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nomadpunx: :cool:
PunkrPrincess......: /68bnd*
PunkrPrincess.....: Thanks Moe
nomadpunx: /k2*
Moe Cash: Have a good week everybody, see ya next week!
nomadpunx: [link]
Moe Cash: I was thinking of doing that dolly thing but I'm too lazy
Moe Cash: LMAO!
nomadpunx: :nuts:
nomadpunx: :cool:
PunkrPrincess.....: I bet I didn't even go in the pit and I'm sore LOL
Moe Cash: I hit the pit and regret it for days!
Moe Cash: A few years ago, I saw the 30yr anniversary of Killing Time
Moe Cash: I know what you mean!
Moe Cash: LOL
PunkrPrincess.....: I wish I could have got better pictures of the bands but I was standing in the back as usual cuz I don't want to get stuck in the mosh pit and get hurt I'm old LOL
nomadpunx: [link]
Moe Cash: Damn, that's a hike!
PunkrPrincess.....: Punk rock swap meets are really fun. I wish they weren't so far it's like a 3-hour drive
Moe Cash: :nuts:
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