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L .PP: ..q0x
L .: 2..jk
nomad: :cool:
PunkrPrincess: ..2x.o
PunkrPrincess: thanks Nomad
nomad: w.o.t..
PunkrPrincess: im good with it
PunkrPrincess: its ok
nomad: :cool:
PunkrPrincess: big issues roof,pipes electrical
PunkrPrincess: I dont want to be fixing shit spending money on a house I just bought
nomad: :nuts:
PunkrPrincess: i think we are gonna say fuck that house a lot of deep issues
nomad: [2k4
PunkrPrincess: ..q0x
nomad: Recent tracks: Now playing Disconnected Face To Face 01:48 PM 24 Years Broke 'til Thursday 01:44 PM Blackjack Broke 'til Thursday 01:42 PM Better Days Broke 'til Thursday 01:38 PM Worker Fate Hudson Falcons 01:36 PM GLC Hudson Falcons 01:33 PM No Turning Back North Lincoln 01:30 PM Siblings North Lincoln
nomad: ;dj'
nomad: .p.l.kj
PunkrPrincess: .:2
PunkrPrincess: oh
PunkrPrincess: .4.2.0,
nomad: idk hes around somewhere lol he was here yestrday
PunkrPrincess: haha
PunkrPrincess: mic
PunkrPrincess: lol
PunkrPrincess: where has mitch been?
nomad: :cool:
PunkrPrincess: .0pj.
nomad: Recent tracks: 01:27 PM Punk Drunk Strawberry Fist Cake 01:23 PM Zombies Strawberry Fist Cake 01:21 PM Dirty Block Combat 77 01:17 PM Walking On Combat 77 01:16 PM Release The Beasts Born To Destruct 01:13 PM Do You Wanna Know Born To Destruct Devasteight With Destruction 01:11 PM Pig Roast Copstabber 01:09 PM Coitus Interruptus Copstabber
PunkrPrincess: I just wrote an interview lol
nomad: [2k4
PunkrPrincess: .m.xa
nomad: :)
PunkrPrincess: gonna do some chores
PunkrPrincess: ok i will listen
nomad: i will
PunkrPrincess: Thanks all! fun times..have a great weekend see ya next week. PUNKRPRINCESS WE SKS 01:02 PM Track 07 outro Swift Knuckle Solution S.K.S 01:02 PM Np pain1 blake tag 12:59 PM 06 Track 06 LOSS OF CONTROL Swift Knuckle Solution S.K.S 12:57 PM Track 04 SPINNING SIDES Swift Knuckle Solution S.K.S 12:57 PM 09 21'07'02'sks We68
nomad: :/
PP.....: haha
PP.....: ,.ko
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