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nomadpunx: :)
PunkrPrincess: ..e.l
pagan bob: connection cut out lol but i only had one song left lol stay groovey cool katts, catch ya next week, same time same place, rock on
pagan bob: ..mad.
SeVaRg NiBoR: ..mad.
pagan bob: .vcv
SeVaRg NiBoR: their already calling me on the walkie.. duty calls... leaving WE68 on for all in the office to enjoy .vcv
pagan bob: a-q1
pagan bob: .co.
pagan bob: 8[h
SeVaRg NiBoR: ..e.l
pagan bob: :sd:
pagan bob: w.o.t.. .vcv
SeVaRg NiBoR: 8[h thats abut when my break ends :)
pagan bob: just in time for the last 15 mins or ao x..a2 .vcv 8[h
pagan bob: heya
SeVaRg NiBoR: [er2
SeVaRg NiBoR: w.o.t..
SeVaRg NiBoR: ..e.l
pagan bob: got about 20 mins left give or take, thanks for tuning in
pagan bob: .,1.p .co. .,1.p
pagan bob: .co.
pagan bob: ..mad.
pagan bob: /4/2..0
pagan bob: :sd:
pagan bob: ;dj'
pagan bob: still got to sign into dropbox and download, my pc needs to be replaced, so i try to only do one thing at a time, if i do more than that it tends to lag bad on everything
nomadpunx: bropbox dude\
pagan bob: my connection is not shakey at present i would rather not test that and drop connection when i go to download
nomadpunx: i can give you
pagan bob: dont have any at present on the cpu, can download some to play next week for ya if you like
nomadpunx: Play some Anthrax
pagan bob: .,1.p .co. .,1.p
nomadpunx: Nice
nomadpunx: fkn speech is bad
pagan bob: :pmp
pagan bob: x..a2
nomadpunx: lol
nomadpunx: ddamn
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