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nomadpunx: :cool:
Pp.....: 🖐🙃
nomadpunx: cool go get some beer and tacos lol
Moe Cash: Hopefully I'll be able to stay on more than 3 min next time
Moe Cash: See ya next week
nomadpunx: lol
nomadpunx: ..e.l
Moe Cash: The web had too much misfits last night!
Moe Cash: Don't know what's up with NYC today
nomadpunx: :nuts:
Moe Cash: I give up
nomadpunx: off again
nomadpunx: sometimes even though the modem says your on the signal bottoms out
Moe Cash: It sure is,it's pouring up here
nomadpunx: like trout run net lol
nomadpunx: nyc net is all fucked up lol
nomadpunx: for a little bit lol
Moe Cash: Weird shit going on today
nomadpunx: you on now
nomadpunx: what the fuck lol
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