25 Dec 13, 03:22 AM
Eve: -She made a slight face- I.. don't think i'd fit in
25 Dec 13, 03:11 AM
Menace: *looks over at her and smiles a bit, shaking his head* You know you're gonna start school on a regular basis now since we're not moving around anymore
25 Dec 13, 03:05 AM
Eve: Okay daddy -She walked over to the boxes and leans over butt up as she gets the plates out-
25 Dec 13, 02:56 AM
Menace: Good...I think theres plates in one of the boxes...get them out and set the table a bit.
25 Dec 13, 02:53 AM
Eve: -She giggled some- Fine
25 Dec 13, 02:44 AM
Menace: you will see...when its done.
25 Dec 13, 02:40 AM
Eve: -She giggled- Aww But I wanted to see
25 Dec 13, 02:38 AM
Menace: Hey hey... *put the lid on the pot quickly* No peeking *laughs*
25 Dec 13, 02:32 AM
Eve: She giggled and tried to peek-
25 Dec 13, 02:23 AM
Menace: That is a surprise. *chuckles*
25 Dec 13, 02:14 AM
Eve: Oh yeah a home cooked meal sounds awesome.. What are you making?
25 Dec 13, 02:10 AM
Menace: *looks up and grins* Thanks, figured you might be tired of all the take out.
25 Dec 13, 02:05 AM
Eve: They were getting settled into their new place.. After spending most of her life on the road. She was happy to have their own place, she came down after unpacking- Smells good
25 Dec 13, 02:02 AM
Menace: *was in the kitchen, making dinner for them, he didnt cook often but today was just one of those days where he didnt feel like having take out again*
25 Dec 13, 01:57 AM
Eve: .
25 Dec 13, 01:55 AM
Menace: (Test)
25 Dec 13, 01:55 AM
Eve: .
25 Dec 13, 01:54 AM
Eve: .
1 Dec 13, 09:15 PM
Lucian: -groans out in pleasure-
1 Dec 13, 07:14 PM
Aurora: -She groaned heavily as she came her body gripping around him.. -
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