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3 Jan 17, 06:28 PM
Jo'Ahjisi: As the two greeted each other on the road, a rustle in the brush and trees was heard a little ways off, a sure sign of someone approaching with haste and no care for stealth. Soon the form of a brown leather and purple clothed female Khajiit burst through, panting heavily before screeching to a halt in front of a horse and backing up unsteadily before glancing behind her as if searching for something.
3 Jan 17, 06:30 PM
Hjarta the Tower: From another angle, a seven foot Nord, scarred as if he shaved with a saber cat's claws arrived. His hand is on his sword, and another is clutching his notes. "...Well, Hail!" He smiled, trying to hide his discomfort. I mean, the Cat's are fine...but is that a high elf...?
3 Jan 17, 06:30 PM
Hjarta the Tower: (SORRY FOR BEING SO SHORT))
3 Jan 17, 06:34 PM
Ja'Rasha: *The male khajiit stuck to the shadows, smoothing his padded feet across the grassy ground as to not disturb it further and make unneccessary noise... Peering through the undergrowth, he would make note of the young altmer... Likely his senior by at least a decade or more Ja'Rasha reckoned, but who knew with elves?... But that wasn't what attracted his attention, at least not initially... No... The elven armor, the uniform itself... Definitely thalmor. Ja'Rasha, as a general rule of thumb did not dislike the saviors of his people too much, but less savory things were implemented here in Skyrim, and the male khajiit thought better to not get caught in the middle in case something happened... After thinking for a moment, Ja'Rasha decided to make his entrance, carefully stalking from the bushes, slowly unknocking his arrow and sliding it back into his leather quiver... Though he noticeably pauses as a pretty female and a rather bearish looking nord join them. The only thing Jar'Rasha
3 Jan 17, 06:36 PM
Ja'Rasha: could think to do as he steps on the road is grin toothily, baring his carnasials as he states,* Two khajiit, a high elf, and a nord meet on the road to Morthal... *A pause* Ja"Rasha is still working on the punchline see. It is a work in progress.
3 Jan 17, 06:44 PM
Jo'Ahjisi: Bright green eyes wide and dilated, the female Khajiit's head swivelled to each new person (and horse) she noticed, somewhat ovewhelmed. Was there some sort of meeting happening on the road? Mara protect her, what had she stumbled into? Well it couldn't be much worse than what she had just left! Still trying to catch her breath, Jo'Ahjisi then gave a startled laugh at the other Khajiit's joke which her parched throat soon turned into a strangled and thoroughly embarassed cough. Looking awkwardly between the three others, she interjected, "The punchline might very well be a very angry Spriggan if this one was not able to outrun it."
3 Jan 17, 06:45 PM
Jo'Ahjisi: Then she looked very puzzled and stared at Ja'Rasha before swearing colorfully in Ta'agra. "Morthal?! Gods has khajiit strayed..."
3 Jan 17, 06:48 PM
Kasian: Kasian stayed close to Mabel, holding her reins tightly and silently hoping for some kind of out. It was obvious he was Thalmor, and this could easily lead him down a path to ruin very quickly.
3 Jan 17, 06:52 PM
Hjarta the Tower: Hjarta almost did a double take. It was a thalmor- one of those milk drink- He stopped, taking a deep breath. "...Well, I see we all may of taken a wrong road. Or two, in my case at least." He smiled to the Thalmor, who seemed VERY nervous. Hjarta was just hoping things didn't go south. He looked at the group. "Well, this is...not so bad."
3 Jan 17, 06:56 PM
Ja'Rasha: *Ja'Rasha would **** his head over to Jo'Ahjisi, green eyes flickering between the trio (smelly horse excluded), before simply returning the brunt of his attention toward Jo'Ahjisi. A low hum would leave the khajiit, almost in a casual fashion as he once again, nocks an arrow onto his recurve bow* Na urduna khaj roliter. *He would reply in perfect Ta'agra, before offering everyone a smile that was too serious to be amused* At least you are safe now. At least until you are not no? How far away was this spriggan?
