09/18/18 05:21 PM
cb: :happybunny:
09/18/18 02:48 PM
ashleigh(m): Ily2
09/18/18 07:25 AM
kate phone: sass, I hate you, please drown in a puddle thanxxx xoxoxo
09/18/18 06:36 AM
ashleigh(m): (:
09/18/18 06:36 AM
ashleigh(m): Word of advice, new kid; avoid kate. She is satan incarnate. But pls join us anyway. xoxo gossip sass
09/18/18 05:47 AM
kate ipadd: We’re very active new kid on the block. You can check our active topics to see what the average daily post count is.
09/18/18 04:38 AM
New kid: How active is this place, if you don't mind my asking?
09/17/18 10:38 PM
lyss: hey there!
09/17/18 10:23 PM
New kid: Hiii
09/17/18 08:09 AM
ashleigh: good ho's tell no lies
09/17/18 08:09 AM
ashleigh: this is true
09/17/18 08:09 AM
ashleigh: xo
09/17/18 08:09 AM
kate: you are rude ho but you are honest ho
09/17/18 08:08 AM
kate: that is true
09/17/18 08:08 AM
ashleigh: bc i am rude like that
09/17/18 08:08 AM
kate: bitch i fell out of a dumpster, how fecking dare you belittle me this way
09/17/18 08:08 AM
ashleigh: the same one you fell out of, obviously
09/17/18 08:08 AM
kate: back into the trash bag you fell out of
09/17/18 08:07 AM
ashleigh: where is the nearest exit?
09/17/18 08:07 AM
kate: walk briskly in the direction of your nearest exit
09/17/18 08:07 AM
ashleigh: i walk at a brisk pace
09/17/18 08:06 AM
ashleigh: i don't run
09/17/18 08:06 AM
kate: you better run
09/17/18 08:06 AM
ashleigh: ugh. even more gross.
09/17/18 08:06 AM
kate: bitch she still is
09/17/18 08:06 AM
ashleigh: gross. kate was here.
09/17/18 04:56 AM
kate ipadd: you ruin everything
09/17/18 04:23 AM
tilly: i feel like i need to be logged in as a scorpio. aine's ruining the color scheme
09/17/18 03:30 AM
kate: hey hey!
09/17/18 03:26 AM
ri: hello! c:
09/17/18 01:05 AM
maggie: i end up clicking that and the search one before finally getting to the active topics lol
09/17/18 12:59 AM
kate mobile: i coded it and i still have to check
09/16/18 09:39 PM
lyss: so glad to know i'm not the only one
09/16/18 09:37 PM
katie: i have to hover and look at the tooltip almost every time
09/16/18 09:35 PM
lyss: omg same
09/16/18 09:32 PM
nae: i don't think i've gotten it right once
09/16/18 09:32 PM
nae: i wonder when i'm going to stop clicking 'sort by last click' for the active topics
09/16/18 09:00 PM
09/16/18 09:00 PM
lyss: pass out the coolaid
09/16/18 08:59 PM
shay: yes good die with me
09/16/18 08:57 PM
erin: shay and cee I'M DYING
09/16/18 08:49 PM
nae: it made me feel important until i realized
09/16/18 08:46 PM
kel: you are welcome :)
09/16/18 08:46 PM
nae: it was
09/16/18 08:45 PM
kel: it was me.. it was the game forum...
09/16/18 08:18 PM
nae: when i have a massive amount of alerts, i'm like 'ope someone musta gone through tinder or the games forum' 😂
09/16/18 08:14 PM
lyss: better than none?
09/16/18 08:12 PM
katie: i have four pages of comms *sobs*
09/16/18 05:48 PM
ashleigh: clearly
09/16/18 05:46 PM
lyss: it's your inner hoor demanding more
09/16/18 05:45 PM
ashleigh: it feels so weird only having 3 characters now. i feel like i'm not myself
09/16/18 05:31 PM
ashleigh: sounds much more legit lol
09/16/18 05:31 PM
ashleigh: i am gonna blame it on being exhausted tho
09/16/18 05:29 PM
lyss: lol it's always fun adjusting to a new skin
09/16/18 05:29 PM
ashleigh: clearly lack of sleep works for me
09/16/18 05:29 PM
ashleigh: hahahahaha
09/16/18 05:29 PM
ashleigh: i just spent the last 5 minutes trying to figure out where the alert thingy was, not realizing there is a big number at the top
09/16/18 05:28 PM
ashleigh: i am so dumb
09/16/18 05:24 PM
cybnod.: ;[
09/16/18 05:23 PM
ashleigh: too late
09/16/18 05:22 PM
cybnod.: dont die.
09/16/18 05:22 PM
ashleigh: cyndi
09/16/18 05:22 PM
cybnod.: sass
09/16/18 05:21 PM
ashleigh: :catdrag:
09/16/18 01:11 AM
tilly: yeah, let me jump on
09/16/18 01:11 AM
cb: would you mind if i ask you something on discord?
09/16/18 01:10 AM
tilly: course
09/16/18 12:55 AM
cb: kate or tilly could i bother one of yall?
09/15/18 03:39 PM
Lochland's Kat: please feel free to post again if you like >.<
09/15/18 03:39 PM
Lochland's Kat: terribly sorry
09/15/18 03:39 PM
Lochland's Kat: i really hope i get myself together >.< i need to drive soon.
09/15/18 03:39 PM
Lochland's Kat: and my brain was on autopilot so i went to make a link back (which is dumb because you just linked back) and posted in first post.
09/15/18 03:38 PM
Lochland's Kat: Crap! Er. hey, this is Kat from Lochland Grove and we just got a link back from you.
09/15/18 11:29 AM
Sed: this is true! i shouldn't be so damn ungrateful
09/15/18 11:27 AM
kate: better that than the screaming and running and firing on you and having to climb the empire state building welcome i get
09/15/18 11:26 AM
Sed: pretty much the welcome that follows me! :)
09/15/18 11:25 AM
kate: oh no, a sed
09/15/18 11:25 AM
Sed: Hello Hello!
09/15/18 09:58 AM
kate: good. join me in this wonderful hell.
09/15/18 09:47 AM
emmy: dammit kate now i have total eclipse of the heart stuck in my head because of your text title for coen
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