6 Dec 09, 05:15 PM
catherine yap yi mei: so less write log~ =.="
22 Oct 09, 02:21 AM
suprise~!: go my page have a look please~!
15 Oct 09, 01:59 AM
catherine yap: i know, so i also didnt say many about that, i know you got little angry and sad...
14 Oct 09, 07:58 PM
wu ying: hope you understand what i say ~ OH~ Now I know what your means about the 'P' ready~ haha~ XD
14 Oct 09, 07:56 PM
wu ying: Sorry~ for about today~ just a scissor i become another people~ in those moment I only want to get cold down only~ you know lah~ last time in form 5, people is taking my chair I also... ready~
11 Oct 09, 02:16 AM
wu ying~: wow~ the sentence is very deep, don't understand~ O.O"
4 Oct 09, 06:43 PM
catherineyap: hehe... =)
4 Oct 09, 12:41 PM
wu ying~: me too~ ^-^ very happy~