06/24/18 02:36 PM
cb: ugh im internet less -sobs-
06/24/18 02:08 PM
lyss: suck it up kid
06/24/18 02:08 PM
megan: Weasly is not impressed with this thunderstorm.
06/24/18 08:55 AM
kate: all hail the king in the north
06/24/18 08:55 AM
kate: the true royal wedding there
06/23/18 05:25 PM
lyss: jon snow and ygritte got married and it makes me so happy
06/23/18 10:37 AM
kate: and that was how katie ended up having her leg amputated and the life as a one-legged pirate slowly began...
06/23/18 02:02 AM
katie: ahhh. almost my entire leg has fallen asleep this is the weirdest feeling ever please make it stop
06/23/18 01:26 AM
bunny: hey guys
06/22/18 02:48 PM
dan: -piroette-
06/22/18 02:46 PM
lyss: :datass:
06/22/18 02:44 PM
lyss: kinky
06/22/18 02:38 PM
dan: Dave me
06/22/18 02:33 PM
lyss: dave you. sounds dirty.
06/22/18 02:28 PM
dan: I've been at work since 8am and it's now 8:30pm
06/22/18 02:27 PM
dan: Save*
06/22/18 02:27 PM
dan: Dave me
06/22/18 01:14 PM
leah: *save even
06/22/18 01:00 PM
leah: someone safe me from this summer cold misery
06/22/18 12:59 PM
leah: someone s
06/21/18 08:52 PM
lyss: no bueno
06/21/18 08:48 PM
ava: always happens during the summer season
06/21/18 08:46 PM
lyss: this is like 3 days in a row. ughhhh
06/21/18 08:45 PM
katie: FUCKERS
06/21/18 08:45 PM
katie: there we go
06/21/18 08:44 PM
katie: look jcink
06/21/18 08:13 PM
nae: so weirddd
06/21/18 08:11 PM
lyss: i get them
06/21/18 08:11 PM
nae: i got a 504 error? never gotten that before
06/21/18 05:45 PM
megan: suckers
06/21/18 05:16 PM
bunny: Well done 😊
06/21/18 04:39 PM
alli: the interview that i hated this morning offered me the position!
06/21/18 04:38 PM
06/21/18 09:43 AM
dan: Wee woo
06/21/18 09:40 AM
guestie: thank you!!!
06/21/18 09:38 AM
cybnod.: [link]
06/21/18 09:38 AM
cybnod.: it's the control panel
06/21/18 09:38 AM
cybnod.: i figured it out guest!!
06/21/18 09:33 AM
guestie: unless it's the same thing??? idk o.o
06/21/18 09:33 AM
guestie: i tried that! it's the log in, not the register
06/21/18 09:32 AM
cybnod.: if not lemme sign out
06/21/18 09:32 AM
cybnod.: where the x is.
06/21/18 09:32 AM
cybnod.: i thin it;'s the top right corner?
06/21/18 09:32 AM
guestie: i might be blind but... where's the register link? o.o
06/21/18 05:13 AM
bunny: dummy
06/21/18 05:12 AM
alli: past alli should not have agreed to a job interview at 7:30 in the morning that's an hour away
06/21/18 02:46 AM
bunny: hello friends
06/20/18 10:07 PM
lyss: i was getting a lot of bad gateways earlier too
06/20/18 10:05 PM
nae: i've been getting 502s on and off all night
06/20/18 10:02 PM
andie pandie: it stayed loading fro a few seconds and i was about to try
06/20/18 10:00 PM
kel: complain and you shall receive
06/20/18 10:00 PM
06/20/18 10:00 PM
06/20/18 09:59 PM
lyss: jcink stop lying to me. you're having server problems.
06/20/18 09:59 PM
andie pandie: i thought it was only me
06/20/18 09:58 PM
kel: damn
06/20/18 09:58 PM
lyss: nope. next!
06/20/18 09:58 PM
06/20/18 09:58 PM
kel: i'll scream at it too maybe it will help
06/20/18 09:57 PM
lyss: not even. i just wanna preview it!
06/20/18 09:57 PM
lyss: gdi i just wanna post shit
06/20/18 09:57 PM
megan: sigh. i'm actually being productive and it's being a dick.
06/20/18 09:57 PM
06/20/18 09:56 PM
06/20/18 09:32 PM
nae: adorable
06/20/18 09:32 PM
megan: he's lucky he's cute
06/20/18 09:32 PM
nae: shhh
06/20/18 09:32 PM
nae: i mean
06/20/18 09:31 PM
megan: if he was the goodest we wouldn't need a spray bottle
06/20/18 09:31 PM
nae: mean
06/20/18 09:31 PM
megan: the okayest
06/20/18 09:31 PM
nae: but the goodest
06/20/18 09:31 PM
nae: the weirdest boy
06/20/18 09:31 PM
megan: he's so weird.
06/20/18 09:31 PM
megan: but when we do that he will put his mouth over the spout thing and wants you to spray it into his mouth for him to drink the water
06/20/18 09:30 PM
megan: so, we have a spray bottle with water in it that we shoot the dog with when he's being an asshole
06/20/18 07:25 PM
nae: sorry. code talk over. 😂
06/20/18 07:24 PM
nae: oh i bet it totally did. i bet it was overriding that part of the code the way it was overriding it in normal posts. once it was changed, boom! it didn't work the way it should have.
06/20/18 07:14 PM
nae: tho idk. because i thought maybe it was because i messed with color designations so it just wasn't getting a color, but the code that ~puts the member group there isn't even linked to color. so weird. i can fix it by doing it a different way, but it's still weird
06/20/18 07:08 PM
nae: hmmm. possibly, actually.
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