22 Jun 13, 03:40 PM
miss tiarra: u headache? read here :)
24 May 12, 09:07 AM
Adam: tinggal jejak. kalau ada masa datangla melawat.
13 Feb 11, 08:50 PM
TheBlogginIdea: Thanks for giving me chance to promote my blog
11 Feb 11, 02:30 AM
ThebloggingIdea: Thanks for giving me chance to promote my blog
31 Aug 10, 04:28 PM
Bob: My Dad just made a lot o fmoney and I think I should probably start likeing phish since its the thing to do. What are their good songs.
29 Oct 09, 06:16 PM
CBM: No, Traffic was never on the Phish 99 list. This blog started before the list and had albums that were speculated to be choices and it was posted here then
29 Oct 09, 03:26 PM
toast: was traffic ever a costume choice?
29 Oct 09, 11:52 AM
saps: back in black is down
29 Oct 09, 11:31 AM
jason: meddle part 2 is no longer available, any chance we can get it back up?
28 Oct 09, 10:14 PM
richard: you need to add "let it bleed"
25 Oct 09, 04:00 PM
Mr. Bowie: The Ziggy Stardust download isnt working anymore... still goes to mediafire, but file cannot be found. Cheers!
20 Oct 09, 04:50 PM
Saint: it's going to be The Yes Album.
17 Oct 09, 02:23 PM
Toast: :P I can't wait
16 Oct 09, 08:04 PM
CBM: prince is pretty good about keeping his music off file sites
16 Oct 09, 01:47 PM
d: Where is Purple Rain on this list
16 Oct 09, 12:09 PM
Mumbles: MGMT still hanging in there... haha
15 Oct 09, 11:39 PM
BTreotch: shue, can you please purchase Born to Run then rip it for us?
15 Oct 09, 11:25 PM
shua: is anyone on here anymore?
13 Oct 09, 11:16 PM
shua: could you post Born to Run?
13 Oct 09, 07:37 AM
CBM: neverind, zep IV replaced. meddle link still works
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