3 Aug 11, 06:16 PM
angeladik.: the passion to do something very productive not only for themselves but also for others....they share this obviously
3 Aug 11, 06:14 PM
angeladik: hope to see Angel updates and news on tv....Angel and Phil in Paris....do we sense peeps wanting to know more....these 2 are indeed a very interesting match...a lot of peeps are reallly interested about this matchup......they actually compliment each other in many ways....both doing something for football and why sports in general is a very productive endeavor...something else Pinoy talent might be good at :biggrin: thats why there's something very positive about them together
2 Aug 11, 07:01 AM
Nana: jom lepak dkat lepak.my
31 Jul 11, 12:13 AM
angeladik: ---------by this time Angel's in Paris hope to see her pics from the ABS promo shows she'll be in....gotta see that new Hapee Toothpaste TVC .....some more Phil Angel news of course and the movie with John lloyd is of course the much awaited followup :biggrin: ------------------
28 Jul 11, 08:16 PM
angeladik.: ok its like a story of our motherland....but we need to really wake up otherwise to survive we will still be a country of migrant workers and yes many Fil foreigners in the process
28 Jul 11, 08:15 PM
angeladik.: now if we want to get serious it takes a lot of work....real scouting too for the future of sports....we need to find good leaders too for our country...where have we gone? even in sports we are turning to Fil foreigners...they did their part, Angel too was there....but what else could we do? start waking up and knowing how to choose good leaders for this country....but will the real good people still come to save our country?
28 Jul 11, 08:12 PM
angeladik.: so Angel leaves for Paris July 29 ....safe flight Angel :biggrin: great support for Philippine sports in general too...once you too were an athlete for the Philippines ;)
28 Jul 11, 08:10 PM
angeladik.: the efforts of other nations in training and discipline and scientific methods have reached higher levels, even in terms of athleticism we get beaten...at the end of the day you need more than skills in sports...its the athleticism aside from mental strengths which makes one successful in spiorts...and in team sports you need an entire team of good players too esp a sport as tough as footbal with the big playing field and the time frame they play, the energy level one spends playing the game, aside from the forces of nature...weather, etc
28 Jul 11, 08:06 PM
angeladik.: what the team Azkals have achieved actually is increase the awareness for football here and popularity...eventually we need grassroots to actually discover natural talents that can be honed....it will take a lot of work...even in basketball as much as we love this sport we're not anymore were we used to be
28 Jul 11, 08:04 PM
angeladik.: thats sports I guess...the levels differ...but we've seen athletes outdo themselves and overachieve....but it requires a lot more training and hard work not to mention exposure in the bigger leagues....well not everybody's born equal when it comes to natural athleticism but if one looks at the different levels of work ethics of the best athletes then sometimes thats the key to success...
28 Jul 11, 08:01 PM
angeladik.: honestly I think perhaps the edge of team Kuwait in terms of how I looked at it was their superior athleticism...not saying our players arent but looking at how quick the Kuwaitis are...its obvious that's the edge....quicker and endurance to stay longer too
28 Jul 11, 07:59 PM
angeladik: yup she did watch we saw her on TVP wow looking slimmer of course ;) kinda nervous? well the Phils did make a goal courtesy of the Fil German player well we lost the match 2-1 and the series...nwey Angel's there to cheer up Phil
26 Jul 11, 07:23 PM
angeladik: better watch out Angel might watch again the Azkhals vs Kuwait 2nd leg match here its on July 28 just before Angel leaves for Paris for the screening of ITNOL there...wow its so late to think the DVDs been out...still we know people will come to watch and see Angel in person...will Phil join Angel? ;)
25 Jul 11, 06:26 PM
angeladik.: there's little doubt of course Angel and Phil together look so good...Phil would definitely look the perfect leading man....but then again we know he's a football player and not an actor...so lets leave it that way ;)
25 Jul 11, 06:22 PM
angeladik: do we expect Angel to watch another Azkals match? this time vs Kuwait? win or loose we hope for a better match...the conditions here will be better of course for them and hoping the best for the team and of course we know it means a lot for Phil and Angel too...hopefully the best
23 Jul 11, 05:27 AM
LEPAK: jom lepak dan baca entri tebaru saya..
22 Jul 11, 10:13 PM
angeladik: super excited at the prospect of Angel having at least 2 movies released for this year....after the blockbuster In the Name of Love...she will have a followup right away this time with John Lloyd :biggrin: :cool:
22 Jul 11, 10:10 PM
aangeladik: the movie with John Lloyd is the one we will all be waiting for next :biggrin: then hopefully the reunion with Richard and the planned movie too with Bea, hoping for more movie projects for Angel...wondering when her next tv series will be then? isnt it kind of unfair that with the latest developments its only Sam, Angel hasnt done a movie followup yet after a successful tv series with him? Only You remains to be one of the most watch tv teamups yet ABS didnt push any movie project for them...hopefully after the 3 movie projects with JL, Richard and Bea, one with Sam too will be in the works in the future....we are looking forward and so excited for all those projects :biggrin:
21 Jul 11, 05:16 AM
kirk benz: she so talented and so amazing as well. .I am fun of watching her. .I am amazed by you . .
18 Jul 11, 07:46 PM
Maria Ozawa: CoolZ Dudes visit me Back. i wish you can visit mine too
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