Referral testimonial reviews from my prior clients; request moving service in form above.
7 Apr 20, 20:58
John and Pauline: We would like to thank Nate so much for his patience, excellent help and reliability. We were planning to move from Germany to the UK but due to the European lock down we had to change our plans at very short notice. Nate was on hand to support us and help us move to a local store in Nuremberg. We will definitely use Nate when we move to the UK after the lock down is lifted. I have already recommended Nate's service to friends. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
5 Apr 20, 18:27
katrin: Nathan was extremely helpful and made the moving much easier and less stressful. He was flexible on time and was replying almost instantly. Would definitely recommend !
30 Mar 20, 12:11
Salvador: I reached Nate to move the contents of my apartment from Germany to Belgium. And when the day came... governments had just decreed the COVID-19 quarantine. I thought he would postpone the job, and yet he delivered punctually, while being very respectful of the circumstances at the same time. He also sent updates via email during the journey, was always ready to communicate and be flexible, and he even picked up my boxes from a storage room and delivered to another storage room all by himself, without anyone else being present. His efficiency in loading the boxes into a well packed van saved me money: while I was trying to hire the larger truck, he was honest to recommend the smaller van and inform me of how it would be done. Always with a smile and a good spirit. I have needed removals or man with a van services before, and this one ranks the highest. Very recommended!
4 Mar 20, 21:56
Katharina Wilmes: Nate just did my third move. This time, I moved from London to Meppen. He is excellent. As always he was superpunctual. He estimated the amount of space I needed, I just gave him a list of things. He also gave me very helpful packing instructions, and helped me repack something once, which I did not pack well enough. He is very well-organised and his logistics are fantastic. He loads the truck by himself, and carries all the heavy things. He can even carry some crazily heavy things. He is easy to interact with, and very clear and straight-forward in the communication. He always keeps me updated about his current location. I can very warmly recommend Nate's man and van service, as it is professional, reliable, efficient and he is just great!
12 Nov 19, 11:49
Maria and Eric: We have used Nate’s services three times and have been very impressed with his flexibility, professionalism and the care he has taken to transport our things from Amsterdam to the French countryside near Toulouse. On top of that, he is a lovely guy!! Great price too. I would recommend him to anyone!!
4 Sep 19, 13:07
Kevin: Nate was great to work with! He is very honest and upfront on how he works and how much he charges. He is very easy to work with and will work around your schedule no matter what. Most importantly, he does a great job moving and removing your things with care and efficiency. I highly recommend using Nate for your next move.
30 Aug 19, 12:15
Raymond: Nathan is your man with a van. Efficient, conscientious, practical, punctual, eager to help – and an utterly pleasant human being. Did a fast and clever job moving stuff (including a precious painting) from the Ruhrgebiet to Berlin for me. I challenge you to find a better and fairer mover throughout Europe.
19 Aug 19, 13:27
Marc: Nate helped me move a refrigerator from one location in Munich to another on the west side of town. He got the job done quickly, at a reasonable price and was extremely communicative the whole way through. It was challenge to find someone to move one item a short distance and on a Sunday no less. Highly recommended!
15 Aug 19, 13:08
nicky and adam: Nathan just moved a truck load of furniture for us from Lincolnshire to Corsica. Everthing went really well - great communication, great packing. Nothing phased him - we had some tricky pieces to move.
15 Aug 19, 13:04
Nicky and adam: Nathan just moved a truck load of furniture for us from Lincolnshire to Corsica. Everything went really smoothly, great communication and fantastic van packing! Nathan is very professional and everything arrived safely. Nathan updated us on his progress to Bastia at every stage. Highly reccomended
2 Aug 19, 12:37
Nisha: Nate is amazing! Very efficient and well organised and accommodating. He helped me in my move from Brussels to Berlin. I had very little stuff (<2.6 m3) and couldn't find any other reasonable moving option. He loaded everything from Brussels even when I couldn't be there and provided very clear communication. Highly recommend him!
25 Jul 19, 13:59
Alex P: Highly recommended to future clients!
25 Jul 19, 13:58
Alex P: Nathan did a great job to move a large and heavy table from Ldn to Brussels. It was tricky as it could have been broken in the middle. He has been extra careful and made sure it won't break, which is rare for movers.