3 Jan 17, 07:16 PM
Jo'Ahjisi: It was only the beefy Nord's reaction that truly drew Jo'Ahjisi's attention to the owner of the horse that she had startled. At least she presumed the altmer holding the reins was the owner. The Altmer wearing gleaming elven armor that nearly formally declared him Thalmor. A Nord and a Thalmor and two Khajiit caught in the middle. Or was that her assuming things? Ears flicking towards her kinsman at the sweet sound of Ta'agra, she replied in turn with a relieved murmur, "Jer vara koli vakona, trevan." Then glancing behind her nervously once more, the mage stated in Tamrielic, "This one is not certain. Once it summoned a bear, khajiit stopped wasting time looking back."
3 Jan 17, 07:27 PM
Ja'Rasha: "An jajo fa nezal ja'fith iitay jer zath" *He would murmur back smoothly, actually offering the female khajiit a roguish wink, though as he moves forward, he shows a more legitemate concern for her well-being as he unstraps a waterskin from his belt, offering it to her* And drink! Your throat sounds as parched as the sands of home! Does not know how far sand sister has run, but if she has made any sort of distance, it likely did not follow. Spriggans do not like intruders into their groves, but when there is no more intruder... In one way or another, there is no conflict. *He would turn his head towards the other travelors, a toothy grin everpresent on his handsome, feline features, pierced ears pricked expectedly* This one is Ja'Rasha, as you likely know. He will not keep fellow travelors from their goal, but this one has a fire not far from the road if they wish to warm their bones some.
3 Jan 17, 07:58 PM
Jo'Ahjisi: At the stranger's flattering words, Jo'Ahjisi's tail raised unconsciously, swishing as she shuffled bashfully in place under his wink. Mara, what was she a kit again? "Moons bless you. Thank you friend." She gratefully took the waterskin and tried to limit herself from drinking too much of the kind stranger's water. While she was drinking, she kept an ear cocked towards the archer as he explained. Drawing the waterskin away from her lips, her tongue brushed water droplets from her whiskers before handing it back to him. "This one...did not consider that." Silly cowardly cat. Hadn't she read about Spriggans before? She should have remembered. And finally she learned the name of her kinsman. Smiling slightly at the distinctly Elsweyrian name and welcome, the scholar dipped her head in respect to the others and agreement to the khajiit. "This one is Jo'Ahjisi if there are to be introductions and warmth would be most welcome." The mage glanced up at the tall Nord and Altmer hesitantly
3 Jan 17, 07:58 PM
Jo'Ahjisi: before following after Ja'Rasha, tugging on the pack at her back and fiddling with her Amulet of Mara. Perhaps the archer had diffused the situation?
3 Jan 17, 08:08 PM
Ja'Rasha: *He would actually chuckle warmly with Jo'Ahjisi* Sand sister was running for her life! Silly considerations should always bow before the more pressing matter... Like one's life no? All the better for it this one thinks. *He would blink, looking somewhat surprised by the other khajiit's title before bowing his head* Warm sands to clever Jo'Ahjisi. *A respect customary to those who learned the magical arts. Then, with a bowing flourish to the others, the male khajiit would led who followed him deeper into the forest ahead... Eventually breaking into a clearing, shielded from the wind and not far from the stream... A fire crackled away not far from an old, termite eaten log and a comfortable looking tent and bed roll made of leather* Please, get close and get warm! And get the cold out.
3 Jan 17, 08:27 PM
Jo'Ahjisi: Sniffing a laugh at herself and his words, Jo'Ahjisi nodded in concurment. "This one will not argue with being alive." Blinking back in vague confusion at the other Khajiit's stupefied expression, she then smoothed her somewhat bedraggled curly hair around her ears in embarrassment at his overt respect. It was seldom seen, at least presented to her. So flustered was the scholar that she forgot to actually reply! And instead simply stood there, wrapped up in her own bashful and flattered thoughts. At least until Ja'Rasha started leading the way. Not hesitating in the slightest, Jo'Ahjisi followed after him, sighing quietly in relief to see the cozy little campsight. "This one will try her best, but she is certain that Skyrim's cold will not leave her until she rolls in the warm sands of home. Khajiit thought the Imperial City was cold!" She snorted in wry amusement at her silly thought. Beginning to relax around her kinsman she inquired, "May this one set up her tent as well?" Not sure
3 Jan 17, 08:28 PM
Jo'Ahjisi: why she was asking permission, but still feeling the need to. It was his camp after all, no?
