21 Dec 12, 08:52 AM
TVB FANS: Mind to exchange afflis :) Nice site btw! :D
4 Dec 12, 03:54 AM
miriamfanz: Pls vote in Casual TVB Awards 2012. http://casualtvb.blogspot.ca/p/casual-tvb-awards-2012.html
29 Sep 12, 04:23 PM
Tvbdramaonline: Hello, I would like to exchange links. Please let me know when you have linked me. Thanks!
4 Sep 12, 12:46 AM
Carmen: Would you mind telling me where you bought the Triangel in Italy? (the Triangel of your profile picture...)
23 Aug 12, 10:05 PM
Lingxuan: hi, would like to change the affiliates link for tavia fansite to: http://yeungyi-online.net. Thks
23 Aug 12, 04:58 AM
Lingxuan: hi, would like to apply 4 affiliates for Kevin Cheng & Tavia Yeung Fansite. URL: http://kevin-c.net & http://taviayeungyi.org/site. Have link u on both website.
18 Aug 12, 10:04 AM
tantsy: hey juliet! i've just added u as affies! sorry for the lateness. I was rather busy earlier on. Anw, great site u've got. Nice layout and lots of info! :D
7 Aug 12, 03:42 PM
Juliet: @Lululu im not sure. They don't give out an exact schedule.
7 Aug 12, 03:41 PM
Juliet: @memxbff, I got my on eBay. They don't have an exact purchase place except in a gift shop in Italy
5 Aug 12, 09:22 PM
Lulululu: When will the filming in London starts?
3 Aug 12, 11:49 PM
memxbff: hi there! i just saw your profile pic...it's the exact triangel in the drama!! can you tell me where you go it?? im looking really desperately for the exact one!! plz!! thx you!
28 Jul 12, 08:49 PM
TVB: A Way of Thinking: Added you! Add us? =)
27 Jul 12, 12:39 AM
lynne: I see x) Yah...Linda's smile is very sweet :glad: As for now, her relationship with Phillip is just a rumour....neither parties have confirm anything. :)
25 Jul 12, 08:30 PM
lynne: haha really? Hmm..I always think Linda looks mature for her age :) Sweet...but not too cutesy. I like that :)
25 Jul 12, 05:17 AM
anneheung11: hi! i just linked you :)
25 Jul 12, 02:42 AM
summer: any way, yr blog is wonderful !! love it :)
25 Jul 12, 02:37 AM
starlight: haha..o..thx :P haha..ya..ive noticed the younger cast..but i dont kno many of the artistes.. :P i mite have seen them in other dramas...but dont really kno their names
25 Jul 12, 02:23 AM
starlight: o..haha..okay then..lol...btw, who's kelly fu?
25 Jul 12, 02:21 AM
starlight: @Juliet: haha..o ya! since Rebecca and Fala look alike..haha...now that i think about it, im surprised tvb didn't do anything about it..
25 Jul 12, 02:10 AM
starlight: lol..one more thing: haha..i like ur info on the Triangel doll..haha..didn't know anything about it til now..haha
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