31 Dec 13, 01:02 PM
FilmSnork: 12 Days of Christmas was too much to get out on schedule - reviews are coming still, just in time for Groundhog Day.
29 Apr 13, 08:50 AM
FilmSnork: Iron Man 3 on Friday - review to follow.
23 Mar 13, 09:41 AM
FilmSnork: FilmSnork is not dead or doth he sleep. He will rise again in 7 days after a institution ordered "vacation."
1 Mar 13, 01:24 PM
FilmSnork: I am taking a little time off to read, watch television shows and relax. Reviews and such will still appear, just not at the same rate for a week or two.
23 Feb 13, 11:56 AM
FilmSnork: You saw it here first, even music artist KattyPerry loves FilmSnork. She said so through a wonderful testimonial and offer to make money from surveys at home. AWESOME!
31 Jan 13, 12:04 PM
FilmSnork: Just reached 100 reviews. Check them out in the Reveiw Archive (to the left above the top story.)
22 Jan 13, 03:46 PM
FilmSnork: Looper review is finally up. Coming next the Silver Linings Playbook review.
17 Jan 13, 04:22 PM
FilmSnork: After a week full of reviews things are going a little slower this week with a nice big goose egg for postings. Don't worry this weekend will change all that.
14 Jan 13, 08:19 AM
FilmSnork: Thanks to all that joined in the live Golden Globes tweetfest. Hope to see even more of you for The Oscars.
13 Jan 13, 09:58 AM
FilmSnork: Follow @filmsnark on twitter for LIVE Golden Globes coverage. @filmSNARK
10 Jan 13, 08:24 AM
FilmSnork: Hoping to see some unique choices, don't expect to.
10 Jan 13, 08:23 AM
FilmSnork: Oscar Nominations are coming up in just minutes.
9 Jan 13, 09:24 PM
FilmSnork: Safety Not Guaranteed and Zero Dark Thirty reviews by Friday.
8 Jan 13, 10:08 AM
FilmSnork: Django Unchained, Life of Pi, Looper, Pontypool, Amazing Spiderman reviews are up or on the way.
5 Nov 12, 07:52 AM
FilmSnork: The complete Star Wars/Disney story is up and ready for your viewing. I hope you enjoyed it and feel free to share my graphic.
1 Nov 12, 09:31 PM
FilmSnork: After several days focused on HUrricane Sandy and the aftermath, life is closer to normal. I finished the 31 Days of Horror, but am about 12 reviews behind. They are coming, but 1st Lucas/Disney.
25 Oct 12, 08:28 AM
FilmSnork: 24 films down, 7 to go. Tonight it is Drag Me to Hell.
1 Oct 12, 02:36 PM
FilmSnork: It is official The Oscars are being produced by Max Bialystock and Leo Bloom.
29 Sep 12, 10:24 AM
FilmSnork: 31 Days of Horror starts on Monday with Let Me In. Go to the video store and pick it up or stream it on Amazon.
24 Sep 12, 11:18 PM
FilmSnork: The 31 Days of Horror schedule is complete and will be posted very soon - just need to finish the write up. It is quite a great group of films.
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