3 Jan 17, 08:39 PM
Ja'Rasha: (test
3 Jan 17, 08:43 PM
Ja'Rasha: *Ja'Rasha would be quickly feeding a few sticks into the fire by the time his new company had made their way inside the clearing, the male khajiit unstringing his bow and propping it against the log as well. After that is done, he would turn around to fully face Jo'Ahjisi, clawed hands settled on his lean, compact hips. Like most Suthay-Raht, he stood nearly 5-9, with a lean, corded frame rippling with firm, dextrous muscle. On top of this ropy toning was a sandy-brown pelt splotched with cheetah-like markings and a white neck that hinted at the soft, white belly beneath. He was well-groomed for being out in the wilds, and obviously took care of his appearance. His face was handsome by khajiit standards... Lean and well proportioned, with expressive green eyes, a charming 'krin', long whiskers, and a scar that marred his muzzle, suggesting at a more exciting, wilder layer underneath. His dark hair was tied back in braid-like dreadlocks, and was decorated with golden bands, which also
3 Jan 17, 08:46 PM
Ja'Rasha: marked his long, fur tipped ears and carefully trimmed mustache. His mirth would only seem to increase at her rquest, a husky hum drumming in his chest... A deeper purr-like sound* Does not know. Can Jo'Ahjisi? Ja'Rasha is not sure of her tent setting skills, but the space is open. Ja'Rasha does not own it, and he finds himself reluctant to complain about his current company. *He would muse*
3 Jan 17, 08:59 PM
Jo'Ahjisi: Seeing the male stand there in all pride and amusement as he purred caused Jo'Ahjisi's fur to become ruffled nearly as much as his teasing words. Whiskers twitching in badly concealed amusement despite her bluster, the scholar seemed accutely aware of the fact that she had been traveling for some weeks with real baths being few and far between, though she tried her best with her own soaps, rivers, perfumes and brushes. Her coloring nearly mirrored Ja'Rasha's own, though where he had white fur she simply had a pale pale gold and instead of dark black hair, she had light golden brown curls. Spots were not the only thing they shared though, but the Khajiit pair nearly had the same bright green eyes, hers being a bit more rounded than the archers. Attempting to remain aloof, Jo'Ahjisi put on a much affected sigh of unamusement as she eased her pack off her shoulders. "Jo'Ahjisi's tent setting skills are perfectly adequate. As long as this one is not intruding..." She began pulling out her
3 Jan 17, 09:01 PM
Jo'Ahjisi: tent and bedroll, making them to the best of her ability. Though it was rather obvious that she didn't have a whole lot of experience with the affair, she was managing alright, at least unless a gusty storm should come through. As she worked, the mage struck up a conversation, "So what brings you so far from home?"
3 Jan 17, 09:25 PM
Ja'Rasha: (Is that everything?
3 Jan 17, 09:26 PM
Jo'Ahjisi: ((Oh o.o sorry, yeah, thought you'd be able to tell ^^; ))
3 Jan 17, 09:26 PM
Ja'Rasha: (Nah! Chat is being wierd
3 Jan 17, 09:26 PM
Jo'Ahjisi: did both messages send? D:
3 Jan 17, 09:26 PM
Ja'Rasha: (Yep. They did as soon as I posted
3 Jan 17, 09:27 PM
Jo'Ahjisi: LOL
3 Jan 17, 09:30 PM
Ja'Rasha: *Ja'Rasha would watch her unpack and set up her tent, pausing for a moment to gaze at the tall cedar trees around him. Turning back to the female khajiit when she spoke up, the young male simply shrugs his shoulders to state,* To see the world! This one misses home, but so many live and die without so much as having a taste of the lands outside Elsweyr. How can one truly apprecciate the warmth without knowing the bitter cold? And that aside... *He would trail off, a faint smile on his feline features as he gazes at the horizon, the snow capped peaks and verdant streams that carved through the mountains* Skyrim has beauty... And Ja'Rasha is glad he got to see it before he would die.