25 Jul 19, 12:56
Pete: Excellent service, scheduling and communication from Nate. Moved my stuff, including a motorbike from the UK. All safely delivered. I would reccomend Nate and would definitely use his services again.
22 Jul 19, 07:54
Mike: We had to move our our belongings from Vienna to Brighton and Nathan was great to work with, I can not recommend him enough. He was punctual and kept us updated the whole way. Having used several 'man with a van' companies I can say he was very good value for money and made the whole business a genuinely stress free experience.
5 Jul 19, 14:14
Francesco and Priscilla: Francesco and Priscilla: (sorry for the incomplete messages...). We (married couple, no kids) had to move from the French-Swiss border to Berlin. Our estimated volume was 10m3. We asked several companies and Nate was by far the cheapest solution. After we asked him if he had time, everything went smoothly and quickly: communication with him was always very fast (both via email and WhatsApp) during the preparation period and also after the truck load. He sent us detailed instructions to make sure that everything was packed correctly and to make sure that every step of the process was clear and agreed upon in advance. On the day of the loading he helped us carrying the most heavy objects and showed great expertise and professionalism. He kept us updated during the trip to the final destination and he informed us by the hour on his arrival time. When he arrived, he helped us taking everything into the apartment. There was not a single aspect of the entire moving that wasn't discussed/detailed/agreed with him. He has been also flexible with our requests, even the very late ones. Overall, I can suggest him as your go-to mover without any doubt, the job will get done quickly and in an extremely professional way (plus, he is a very nice guy and his family too, what more can you ask!)
5 Jul 19, 14:07
Francesco and Priscilla: Francesco and Priscilla: We (married couple, no kids) had to move from the French-Swiss border to Berlin. Our estimated volume was 10m3. We asked several companies
5 Jul 19, 14:06
Francesco and Priscilla: We (married couple, no kids) had to move from the French-Swiss border to Berlin. Our estimated volume was 10m3. We asked several companies
28 May 19, 20:28
Eddie: Nate took me there and back again - Northampton to Ostrava - in a little over 16 months. Both trips were well orchestrated, hassle free and effective. It is simplicity itself and avoids all the burdens of figuring out the multiple paperwork and hoops to go through for a full international move. Nate is quick, eloquent and sincere. I have no qualms to recommend him to your future, return or next adventure.
28 May 19, 20:25
Eddie: Here is a moving review on a par with the best Oscar acceptances ;-)
6 May 19, 15:25
K+K: Nate was incredibly helpful in accommodating our need to move things from France to Ireland, and also on a flexible timeline. Great communication all the way through, and we really appreciated his help. Highly recommend!
27 Apr 19, 12:20
Shannon: Nate was great! This was my 13th move and Nate is by far the best mover I've ever dealt with. Very communicative, took great care of my stuff, arrived on time. Everything went exactly to plan. Can't recommend him strongly enough!
21 Apr 19, 21:10
Linnane: Nathan was the best surprise ever. He was clear, knowledgable, organised and perfectly on time. It was a perfectly planned and exericised move. Thanks a million, Nathan!
21 Mar 19, 01:33
Michael: I genuinely cannot overstate how kind, efficient, understanding and flexible Nate is. Extremely quick mover, amazing problem solver, you could absolutely not have a better mover than Nate.
18 Mar 19, 16:07
James: Nate moved me from Belgium to Germany - like so many other reviews on here, it was an excellent experience and I can highly recommend him. Nate is great to work with, very communicative throughout the journey with regular updates on WhatsApp, extremely accommodating and flexible. Would definitely use his services again.
28 Feb 19, 21:04
Paul: Nathan helped me move from Paris to Lausanne and all i can say is that he was exceptional in all respects. From very easy scheduling, useful tips regarding practically everything concerning the move, regular updates on his whereabouts, to helping load/unload everything, even helping to put together some furniture I needed help with. All in all Nathan is a trustworthy and kindhearted man you'll be glad to move with!
28 Feb 19, 09:01
Frank: Nate is amazing. I was already getting worried when looking for movers to get my stuff from Paris to Vienna (prices, response time...) but then a friend recommended Nate's prices are very fair but more importantly: Nate is very reliable. He responded to every message very quickly and permanently sent updates on the status of the move (both during preparation and scheduling as well as during the actual move).
