5 Mar 14, 03:52 PM
HeatherLynn: Hello to any Newcomers! So pleased and honored to have you! Please stop back by anytime!
17 Sep 12, 01:48 PM
HeatherLynn: omg! someone wrote something here that wasn't a spammer from India! I'm so excited! woohooo! Thanks June!
17 Sep 12, 01:21 PM
june: :biggrin:
29 Jun 12, 09:15 AM
HeatherLynn: am really contemplating writing a "Magic Mike" inspired story...but wow, I may have overshared ENOUGH this week....
23 Jun 12, 07:18 PM
HeatherLynn: New Post to come soon, be sure to bookmark www.heatherlynnosting.blogspot.com for further posts, I have so much to tell all of you!
22 Jun 12, 03:34 PM
HeatherLynn: TWO HUNDRED people came to read about a very special little guy today. Makes me proud to know people who know people like each and every one of you.
22 Jun 12, 02:17 PM
HeatherLynn: 120 people came by so far today to read today's post, ya'll have big hearts, and I thank you for coming by, and for your continued prayer and compassion for those suffering loss.
18 Jun 12, 07:05 PM
HeatherLynn: ahhh, would you look at that, C-mason was here! :)
18 Jun 12, 04:39 PM
Cmasonmason: Blogalicious!
13 Jun 12, 10:51 AM
HeatherLynn: Yay! Hit the 100 Visitors Mark today! :) woohoo
11 Jun 12, 07:57 PM
HeatherLynn: ...so I know who you are. then hit publish, and viola, you should of successfully posted a blog comment! :)
11 Jun 12, 07:57 PM
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11 Jun 12, 07:54 PM
HeatherLynn: For Anyone wanting to leave a comment, here's what ya gotta do: click on the blue "comments' hyperlink at the bottom of each blog post.