3 Jan 17, 09:40 PM
Jo'Ahjisi: Jo'Ahjisi frowned thoughtfully at her kinsman's philosophy, her thoughts treading to darker places for a moment before she tried to focus on the task at hand. The fact that he wasn't exactly wrong didn't sit well with the mage. But hearing the fondness inJa'Rasha's voice as he spoke of Skyrim's beauties, Jo'Ahjisi couldn't help but smile ever so slightly as she glanced over at him, stretching upwards as high as her 5'3" length would allow her to to finish pitching her tent. Once accomplished she rolled out her bed roll with a glib comment, "Well surely you shall be able to appreciate any and all warmth after experiencing Skyrim's bitter cold. Jo'Ahjisi supposes it is not all as bad as she might have thought though. ...At least so far." She amended, realizing she still had farther north to go. Settling onto her bedroll with a slight huff of one wearied from travel, the scholar held out her petite clawed hands towards the fire as she inquired, "You sound as if you have already seen much
3 Jan 17, 09:40 PM
Jo'Ahjisi: of what Skyrim has to offer. Any words of wisdom to impart young one?" She asked cheekily with a teasing smile.
3 Jan 17, 09:52 PM
Jo'Ahjisi: ((finished now, jsut in case it's still messing up for you))
3 Jan 17, 09:55 PM
Ja'Rasha: *The male khajiit would actually chuckle at the banter that was being thrown his way, his head tilted and ears perked towards the female mage* Now now... Jo'Ahjisi does not look too different in age compared to Ja'Rasha... But... If she is serious, than Ja'Rasha will simply say this... Travel with the caravans if one can. If she pulls her weight, Jo'Ahjisi will always be welcome. If not them, than any travelor... *He holds up a clawed digit* And if -must- travel alone, be alert always... Prepare camp well before night fall. It gets colder the more north you go... Dangerously so. Many furs. Many covers. Stay to the roads as much as possible. *His hand would settle* The nords can handle the cold more than our kind ever could. If can study about where one might be going, take the opportunity. Can't tell Jo'Ahjisi how pleased Ja'Rasha was able to know where a secluded inn was.... And uh... Extra coin to bribe for services. Bad reputation for our kin and all that, unfair as it is.
3 Jan 17, 09:55 PM
Ja'Rasha: But, as Ja'Rasha has learned, greed is a good equalizer.
3 Jan 17, 10:02 PM
Ja'Rasha: .
3 Jan 17, 10:05 PM
Jo'Ahjisi: Smiling at the amused offense that her companion took to being called young, Jo'Ahjisi then paid attention to his advice, her expression becoming more grave as he continued. Winterhold was looking more and more unappealing by the second. Frowning slightly, the mage nodded seriously. "Jo'Ahjisi procurred a map in Cyrodiil, but it is of Tamriel as a whole rather than Skyrim specifically. ...It has not been of m-much-" Her sentence was interrupted with a large yawn that the young woman simply could not hold back, though she tried to cover her mouth before finishing lamely, "-aid... This one is afraid that she is not used to traveling so. Jo'Ahjisi does not want to be rude and fall asleep talking." Smiling warmly, the sleepy scholar stated, "Thank you again for your hospitality. Goodnight Ja'Rasha." With that, she began settling down for the night, curling into a tight ball under the layered furs of her bed roll and tent.
3 Jan 17, 10:06 PM
Jo'Ahjisi: ((gotta head ta bed. Gotta go to work early in the mornin'. Been awesome RPing with ya~ Hope we get a chance to tomorrow too!))
3 Jan 17, 10:06 PM
Ja'Rasha: Likewise!
4 Jan 17, 09:54 PM
Ja'Rasha: (BOOP
4 Jan 17, 09:58 PM
Curosa: (boop)
4 Jan 17, 09:58 PM
Ja'Rasha: (Would you like to start or me?
4 Jan 17, 09:59 PM
Curosa: ((I'll allow you to start))
4 Jan 17, 10:08 PM
Ja'Rasha: The inn Ja'Rasha found himself in at the moment was a simple one with the bare essentials... But when it came to inns, a warm fire, warm food, strong drink, and comfortable beds was pretty much what anyone could want. Also, by being on the road, they couldn't really lock Ja'Rasha out now could they? Even if a few more drakes had to convince the propieter of the establishment to let him stay, the male khajiit was relieved to be inside, out of the night cold and chill in the air. His maw would open, baring sharpened teeth as a portion of seared slaughterfish graces his palatte before it was swallowed down... His fur tipped ears twitching at the sound of the door opening. This was far from a booming establishment... So new company was noted.
4 Jan 17, 10:26 PM
Ja'Rasha: .
