12 Mar 19, 01:40 PM
abc: keep up the good work!
11 Jan 19, 10:00 PM
anum: can someone help me to find risk-free rate & risk market premium of maxis berhad for the FY2016 and FY2017. tq
22 Sep 18, 04:24 PM
bursastocktalk: Buying Veblen goods is the last thing a true value investor would do. A value investor does not brag about himself overpaying for something.
23 Sep 16, 08:02 PM
bursastocktalk: Hi Charles, not at all
22 Sep 16, 09:40 AM
Charles: bursastocktalk, i have very strong source that HHHCorp (0160) going to be reverse takeover at 50 sen. Do you have any leads on your end?
17 May 16, 10:12 PM
bursastocktalk: Gustavo Petro: A developed country is not a place where the poor have cars. Its where the rich use public transportation
10 Apr 16, 11:28 PM
TEEHEE: Hi, may I know where to get the latest figures for the market return?
27 Mar 16, 11:09 PM
bursastocktalk: Bloomberg Terminal (subscription). Or maybe you can try to obtain historucal bond yield from Bank Negara
25 Mar 16, 11:37 PM
student: can i know where i can find the risk free rate of year 2013 and2014
22 Mar 16, 08:44 AM
lee: vote NO to SONA!
12 Feb 16, 10:05 AM
bursastocktalk: M101 SkyWheel will feature a SkyMall from 48th to 52nd floor but is it practical? Will there be sufficient lifts to carry shoppers to the elevated mall?
26 Jan 16, 07:49 PM
bursastocktalk: Star power talk by Tan Sri Liew Kee Sin http://www.thestartv.com/live/powertalks/
11 Dec 15, 02:13 PM
bursastocktalk: At 61.5sen, REACH offers risk-free return of 12% p.a.
8 Sep 15, 12:59 PM
bursastocktalk: Hallo QT...
3 Sep 15, 09:03 AM
bursastocktalk: FBMKLCI callable bull certificates will be launched
18 Aug 15, 09:20 AM
bursastocktalk: FBMKLCI-HX, the only FBMKLCI put warrant trading at discount
3 Aug 15, 11:29 AM
bursastocktalk: Greece stock market is expected to resume trading today
29 Jul 15, 01:39 PM
bursastocktalk: CASH is King
26 Jun 15, 10:46 AM
bursastocktalk: Good arbitrage opportunity in Sunsuria. Also, I think a good entry into Sunsuria through OR at 15sen
25 May 15, 11:15 PM
bursastocktalk: Transport Minister has summon for illegal tinting. Which JPJ officer issued summon to his boss? What a JOKE....
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