25 Dec 14, 07:14 AM
Gtrailer: blogwalking session, da lama x wat
24 Dec 14, 10:25 PM
Gameidiot: portal game easy baru
27 Nov 14, 02:13 PM
nicky: iPad Air 2 launched
20 Mar 14, 11:51 AM
syam: sy dtg nk blogwalk...jom2 sharing
30 Mar 13, 12:54 PM
MakeMoneyWithSurvey: Never failed to give fresh & superb info for all your readers! Already bookmark & came back soon for further update!
25 Mar 13, 03:11 PM
Tiffany: Thanks for stopping by I sure will!
17 Mar 13, 01:41 PM
derp: visit my blog please.. :)
11 Mar 13, 07:23 PM
Tiffany: Change of heart. I will NOT be deactivating this blog I will keep it up and running. excited to get it back up and running!!!
11 Mar 13, 05:58 PM
Tiffany: Deactivating this blog and creating anohter one I hope you dolls will join me there mauh!!!
11 Jan 13, 06:52 AM
linda pc: samsung galaxy dual sim cards :D
3 Jan 13, 10:54 PM
Cik Cookiess <3: Awk tau masak cookies? Jom belajar masak cookies dekat blog sy. hehe... Sy BW disini. Like3
23 Nov 12, 12:40 AM
computer tips: jogging here :D welcome to my new blog :)
6 Oct 12, 07:47 AM
adam: blogwalking :) hope my blog useful for you :D
21 Jul 12, 08:13 AM
Amanda: Glad to see your blog is back up and running love the new layout!
15 Jul 12, 12:52 PM
Tiffany*: If you're going to leave a msg please do so in ENGLISH thanks!
15 Jul 12, 12:51 PM
Tiffany*: Hey guys I lost all of my old msgs which was probably for the best.Anywho leave a msg or comment bye :)