4 Jan 17, 10:26 PM
Curosa: Curosa pushed her way through the front door of the familiar roadside inn, as heavy snow blew against her back. She quietly shook the snow off her cloak before looking around the seemly empty atmosphere. The tavern seemed empty aside from the innkeeper, a lowly bard, and one other patron that caught her eyes, a khajiit. Purchasing a tankard of warm mead she approached the cat, partly out of curiousity, partly because any company was better than no company. "Mind if I sit with you Kajiit?"
4 Jan 17, 10:26 PM
Curosa: ((Sorry, I was finishing my plotter))
4 Jan 17, 10:35 PM
Ja'Rasha: *The thin, lithe khajiit would trace the figure that stepped through the door with his bright, green eyes... His maw would purse in a thoughtful line, his banded ears perked in interest. As he watched the cloak get pulled aside, Ja'Rasha would realize it was a female imperial... A warrior by the look of her, and the weapons she carried. A mercenary perhaps? Either way, the male khajiit would put on his typical charm and friendly, toothy grin as she approaches his table, a low, almost musical hum drumming in his throat before he speaks, raspy voice thick with Ta'agra accent* Why, Ja'Rasha -does- mind. *A pause, and a roguish wink slipped her way as he gestures to the chair next to him with a clawed hand* Minds that such interesting company may not share her story with him otherwise! Please take a seat. With who does the khajiit have the pleasure of speaking with?
4 Jan 17, 10:51 PM
Curosa: Wihtout hesitation she plopped herself in the seat next to the spotted khajiit. She slowly looked the cat over, he seemed well groomed, strangely different compared to the khajiit that worked the caravans. Finally she spoke. "My name is Curosa, I work a lot around these parts. I don't believe I've seen you before." She wrapped her cold hands around her warm mug as she sipped her mead. "Are you new to the area?"
4 Jan 17, 11:09 PM
Ja'Rasha: (NOOOO. Lost the post
4 Jan 17, 11:10 PM
Curosa: ((Lol, that's alright))
4 Jan 17, 11:16 PM
Ja'Rasha: (Bah. I have to go to bed for work in the morning. Continue tomorrow?
4 Jan 17, 11:17 PM
Curosa: ((Sure thing!))
12 Jan 17, 11:19 PM
Shurseth Adlon: Test
12 Jan 17, 11:19 PM
Shurseth Adlon: Test
13 Jan 17, 09:48 PM
Shurseth Adlon: It was a cool morning in the mid southwest of Skyrim. The air was crisp, the sun was just beginning to rise, and the breeze was perfect. Excellent hunting weather. Nearby in Riverwood, Red Mountain Labor was staying to help work on the mill and forge, and early in the mornings, its boss, the Dunmer Shurseth Adlon, would go out after a breakfast of his own to hunt down the food to sustain his crew for the day, and to dwell on what needed to be done.
13 Jan 17, 09:49 PM
Shurseth Adlon: Thus, the man was sat up in a tree, finely maintained longbow in hand, dressed in his worn linens, awaiting a good catch.
13 Jan 17, 09:56 PM
Jo'Ahjisi: Amidst the trees and brush of the woods of Skyrim was a pitched and closed tent. Tired from her long trek the previous day, the Khajiit inside was still asleep, the sun not having reached her tent just yet. She dozed peacefully, completely unaware of the elk grazing nearby as it was of her.
13 Jan 17, 10:01 PM
Shurseth Adlon: Her sleep would be quite rudely diturbed by the elk's pained scream as an arrow pierced through its neck. A second arrow hit the head, and it was dead. The Dunmer who killed it approached to claim the kill.
13 Jan 17, 10:07 PM
Jo'Ahjisi: The terrifying dying screech of the elk wrenched Jo'Ahjisi from her dream, immediately attempting to sit and then stand. The only problem with that was that she was still wrapped up in her bedroll...and also in a small tent. So of course everything came crashing down as her head bumped the top pole, knocking it down and causing feet to trip caught up in the bedroll, a slew of Ta'agra expletives emanating from the bundle of wriggling cloth and poles. Eventually though, emerge the Khajiit did, ears and lips pulled back in a snarl that was more fear than rage, thinking that she was being attacked as was apparent by the raised hands full of electricity as her slitted green eyes snapped about in search of the disturbance.
