic friendships with nice ladies and super feminine girly girls, so wonderful to be every woman's faggot friend! Boyss are like so boring!! Omg boys are really only good for there muscular bodies and big rock hard ♥cocks♥!! ***giggle*** I much prefer being friends with women now, soonies I will only be allowed to have platonic girlfriends, which will be different to me wanting more girly girlfriends as in a few months time i'll have developped my platonic friendship with Allisha/Madeleine (more on Madee later girls!), my girlfriend who treats me like her little sister Lainie and all the nice ladies at work!! Why would I even want too hangout with ♥men♥ when i'll have so many nice ladies and girly girls too hangout with!!!
02/16/18 05:01 PM
allisongoodgirl: My bestie has given me permission to go to the same salon as her with the same nice lady she sees for her hair styling and colouring and her waxing!! I'm about to make my first appointment there for my birthday month so I can love myself even more by having gorgeous hair and chest/legs and bikini area all waxed and completely hairless!!
02/16/18 10:06 PM
allisongoodgirl: Left my thoughts on Manhood Eraser after months of training, sissy rates a big 5 *Sparkly* stars out of 5 YAY!!!

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