15 Sep 16, 01:09 AM
OMG: who uses cbox
15 Sep 16, 01:09 AM
OMG: wtf its a cbox
4 Jul 16, 02:08 AM
Cornel: thank YOU so much for the AWESOME blgo! Love you
19 Dec 15, 09:18 AM
All-4-Travel: Hi Hj! Yup they will give u the physical ticket. U need to preorder online and head down to their Tsim Sha Tsui office to make pymt and collect.
16 Dec 15, 02:27 PM
Hj: Hi, i have read your blog on the Hong Kong Trip. Just wondering how does the Golden Crown guesthouse work? They give you a physical ticket from the attraction itself or?
4 Nov 15, 03:52 PM
all4travel: Hi yaya! sorry to missed your comment. Anyway i dont think u can skip any parts of the tour though :/ Perhaps an alternate way to skip the hard selling is to go to the washroom? hehe
25 Oct 15, 06:41 PM
yaya: Your Korea tour by ASA is very informative. I'm worried of the hardselling of those shops that they bring us at Seoul. Those ginseng could cost a bomb. Is it possible to stay on the bus?
18 Jul 14, 10:13 PM
all-4-travel: Thank you Joanne for visiting our blog :) We went to the Taiwan Tourism Board at Raffles Place :)
17 Jul 14, 02:28 AM
Joanne: Hi there, very detailed blog you have there! enjoy reading it! :) May I enquiry where do you manage to collect so many brochures for taiwan, in Singaore? Thank you in advance :)
26 Jun 14, 10:16 PM
all4travel: <ATTENTION> To friends who are interested in visiting ART Korea. Their address is Seoul, Jong-no Gu, Buam Dong. This address is from ART Korea's receipt and it has been translated from Korean.
19 May 14, 09:43 PM
All4travel: Hi Hayley, thank you for visiting our travel blog :) We are not too sure where it is situated at. Perhaps you can give ART Korea a call @ 02 394 5551 before visiting to find out their location :)
19 May 14, 09:41 PM
All4travel: Hi YPY, we have replied to you directly via email :) Hope it helps!
19 May 14, 03:44 AM
hayley: hey where is the Cosmetics Duty Free?
19 May 14, 02:55 AM
YPY: Hi, do you still have the address of Korean Taetuk Ginseng Gallery? I would like to visit there! Thanks :)
27 Mar 14, 09:48 PM
All4travel: Hi Ophelia! Thank you for your very kind comment :) Feel free to email us if you have any other queries, we will be glad to answer them! :)
27 Mar 14, 12:52 AM
ophelia: hi really thanks for your lovely blog about your travel as it is very detailed and helpful :)
12 Mar 14, 10:31 AM
All4travel: Hi Ye :) we are not the best advisers of Carino Multi Ampoule effects, as my family did not apply it consistently. However that product was recommended by my tour guide who has been using it :biggrin:
8 Mar 14, 02:08 PM
Ye: Hi. Can you share your review after using Carino Multi Ampoule? Does it really help to remove wrinkles? Thanks.
13 Feb 14, 11:31 PM
All4travel: Hi Ferlena, the price is dependent on the distance you travel. If you hire the cab like what we did, you can view our fees under 'Taiwan Reflections' Transport cost :) Hope that helps!
13 Feb 14, 04:12 PM
ferlena: hi! can i know the price for the yellow cab in taiwan? im also going tw for 10days in coming april yet to plan anything yet!
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