10 Feb 19, 21:58
Trupti: I took a moment to adore how pretty the plants looked sitting comfortably right at the edge of our truck with all the stuff from our 4-room apartment right behind them. Nate's truck loading skills are a piece of art indeed, i'm confident the others commenting in this section would agree. Needless to say the safe driving and his friendly nature, literally took all my moving stress away! To the point of me actually enjoying the moving out Magdeburg- moving in Duisburg (something I would be pulling-my-hair-out-paranoid about each and every-thing if not for Nate). I could not believe that a small roll of oddly sized crepe paper arrived safely in our new home without a single crease! Kudos to Nate and his work ethic, his high-quality service commitment deserves 5 stars.
4 Feb 19, 10:02
Chelsea: Do these reviews start sounding dull when they all rave about how great Nate is? Hopefully not, because this is another positive review. Nate took extra care with my delicate lampshade. He dangled my chair over my balcony at 1am to exit it from the property safely via the window (not fitting through the door). His creative spacial thinking is quite interesting to experience in person. If I ever move again, he will be my first call and I'll work around his calendar to get his help. On top of all this - my storage space in Berlin didn't work out, so I was able to use Nate's which is very safe and prepared for large items. Thanx Nate!
13 Dec 18, 13:46
Rob and Martina: Needed two items picked up form two different locations in England, and then shipped to Zurich. Nate was great to deal with, very professional and very responsive. I would definitely recommend him.
12 Dec 18, 08:55
Sam: Nate was AWESOME. What a great guy, very accommodating and kept us up to date on pick up and drop off times. He moved us from Switzerland to Germany with no fuss or drama. I highly recommend Nate.
11 Dec 18, 13:02
Renzo: The service exceeded my expectations in every aspects. Punctuality, speed, friendliness and flexibility. No other competitor could offer me a service fit to my needs.
11 Dec 18, 10:18
Kostiantyn: Nate is very flexible in time.My items were delivered in perfect conditions. Nate helped me to load all the furniture into the truck and he also helped me to carry out them. Everything was perfect. Strongly recommended.
4 Dec 18, 22:38
Charles: We just finished our 2nd move with Nate, (first one 6 years ago), both times were great experiences.highly recommend !
4 Dec 18, 08:34
Martin: 11 Cubic Meters Zürich to Berlin Nate was easy to work with ,informative and very good value for money. Nothing too much trouble thanks Nate.
28 Nov 18, 15:44
Catherine: My Items were all delivered in perfect condition, he also kept me informed at every stage how the journey was doing while collecting the furniture asked if while he was there if I had any heavy things I needed to move inside my house , what a guy. if ever I need a van with a van it will be Nathan
28 Nov 18, 15:40
Catherine: I would certainly recommend Nathan, I only had four items to be moved from Luxembourg to Ireland they were all family heirlooms including a delicate 100 year old rocking horse, Nathan could not have been more caring and considerate
6 Nov 18, 15:50
Ewa & Adam: Very good service, reliable and cheap at the same time. Nathan moved our stuff from Munich to Amsterdam 2 weeks ago. Everything went very well, all the items and music equipment were safe delivered to our new apartment. We matched our schedules perfectly, there was no problem to fit all the things in Nathan's car. Also very helpful with carrying heavy items. Thank you very much Nate, Susie and little Ocean
6 Nov 18, 15:23
Ed: Nate was Professional, easy to deal with, easy to communicate with, and did a fantastic job on my small Brussels to Berlin move. Everything was perfect. I recommend wholeheartedly!
26 Oct 18, 11:03
Liza: Nate moved me from Frankfurt to Brussels and he was super efficient and reliable . I was very happy with his great service! I highly recommend him.
12 Oct 18, 03:28
Amrita: Nate has been a pleasure to work with. 3.5 years back when I moved to Berlin I shipped my boxes to him and not knowing anyone in the city he even helped visit, film and give comments on an apartment that I ended up living in for the entire course of my Berlin stay! I knew when leaving Berlin I’d be working with him cause of my positive experience. From the get go he suggested what the optimized box size would be for the move (to Singapore) and which courier would ship it cheapest. He even sent a few links where I could find the boxes. On the pickup day he arrived on schedule with updates along the way. Ocean his cute son and him moved the huge boxes out in a few minutes and off they went into Nate’s storage. When I figured out my address in Singapore Nate tried shipping them out but as the roads were blocked due to a film shooting when he did make it to the post office and discovered 2 boxes were over 750gm and 1.5kgs we had an interesting voice and photo exchange on WhatsApp!
