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nomadpunx: :cool:
PunkrPrincess....: ::XZ/
nomadpunx: Recent tracks: 09:59 PM This Is The New Sound Anti-Flag 09:56 PM Living With Ghosts The Black Pacific 09:54 PM When It's Over The Black Pacific 09:50 PM Almost Rising The Black Pacific 09:47 PM Time Is Not The Reason The Black Pacific 09:44 PM D Lister Slow Faction 09:41 PM Woody Guthrie Slow Faction 09:39 PM Burning Slow Faction
nomadpunx: :)
PunkrPrincess: I'm back live TOMORROW with lots of new music!!-tune in,chat and have some FUN! PunkrPrincess Whatever Show Great Punk,Metal,Hardcore,Horror & more Bringing you the BEST unsigned music worldwide! 10:30AM PT/12:30PM Central/1:30PM ET/6:30PM GMT/UK
nomadpunx: :cool:
PunkrPrincess: got a shrimp cocktail and chili relleno too lol
PunkrPrincess: taco time
PunkrPrincess: .h.p.h
nomadpunx: .d,xj
nomadpunx: Recent tracks: 06:47 PM Party Song Frau Blĵcher and the drĵnken horses 06:44 PM Wake Up Frau Blĵcher and the drĵnken horses 06:42 PM Throwin It Away Lunachicks 06:40 PM Dear Dolli Lunachicks 06:37 PM The Day Squid's Gerbil Died Lunachicks 06:35 PM USA-holes NOFX 06:33 PM 60% NOFX 06:30 PM We March to the Beat of Indifferent Drum NOFX
nomadpunx: ,b.t
PunkrPrincess....: I know you do
PunkrPrincess....: :)
PunkrPrincess....: brb3.
PunkrPrincess....: gonna run t market get some stuff for dinner for tacos
nomadpunx: i pay attention lol
nomadpunx: i seen all of it
PunkrPrincess....: got roxy some cute school stuff
nomadpunx: 2../4
PunkrPrincess....: feels so good no stitches
nomadpunx: cool :)
nomadpunx: 0o;l
PunkrPrincess....: shopping too
nomadpunx: .02.z
PunkrPrincess....: went and got my stitches out dr said its doing great gotta start brushing the gum and getting it toughed up for implants
PunkrPrincess....: w.o.t..
nomadpunx: w.o.t..
PunkrPrincess....: :,as
nomadpunx: ~~**LIVE ON AIR NOW**~~* Punkrock Chaos Show Great Punk,Rockabilly,Psychobilly ,and more!! Use the links below to tune in and join our live chat.
Lpp....: .0a.a
nomadpunx: :cool:
bob: .vcv
bob: .h.p.h
nomadpunx: :cool:
PunkrPrincess....: .p.l.kj
nomadpunx: :)
Tubby: Capalacaras!
nomadpunx: :cool:
PunkrPrincess....: x1a.
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