Guest: Or Matt Mcginnis.
Guest: An OC.
Selina: Sadly this board has been inactive for a bit. Who were you considering joining as?
Guest: Considering joining.
Digger: lol
Avalikia: Happy (even later) new year!
Digger: Happy late new year
Ozzy: Happy new year!
Digger: >.>
Avalikia: Boo!
Digger: lol
Neighdan: ...geez I'm gonna have to find out how to reactivate a timed out account
Neighdan: hot damn i completely forgot about this
Digger: *Sits back in a chair with a beer and waits for someone to pass by*
Digger: Keep in mind my word is not final, but figured I'd give my thoughts
Digger: I figure it wouldn't be a problem as long as you keep the powers reasonable
Onyx: Hello there :) Are OC mutants, aliens and cyborgs allowed? :)
Ozzy: *pokes eyes*
Digger: *silently stirs*
Avalikia: Can be, yes.
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