9 Oct 18, 15:57
Anna: Nathan moved me from Berlin to Krakow Poland. I needed a last minute upgrade to a larger van, and luckily this was not a problem. He proved to be reliable and efficient and I appreciated updates via WhatsApp during the move. Everything arrived safely and without damage, including my artwork and antique standing mirror.
21 Aug 18, 15:34
Tim: Moved from Eindhoven to Berlin in an 18m3 box with Man and Van movers. We required some flexibility on our side as we didn't know when we would find an apartment, but Nate was very flexible himself in accommodating our move as soon as we were ready. He showed up well on time in the morning and we started loading after a cup of coffee and some preparations. Was amazed by the speed and efficiency at which Nate was moving things down the elevator into his truck while keeping up fun conversation (and learned a few tricks myself). We loaded the whole household in just 3,5 hours and drove off to Berlin together. A road trip with Nate is an experience in itself; he has an infinite pool of interesting stories to tell and since he lives in Berlin himself loads of tips too. Arrived to Berlin in the evening where he dropped me off at the new apartment, we unloaded the next morning in only 1,5 hours. We're almost done unpacking and haven't found any broken things yet.
21 Aug 18, 15:34
Tim: Would definitely recommend Man and Van to anyone looking for removals service! Nate is punctual, a great conversation partner, always quick to reply to any questions and above all professional and efficient. Nate, our move was a huge task in our minds but you made it go very smoothly and in almost no time. Thanks again!
17 Aug 18, 09:00
Julius & Marissa: We were looking for a "mini mover" for our relocation from Berlin to the Mainz area. We had a bunch of heavy boxes but no furniture, so Man and Truck's low volume option was perfect for us. Organizing everything was really easy. Nate was extremely responsive and sent us frequent updates on the status of our belongings. Delivery at the end destination was a little bit tricky because our street is pedestrian only, but Nate managed. He was fast, efficient, and professional, in addition to being a nice guy!
3 Aug 18, 16:26
Caroline: Within 3 hours, all of my things were in storage at Nates, and less than a week later they were in London. We had regular updates from Nate, about when he would arrive, and he helped load and unload. We were on a ridiculous timeline. Literally called him at 12pm, and he was there with van at 3pm. Apart from being a very lovely man, he was extremely professional. I will never move 150km without him.
3 Aug 18, 16:24
Caroline: Sorry still me.
3 Aug 18, 16:23
Caroline: Nate made an extremely stressful situation, almost enjoyable. I found myself in Berlin with a Vans worth of stuff, and no van, no where to store the stuff, and booked on a flight to London the next morning.
31 Jul 18, 11:56
Ashley: (Move from Malmö, Sweden, to Berlin, Germany, in 18m3 Box). Nate is by far the best person I have ever moved with. Kind, considerate, clear and one of the strongest people I've met, I enjoyed every minute of moving with Nate (yup, I even ENJOYED it :) ) Nate was always easy to reach via WhatsApp and accurate with his scheduling to the minute. Everything was packed quickly and safely, and unloaded in the same way. Nate was kind enough to even suggest some some helpers for hire in Berlin - I am very glad he did! We had some laughs, some nice talks about music (Neil Young in particular) and Nate was never stressed, tense or anything other than positive. Extremely hard-working and punctual. We're still unpacking and there have been no breakages whatsoever - a first for us, as our previous move had some breakages with another company. I cannot recommend Nate highly enough and am telling everyone about him (as his adorable son Ocean). Thanks again, Nate.
31 Jul 18, 11:53
Ashly: Having moved country before - with some breakages and problems - I was a little nervous. But with Nate, everything was perfect. Honestly - I cannot fault him.
21 Jun 18, 10:51
Amit Kumar: Many thanks for your help and support Nate. You made this entire task easy, simple and most importantly a lot of fun. We truly enjoyed working with you and will surely recommend your services to our friends and family who are looking at moving across Europe. Good luck and please be in touch when you are passing through Zurich.
