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1 Mar 21, 05:33 AM
Marut: *Just to end it here, she stripped out of her wet clothes and got under the blankets with him, snuggling up to him to share body warmth to help get his body temp up*
1 Mar 21, 05:32 AM
Aziz: "Th-this should be fine."
1 Mar 21, 05:29 AM
Marut: Would you like me to get more? *She took off the trench coat and tossed it into a corner. Still in wet clothes but it did not bother her*
1 Mar 21, 05:28 AM
Aziz: "Th-thank you." He burrowed under the blankets for warmth, shivering away as he worked on drying his fur.
1 Mar 21, 05:24 AM
Marut: *She turned her head away from the spray. No doubt her own wet clothes were dripping over the cave floor.* I wont I promise. *She teleported to the house and took a blanket off an npc's bed and returned also wrapping that around the soggy moggy*
1 Mar 21, 05:22 AM
Aziz: He shook his fur out when they landed, sending a spray of water around the cave. As he crouched, bundled in the blanket, his teeth chattered as he tried to regain his composure. "D-do not d-do that again, p-please."
1 Mar 21, 05:18 AM
Marut: *She swam after him. Grabbing him, she flew them back to the cave and landed him in front of the fire.* So sorry Aziz! I did not think the water would be cold for you. *She even grabbed the blanket off the bed and wrapped it around him*
1 Mar 21, 05:16 AM
Aziz: In his absolute shock at finding himself suddenly submerged in glacier winter water, the sphinx shifted back to his true form. Coughing and spitting out water as he surface, his eyes were wide in horror that Marut had actually done it. He frantically treaded water as he struck out for the shore, too frozen and in shock to say anything to the angel at the moment.
1 Mar 21, 05:11 AM
Marut: While he was distracted she grabbed him suddenly and flew them both to the lake. She resurfacesd, spitting out water and laughing for the first time in a while*
1 Mar 21, 05:08 AM
Aziz: He gave a small nod, ever so slightly smiling in response. He was glad to see he had distracted her from her grief. If only for a short time.
1 Mar 21, 05:06 AM
Marut: Please we both know my feathers are on a different plane, not this one. *She dropped her hands to her side* Thank you for this Aziz. It took my mind off other things
1 Mar 21, 05:02 AM
Aziz: He raised an eyebrow at her. "What, don't like getting your feathers wet?"
1 Mar 21, 04:55 AM
Marut: *She crossed her arms across her chest and made a face at him*
1 Mar 21, 04:54 AM
Aziz: "Drop me in the lake, and I'm tkaing you in with me."
1 Mar 21, 04:53 AM
Marut: *She wouldn't admit it but she missed this. She teleported again before him* Not so fast cat
1 Mar 21, 04:49 AM
Aziz: he moved forward to slip away from her grab, growling.
1 Mar 21, 04:47 AM
Marut: *She disappeared and reappeared behind him, going to grab him*
1 Mar 21, 04:46 AM
Aziz: He backed away, eyes narrowed as he hissed.
1 Mar 21, 04:43 AM
Marut: *She gave a sly smirk and started walking over with grabby hands*
1 Mar 21, 04:41 AM
Aziz: His face dropped to a withering look at the threat. "Don't you dare."
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