19 Aug 16, 09:12 PM
Emimar: Right, ducks... If you want a banner on the top list, it works with a 100x50 button.
6 Aug 16, 03:47 PM
Emimar: use graphic banners, etc, but I can't guarantee that it will be displayed.
6 Aug 16, 03:46 PM
Emimar: support, but got no answer. (Guess they aren't supporting the lists anymore.) So, you may -
6 Aug 16, 03:45 PM
Emimar: I cannot figure out how to fix the topsites list in regards to displaying images and I've contacted
6 Aug 16, 03:39 PM
Emimar: coding. I'm also going to give it a new domain name when I get the chance.
6 Aug 16, 03:39 PM
Emimar: Well, it looks like the plugboard is back and I've had an idea for making this less reliant on me -
5 Jul 16, 01:28 PM
Emimar: down, the plugboard will go. So annoying! This is why I hate using external sites for stuff.
5 Jul 16, 01:27 PM
Emimar: The plug board is down. When the site has finished moving hosts, I'll review it and if it's still
12 Apr 16, 11:07 PM
Emimar: The toplist is gone, but I have signed up for one at Topsite List Planet.
11 Apr 16, 11:13 PM
Emimar: I might be getting rid of the toplist, as it doesn't seem to be updating.
22 Feb 16, 04:52 PM
Emimar: And the plugboard's been reset.
22 Feb 16, 04:42 PM
Emimar: There is an awful lot to do.... Perhaps Howling Icons?
22 Feb 16, 04:42 PM
Emimar: This is coming along quite nicely. Not sure which site I'll be working on next, though.
22 Feb 16, 11:09 AM
Emimar: I think that's only fair, since the links are broken and what not.
22 Feb 16, 11:09 AM
Emimar: I will also be re-adding the FLs to the plug board once I get them sorted, just to have something.
22 Feb 16, 10:53 AM
Emimar: Finally getting this up and running again! It has been a while. Too long, perhaps.
12 Jun 12, 08:31 PM
Emimar: TESTING! YAY...