20 Jun 18, 17:21
Stephen: I was looking to move a tricky large heavy item from Leipzig to the USA and Nate picked it up and disassembled it and packaged it up and shipped it to me in the USA! He was very accommodating and even stored it for me for a short period of time. He was an excellent communicator and was really helpful during the whole process. I would highly recommend him to move anything big or small for you to wherever it needs to go. Truck and Man moving service provided excellent International service that I would recommend to anyone in the US or Europe or ANYWHERE! Nate is the MAN! THANK YOU! VIELEN DANK NATE!
19 Jun 18, 17:33
Megan: Hiring Nate was absolutely the best choice for my move between Berlin and Manchester. He took great care with my belongings, sent me regular updates on route, and even carried the boxes up to the attic when he arrived. On top of that, he's a friendly and reliable guy and he took a huge weight off my mind about the move. Definitely the best Berlin man with a van!
19 Jun 18, 15:04
Bristen: I would definetly recommend Nathan or “man with a van”. He was very professional and was very flexible in doing my delivery. I was moving from Karlsruhe to Berlin and he was able to pick my stuff up within amply a few days of contacting him and move it to Berlin. Anytime I needed to get ahold of him during the whole thing he was always very fast in getting back to me and very professional as well. If you are needing to move anywhere across Europe I would definetly recommend using Nathan.
31 May 18, 19:52
Pooja Jha: I am delighted to write this review for Nathan "man with a van'". I used his service in May to move from Lausanne to Berlin. The best part about his service is that he is very flexible, accommodating to your needs, and speaks ENGLISH. For english (only) speakers in Europe, this comes as a big relief !. His service was very good, always on time and he kept updating us about his route. Apart from the service, he is an amazing human being. He had come with his adorable ~3 yr old son, who accompanied him for the whole journey. For me it was the 1st time I saw a GUY/MAN/FATHER so dedicatedly taking care of his child for days, all by himself. There should be more men like him :) :) !
30 May 18, 10:27
Kirth: Nate made moving from the west of Belgium to Berlin a delight. With all his interesting anecdotes and the interesting discussions, the 10 hour van d rive passed in no time at all! I would definitely recommend Berlin Truck and Man's services to any expat looking to move somewhere else in Europe.
26 May 18, 15:15
Eddie: Nate was on top form. He has a very clear quick communication style in all his working and dealing with the extended group to make this international move very easy. Having done the Far East a few times this was a lot easier. Time wasn't of the essence so Nate was able to tag together some smaller jobs to keep the costs efficient. Collection from Northampton was ahead of schedule. ETA were given to give confidence and he was always available. Drop off too in Ostrava Czech Republic was ahead of schedule. In fact he dropped at 22.30 for me. The highlight has to be manhandling an 80kg super king mattress up three flights of stairs. Not a grumble just a smile and get on with it.
26 May 18, 12:37
Eddie: Moved my simple stuff AND a king size mattress from Northampton to Ostrava in the Czech Republic as I moved out here as a expat for a few years. Easily able to work together as Nate is clear simple and communicative before during and after the move. Reached out to all involved and coordinated the job and integrated mine simply as timing was never an issue for me. If you want flexibility think how many folk would see moving an 85kg as a problem; not for Nate. So the delivery was made 22.30 downtown with a smile a heave and a shove 20mins later done. So he's a big chap and willing to serve very high. Kein problem as smooth as Kentucky sipping bourbon. Thanks Nate you're already booked for the return journey - it's just I don't know when yet! :cool:
24 May 18, 20:12
Kate: Highly recommended. Nate moved my art studio from Basel to the wilds of Scotland with fantastic service and wonderful updates along the way. He is amazingly helpful and his fee is very reasonable. Everything arrived in one piece with no damage. Maybe next time the Scottish weather will be more welcoming.
14 May 18, 14:02
Matt Talluto: Highly recommended. Great communication, flexible and quite helpful in planning an international move.
12 May 18, 16:46
Thomas and Franzi: Nate recently moved some belongings for us from Berlin to Zurich. Everything went very well, and Nate was very responsive and accommodating to our scheduling constraints. He kept us posted on the schedule and progress via email and WhatsApp throughout. He delivered everything in perfect condition and handled the unloading by himself. A tight parking situation was no problem for him. He also provided useful packing advice beforehand. Five stars!