13 Jan 17, 10:11 PM
Shurseth Adlon: Shurseth burst into laughter as he watched the woman panic in her tent. When she finally freed herself from her mess, he was standing next to his prey and hos hands were empty and raised. He spoke with a huge grin. [Color=red]"Don't worry, stranger, you're okay!"[/color)
13 Jan 17, 10:17 PM
Jo'Ahjisi: Flattened ears perked upon hearing a noise that wasn't completley terrifying but it was nearly worse...it was humiliating. This time her ears flattened to the sides instead of completely back and her tail hung in between her legs. Whirling towards the source of the laughter, her eyes widened and her heart pounded for a moment as she stared for a fraction of a second too long before trying to calm herself. Taking in his empty raised hands, the mage then also saw the dead elk with arrows protruding from it's thick brown hide and put two and two together. "Oh..." The scholar said rather eloquently upon realizing what happened. Running a clawed hand through her bedraggled bed head curls, the young woman still wasn't completely reassured, though she felt more awkward than afraid now. "Apologies. This one did not realize that it had gotten so late into the day."
13 Jan 17, 10:28 PM
Shurseth Adlon: "Oh don't worry, it's actually quite early. Best time to hunt. Sorry to startle you awake, but this was too good a kill to pass. I can make ot up to you, if you wish to claim a piece of it." He heaves the elk corpse onto his shoulder with the relative ease of a man who can carry an uncut log on his shoulders.
13 Jan 17, 10:36 PM
Jo'Ahjisi: Glancing up at the treeline, Jo'Ahjisi saw that the dunmer was right, it wasn't as late as she had thought. Scratching her scalp absently as he offered her a piece of the catch, she looked at it with consideration. It was true she hadn't had much to eat before laying down to rest, too tired to make a fire and cook and lived with some bread, cheese and water. But... Shaking her head, Jo'Ahjisi replied with slightly rough throat, "This one is sure that your catch is more needed than to give away to random strangers. Khajiit has done nothing to earn a share, but thanks you for your kindness." She still avoided quite meeting the Dark Elf's red eyes while somehow attempting to remain polite among the chaos of her fallen tent. Using this as an excuse to busy herself, the mage then began to attempt and organize her things, pulling out her things like boots, bedroll and pack before laying them aside and attempting to pull on her boots while blanancing on one foot.
13 Jan 17, 10:39 PM
Shurseth Adlon: "Nonsense! There are more, and if not, there are fish. If not, we have potatoes. I'll help you gather your things and cook you breakfast, it's no trouble, really." He slumps his catch back down closer to the camp site she had, and begins helping by gathering up her tentpoles and canvas.
13 Jan 17, 10:45 PM
Jo'Ahjisi: Ears wilting slightly more at the man's utterly friendly nature, she couldn't help but think that it would be so much easier if he wasn't being so kind. She couldn't very well refuse without being terribly rude, now could she? But while she silently accepted his help, the Khajiit couldn't help but flinch back when their hands briefly touched trying to reach for the same curve of canvas. The mage was silent for a moment before weakly trying to excuse, "Apologies... This one is still waking up. And it was a rather *ahem* rude awakening. Khajiit had no idea there were creatures in Skyrim that could make such a horrifying noise." She finished rolling up her tent and packing it away while still avoiding eye contact.
13 Jan 17, 10:55 PM
Shurseth Adlon: "There you go. I'll get a fire going. I'll be right back." He walks off for a moment and returns with a knapsack he sets on the ground. He pulls a flint and steel piece from it, and uses some branches and dried leaves to light a new campfire.
13 Jan 17, 11:05 PM
Shurseth Adlon: Once the fire is lit, he takes out a pot, pan, and a well wrapped venison chop from his bag. "It's yesterday's, but I cured this and keep it cold by wrapping the already wrapped meat in a rag thinly dusted with frost salts. Those frost wyrms are best killed with your bare hands, I find."
13 Jan 17, 11:06 PM
Jo'Ahjisi: (Wow, sorry, got side tracked by regular chat xD;)
13 Jan 17, 11:12 PM
Jo'Ahjisi: When the Dunmer initially left, Jo'Ahjisi considered strongly just walking off, but couldn't bring herself to be that rude still. Instead she ended up gathering a few stones from nearby and making a circle with them. Crouching by her pack, the mage nervously played with her Amulet of Mara until the hunter returned. Just as he said, he hadn't been long and got the fire going quickly before she could offer to light it herself. Taking an interest despite her avoidance, the Khajiit perked up. "Frost wyrm?" Then remembering her manners offered, "Do you need assistance in cooking?"
