29 Aug 16, 11:34 PM
Lee Silber: :P :P Darling call me 305-763-0651 you will see I will give you: millions,billions oil, city properties
29 Aug 16, 11:32 PM
Lee Silber: Darling call me 305-763-0651,leesilber6@gmail.com like Jesus our saviour who died for us to always give us heaven, so you can trust me to give you: millions,billions( minerals, city properties WY,TX
7 Apr 16, 10:02 AM
16 Feb 16, 02:52 PM
Nikki: Dont get me wrong guys Taeler is freaking gorgeous and even I finger myself to her. But is her site thd best place to say it
3 Feb 16, 06:54 PM
Chad: Jeez all of these commets are either dirty or some guy trying to get her to marry him
26 Jan 16, 05:28 PM
robbie cooper: a job in wrestling porn (will not be released to pubic)
4 Oct 15, 06:06 PM
leesilber7@gmail.com: Lee leesilber7@gmail.com darling let me prove I can give you millions,billions TX WY oil city properties darling yours!!! Call your friend Lee 305-283-5800..
19 Sep 15, 03:13 AM
leesilber7@gmail.com: Taeler please quit wrestling you should get love in marriage like a strong christian man like myself I will give you millions,billions of $ oil, city properties in TX,Wyoming call Lee 305-283-5800 Jes
5 Sep 15, 02:01 AM
leesilber7@gmail.com: Taeler I can give you the name of my realtor who guarantees me 1m a month on my TX oil,city lands for ypu darling we are friends let me give you the money! Lee 305-283-5800 leesilber7@gmail.com
29 Aug 15, 04:51 PM
leesilber7@gmail.com: Darling, let me prove to you that Mr. Warren Buffett is giving me 100m in a few days I will give you the money all I ask is you agree to be friends with me. I also am expecting 50m in a Swiss bank ac
8 Aug 15, 08:13 AM
red: I hope your tits pop out during a match.
21 Jul 15, 01:01 PM
shawnrowdywrestling@hotma: wanted to book you for a wrestling show in Tucson Az
16 Jul 15, 10:11 PM
leesilber7@gmail.com: Darling whatever Taeler wants Taeler will get from Lee!!!Call 305-283-5800 Jesus bkess and love you supremly!!!!
6 Jul 15, 06:47 PM
Lee Silber: Please darling call me up Lee 305-283-5800, I will give you all the money you want from the TX oil,city development I own and control for you. Please let's get together in Miami real soon!
6 Jul 15, 09:58 AM
leesilber7@gmail.com: hi,Taeler your 7th heavenly desires on earth will always be fulfulled by myself Lee leesilber7@gmail.com 3052835800 Jesus and I love you I pray always to Jesus for you darling that you have whatever y
21 Jun 15, 04:31 PM
leesilber7@gmail.com: Darling,TX oil, city land I own & control worth billions will be yours I have withvthe UBS bank in Swisterland they wantvto set up an account 50m in my name I will put the 50m in your name 3052835800L
12 Jun 15, 03:03 AM
leesilber7@gmail.com: Taeler darling your 7th heavenly desires will be meet by Lee leesilber@gmail.com 305-283-5800!!!
30 May 15, 03:25 AM
leesilber7@gmail.com: Doll give me Lee 305-283-5800 millions,billions, trillions , yours my TX oil city empire is uours darling let mevprove it to you!
30 May 15, 03:22 AM
leesilber7@gmail.com: :P Taeler all your wildest fantasies will come true with me Lee your best friend the man that will give you whatever you want in life beyond any woman who will ever live!!! Darling let me prove iyouit
23 May 15, 03:55 AM
leesilber7@gmail.com: Taeler darlung don't let anyone kid you I own control TX. oil, city development properties for you! I lease you get 1m a month I develop, lease, sell the oil, minerals you get billions! I develop,
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