9 May 18, 23:08
Giuliana & Davide: Flawless service from Nate and the Europe Truck and Man for our removal from Berlin to London! All according to schedule and great collaboration from Nate! Thank you!
7 Apr 18, 17:27
Alan & Louise: Nate recently moved some treasured personal effects for us, (paintings, books, old photograph albums, etc) from Berlin to Hastings, near Brighton & Hove, England. He provided a door to door service. Need a man with a van for removals? Call Nate! We have happily recommended him to all our friends and family. And Nate kept us up to date on WhatsApp regarding his arrival in Hastings, which was a great relief to us. Thanks again, Nate!
1 Apr 18, 23:29
L. He: Switzerland expats removals by Nate was an excellent experience! We were relocating from Zürich to Tübingen. Nate was able to schedule everything well on a short notice. Since we could not come with Nate because of the handover of our flat the next day, Nate helped us moved all boxes in our new flat all arranged well. We would go for Nate again for our next relocation in the future!
30 Mar 18, 16:50
Michael: Punctuality, kindness, carefulness, attention to detail, extreme helpfulness, flexibility, and many more positive adjectives can be used to describe Nate's contribution to a move of more than a hundred boxes with books weighing each well over 20 kilos from Bregenz in Austria to Geneva. Everything was handled according to a schedule defined many weeks earlier but which could accommodate all my last-minute constraints. The loading and unloading was done extremely efficiently, with Nate helping carry the many boxes up and down staircases, which saved me a lot of back pain the following days. And all this at a very reasonable price. Nate can be assured that, next time when I have something to move around Europe, he will be the first (and probably) only one I shall contact since I am convinced that his will be a moving job well done!
18 Mar 18, 12:16
Beverlehy: I can highly recommend Nate for Household or single item moves across Europe. Nate was super efficient and flexible from the moment I made a tentative enquiry. Nate carried-out a household move for us from Southern Germany to central Italy in the depths of winter, spending a night close to the border as all roads leading to the pass over the Alps were closed! not one moan or grumble, quite the opposite Nate is always patient, polite, knowledgeable and a joy to work with. we will definitely be using Nate again for any further shipments across Europe. I should also add that his rates are also super reasonable. Thanks Nate for a super smooth move and for not being fazed by the added complications due to the weather which put huge pressure on you to get to your next pick-up.
16 Mar 18, 11:57
Kay: 100% would recommendMoving with Nate was smooth as butter -- he was always on time, his rates are super reasonable and he was super helpful carrying and coordinating the load and unload. He'll bring a smile with him too, he's cheerful and chatty and will keep your spirits up when the heavy lifting gets difficult! He is flexible with his time and will do his best to fit your schedule, and he's careful with your belongings -- we moved a 2-room flat without a scratch. He's super helpful and will share his experience to help you with packing, lifting and loading. On top of that he helped me move an old couch from my new apartment even though it wasn't part of the shipment. I couldn't recommend Truck&Man more, the experience was flawless.
13 Feb 18, 12:54
DRH: Perfect chap to move a small house. polite, helpful, on time, relaible. AND VERY reasonable rates. IRecomended!!
7 Feb 18, 13:37
Maxi: I moved from Luxembourg to Berlin and Nathan was incredibly quick at replying and accepted my request very last minute, which I am incredibly thankful for! He was so very kind, professional and punctual - I couldn't have wished for a better move! He updated me along the way and all my things arrived in Berlin in perfect condition. I will definitely use him again if I have to move and couldn't recommend him more!
7 Feb 18, 08:29
Olof Klintholm: Considering my options for a move between Geneva and Copenhagen I contacted Nate who with short notice was able to confirm ability to help, a fair price and very attractive pick up and delivery times relative to other offers. I could not have asked for anything more from someone providing a moving service: Nate showed up well in time for pick up, took good care of my things when carrying them, was a pleasure to work with and was able to allow flexibility both to original load quantity (I turned out to have a few m3 more than estimated) and delivery timeframes (he was able to arrive a few hours ahead of plan in Copenhagen as to help enable a better delivery time for me). I would definitely use again, and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a good quality and efficient "man and van" service!
27 Jan 18, 13:46
Bryan and Bettina: This was the second time we had Nate handle our move and once again he was exceptional. He was professional and extremely detail oriented. He even let us use his storage area in Berlin while we got situated here in France. All in all everything went off without a hitch and we would not hesitate to call him again.