13 Jan 17, 11:17 PM
Shurseth Adlon: The Dunmer sets up a pan with various spices and throws in a chopped ash yam from another wrapping. He lets the spices and potatoes warm up before throwing on the venison.
13 Jan 17, 11:17 PM
Shurseth Adlon: While that cooks, he finally takes a moment to actually examine the person he disturbed.
13 Jan 17, 11:24 PM
Jo'Ahjisi: Her awkwardness and nervousness set aside in the interest of cooking. The twenty six year old Khajiit sat knelt with her legs tucked under her. She was still wearing her brown leather and purple cloth hedge mage armor that she had promptly passed out in the previous night, minus her hood of course. While mildly uncomfortable to sleep in, she was glad for it resulted in less embarrassment than if she had been wearing her night clothes when disturbed. While the dunmer had left briefly, she had tried to use her claws to comb out her dirty blonde curls, always ever caring bout her appearance. She wasn't sure if the dunmer could tell attractiveness in a Khajiit, but looking good made HER feel better at least. Then golden furred and cheetah spotted mage then recognized one of the ingredients he had thrown in. An ash yam, how horribly nostalgic. Her lip slightly curled at her memories rather than thinking of the taste itself, which admittedly wasn't bad, staring at the cooking meal.
13 Jan 17, 11:29 PM
Shurseth Adlon: The Dunmer glanced at her amulet of Mara with a short smirk after finally noting her awkwardness. "Are you alright? I hope I didn't embarass you too much."
13 Jan 17, 11:33 PM
Jo'Ahjisi: Snapping back to the present, the young Khajiit's ears flicked downwards momentarily before she opened her mouth to say something...but nothing came out. Awkwardly brushing some hair behind her shoulder, Jo'Ahjisi finally replied weakly, "This one is fine. Um, but Khajiit has erred. You are providing such hospitality and Khajiit has not even introduced herself. This one is called Jo'Ahjisi."
13 Jan 17, 11:41 PM
Shurseth Adlon: The Dunmer's eyes widened a little as he realizes he'd made the same mistake. [Color=red]"Oh! Well, Ms. Jo'Ahjisi, I'm Shurseth Adlon. I run Red Mountain Labor. It's certainly a pleasure to meet another fine Khajiit like yourself. I've never met a bad one aside from the occasional bandit."
13 Jan 17, 11:49 PM
Shurseth Adlon: "As for the hospitality, don't worry about it. I treat everybody this way. It's a good lifestyle."
13 Jan 17, 11:52 PM
Jo'Ahjisi: Jo'Ahjisi nodded in acceptance at the very Dunmeri name the hunter supplied but her head quirked in curiosity at the othe rname he supplied. "Red Mountain Labor... Khajiit does not think she had heard of this before. What is it that you do? ...Besides hunt game that is, of course." The mage joked with a slight smile, trying to make things less tense...on her side at least. Though his phrasing of 'another' fine Khajiit caused her to perk up. Did that mean that he had met many others of her kind? Feeling inwardly quite bad for her racism even though she didn't outwardly express it, Jo'Ahjisi nodded enthusiastically, "You seem to be a good man, much better than most." She stopped herself from adding, 'of your kind' at the end of her sentence, just barely.
14 Jan 17, 12:00 AM
Shurseth Adlon: He tends to the venison chop and ash yams, throwing in some oil and more spice before flipping it. "We travel Skyrim, doing odd jobs that usually are done by having the average citizens stop what they're usually doing. We maintain or work in mines, repair forges and mills, we build, repair, or renovate homes... I also do a lot of smithing when we have no deadline job contracts, so I have a lot of fine wares to sell in my custom built wagons. One functions as a shop, another has a smelter built into it. I also do jewelry. It's very general."
15 Jan 17, 02:04 AM
Shurseth Adlon: (( Oho! The main cbox expired! ))
29 Jan 17, 07:44 PM
CoT Staff: We ask our members to please remember to not make multiple "out of character" accounts to post with; doing so is grounds for a strike.
Note that what happens in this c-box is unofficial. You must write in-character on here, but it won't be brought into the RP. This is merely for having fun. Also note that you don't need to have an approved profile to use the IC c-box! This is a great way to develop your character or experiment with things, if you want to.