11 Dec 15, 08:45 AM
Cyco Eva: cute website, i found it when looking up dolly wink reviews
6 Aug 15, 01:09 PM
j: hi any comments about wonder pore line of etude?
8 Jun 14, 12:18 AM
Daniel: Nice site! Sila la ke blog saya sebentar . .
9 Feb 14, 12:59 AM
Evy: please girls check out my new beauty blog! http://lipstickbouquet.blogspot.com/
2 Feb 14, 01:43 AM
Hai Blogger: Hello, I come her to support and smile for you :) please support and smile back to me :) thanks..
27 Dec 13, 05:52 PM
Ruby: Hey, just discovered your blog and I just wanted to say you have a really pretty and unique look! Looking forward to seeing more ^^
11 Oct 13, 07:11 AM
Hana Chaca: Hi, There very good look and love you blog :) visit me too..
28 Aug 13, 01:57 AM
Aida: jome naikkan visitor blog anda dengan ohbelog
7 Jul 13, 10:07 PM
June: Lovely blog, Jacky! I honestly really love the art you have on your banner. It's really unique! C: Junniku.blogspot.com
29 Jun 13, 11:26 AM
Kathy: Hey! I think Neo Clover Green might work. My left eye has slight astigmatism and they feel perfectly comfortable! Been wearing them for a few months. Perhaps eye drops can help out in the beginning :)
26 Jun 13, 09:30 PM
Jackyohhhhh: before i need to take them out. The lenses I ordered from honey color just weren't a good match on my eyes for whatever reason. the water content was pretty low so that could have somethingtodowithit.
26 Jun 13, 09:29 PM
Jackyohhhhh: compared to another) it just isn't as comfortable as disposables. Some brands of circle lenses have felt more comfortable compared to others but they all generally only last 5ish hours on my eyes
26 Jun 13, 09:27 PM
Jackyohhhhh: than doctor prescribed lenses. i have tried a ton of contact lens brands and even when circle lenses say they have a higher water content(this is usually what makes one contact lens comfortable
26 Jun 13, 09:25 PM
Jackyohhhhh: Hey Kim, I just saw this. I do have a slight astigmatism in one eye but it isn't so bad that I have to wear toric lenses. The thing with circle lenses is that they are going to be less comfortable
19 Jun 13, 12:53 AM
Maria Lee: Nice adverts you have.. :) come hit back..
16 Jun 13, 05:43 AM
Kim: Yea.. I don't want to waste money on something that will irritate my eye
16 Jun 13, 05:42 AM
Kim: But you said I gives you a headache. Do you by any chance have astingmatism? Because I have astingmatism too and I tried a pair of colored contacts once and itnfeltnas if needles were in my eyes...so
16 Jun 13, 05:40 AM
Kim: I accidentally press enter...so I'll just retype what I was going to ask. many people on honeycolor and youtubers who reviewed these lenses said they were comfortable.
16 Jun 13, 05:37 AM
Kim: Oops..I accident
16 Jun 13, 05:37 AM
Kim: Hey, many people on honeycolor and youtubers who reviewed these lenses said they were comfortable. However, you said it gives you a headache. Is there any chance you have Asti
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