10 Jan 18, 02:58
Antje: On very short notice I needed to get a sprinter load of furniture from Berlin to the north of Germany. I was delighted when I found Nates details online "Germany man with a van" and even more when he replied to my request promptly and was available to fit me in just after New Year. It was a pleasure working with him. Communication via whatsapp, email and phone was excellent. Loading and unloading was done very professional and on schedule. I definitely will use his services again if needed and highly recommend him to anyone. Great to know he does long distance European transport too, and happy to read about all the great experiences of other customers. Thank you Nate!
6 Jan 18, 22:59
Elizabeth: We needed to move a smallish load from Rotterdam to Ipswich, UK between Christmas and New Year. When our planned mover failed to honour his agreement, Nate stepped up and added our move to his already busy schedule at the last minute, even agreeing to load our furniture and boxes unassisted so we did not have to change travel plans. Excellent and ongoing communication via Whatsapp, independent and flexible working arrangement and basically a really great guy. We even got to meet his lovely little family! Thanks Nate! Highly recommended.
6 Jan 18, 14:09
Bibiana: Nate moved me from Berlin to London, and he was truly the perfect man for the job. As everyone knows moving house is always a difficult and stressful endeavour, let alone moving countries. Nate was always helpful and fast to reply as well as friendly supportive and informative. Even when two weeks before the planned move our London flat fell through he provided us with great alternatives and contacts in case we needed to arrange for storage and a further later move when in London. If you are planning to move and you are considering reaching out to him I would say 100% go for it, cant imagine anyone better for the job. Thanks again Nate!
17 Dec 17, 12:13
Maja: Nate moved a two bedroom apartment from Arundel, West Sussex, UK to Berlin, Germany for me this last month. He was incredibly careful with everything and very accomodating for a last-minute move that required more room in the truck than I had originally booked. He was friendly, courteous, on-time, reliable, helpful and fast. I would recommend him without reservation as a person and as a mover. Thank you!!! for everything. Maja
12 Dec 17, 21:51
Haider: Nate came recommended to me by a friend that had his studio equipment moved to Berlin from London. Given how precious and irreplaceable pieces of studio equipment can be, you'd only want someone to move your equipment who would handle it with the utmost care. Nate did an impeccable job at keeping in touch with me and organising for my equipment to be collected from Sheffield and his rate was far cheaper than any other I had been quoted. A lovely guy who does his job with a personal touch, nothing not to like!
12 Dec 17, 14:06
William: Nate m’a aidé à déménager de Lyon vers Frankfort. Il est super sérieux et ponctuel. Il a immédiatement répondu à ma demande et à intégrer ça sur sa route. Même si j’avais de nombreux gros cartons de plus de 30kg et d’autres meubles assez lourds, cela ne lui a pas posé de problèmes. Le lendemain j’ai récupéré toutes mes affaires en parfait état. Tout au long du trajet il m’a tenu informé par Whatsapp jusqu’à son arrivé à Frankfurt. Encore une fois merci Nate !
12 Dec 17, 13:58
William: Nate was really awesome. He answered very to my request, was able to include it immediately into his itinerary and pick up my things from Lyon to Frankfurt in one day. There were a lot of heavy boxes but it was not a problem for him. I appreciated that he constantly updated me on Whatsapp about his location and even sending pictures of the loading. Again thank you Nate!
11 Nov 17, 12:29
Freddie: Nate moved all my recording studio equipment from London to Berlin. His communication from day 1 was outstanding and it was very easy to organise. His fee was also far more reasonable than anything else I had found in searching for Berlin removals or London moving companies. I had a lot of fragile and delicate equipment which I was apprehensive about moving, but Nate's packing advice was excellent and he treated all my belongings with care and respect. Everything arrived in the condition it was sent in. Nate's professionalism and skill was great, but above all his kindness and humour made the whole escapade as stress-free and easy as possible. He's the man.
9 Nov 17, 19:22
Petra: Thanks Nate for the great job! It was a pleasure to work with you. All belongings I sent with you were safe during the long ride France - Austria. Special thanks for an extra journey to pick up a sofa after unloading the initial furniture. I don't know how I would manage without your help. Until my next relocation, Petra
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