2 Jul 19, 08:56 PM
Admin: May has shine brighter and June has pass by with joy while July is a sincerity test.
3 Apr 19, 07:27 PM
Admin: March is the price that I have to pay for. Hoping for a beautiful April.
13 Feb 19, 07:33 PM
Admin: I thought it will be easier. But it is harder. Hello month two. My February battle.
11 Jan 19, 10:56 AM
Admin: I forgot to count darkness in December because you fill my month with light. Welcome January.
23 Nov 18, 11:26 AM
Admin: You give me life when I almost lost mine. I always love the smell of hazelnut coffee. Thank you November.
2 Oct 18, 07:19 PM
Admin: Month ten. In love with a dark blue sweater and the smell of coffee. Thank you October.
10 Sep 18, 04:11 PM
Admin: Month nine. Healing. Almost there. Thank you September.
4 Aug 18, 09:51 AM
Admin: Month eight. Almost heal. May August shine brighter
22 Jul 18, 10:01 PM
Admin: Everything is confusing, August will be my next companion.
1 Jul 18, 08:31 PM
Admin: Month seven. Time will lways be my companion. Hye July
31 May 18, 09:57 AM
Admin: While June is just around the corner. Nothing change, but everything seems has changed
31 May 18, 09:56 AM
Admin: May has come. Time flies. But my heart still stay.
10 Apr 18, 08:57 AM
Admin: Hello April :D
15 Mar 18, 08:27 AM
Admin: Really had a tough months.
5 Dec 17, 08:58 PM
Admin: Hye there, lid. tq for visiting :)
1 Dec 17, 05:50 PM
lid: hai
28 Aug 17, 02:15 PM
Admin: :D
5 Aug 17, 01:36 PM
Admin: recent update
5 Jun 17, 05:19 PM
Admin: Ahlan wa sahlan ya Ramadan
29 Mar 17, 08:50 PM
Admin: new post regarding Palestin based on my thesis
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