10 May 17, 05:12 PM
red: yo yo yo
18 Sep 16, 07:52 PM
ZaMpa: Sankaku Complex is life ! - just passing by... i guess i should have stayed like 3 years ago xD
17 Aug 16, 08:47 PM
samuel: hentai cosplay? http://www.usakou.blogspot.com ? o.O
11 May 16, 10:44 PM
NeverLeft: Hey guys :)
23 Mar 16, 05:01 PM
ZaMpa: Just pass by during bookmark cleaning... Updates stillcoming soon xD Well, my connection is worst than before (yes it's possible). Well... Good luck if you guys really get back up !
13 Dec 15, 08:14 AM
Jill: ouo
15 Feb 14, 01:35 AM
red: right guys, got new plans for the site, news update will be coming soon. ill let u know more but the site will be completely different regarding content! :)
10 Nov 13, 08:31 PM
red: What would you guys think of having the anime links on a forum ? the chances of dmca go down as the site wouldnt have it on it
10 Nov 13, 08:30 PM
red: aoi hana has received a dmca notice and has been taken down by blogger... sigh...
10 Nov 13, 08:22 PM
red: yup i am going to work happy :) only downside is im pretty much out for the week as i start 6:30am and finish around 17:00, when i get home im half dead :p
10 Nov 13, 07:20 PM
GoTP: Do you like your job Red? And that's wonderful news for the site :) I'm proud of you man.
10 Nov 13, 02:18 AM
red: i've copied the coding zampa did for completed animes and changed the code so it works for ongoing animes, tomorrow ill do drama then i will see what i can do next ... :)
10 Nov 13, 01:55 AM
red: i work for a big company that sells items used to build houses etc etc, i mainly do driving/delivering but i also do warehouse/forklift work
9 Nov 13, 08:07 PM
GoTP: I'm sorry no. Red, what kind of job do you have now?
8 Nov 13, 09:15 PM
red: Like? any suggestions?
7 Nov 13, 06:19 PM
GoTP: Red, if you look back it is all the same talk. How about a new strategy?
6 Nov 13, 07:53 PM
red: ill see what i can do, maybe 1 update a week just to keep things going a bit ...
6 Nov 13, 07:52 PM
red: yea, my new job keeps me buzy from 6am-5:30pm and when im done im half dead :/ I do want to start A-D up again and do weekend updates maybe but the biggest problem is links getting reported/dead links
6 Nov 13, 03:03 PM
GoTP: Anime Drift will be here for you when you are ready to do something. It can be tomorrow, a month or a year or never? That’s totally cool too :)
6 Nov 13, 03:03 PM
GoTP: Anime Drift was once important. It just happened it’s not prioritized anymore. You are just in a phase in your life which requires more of your attention.
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