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nomadpunx: :cool:
PunkrPrincess: k;4f
nomadpunx: :nuts:
RoBiN GrAvEs: .pn.,l
PunkrPrincess: ,ga,k
DJ_Wulf: ,b.t
DJ_Wulf: a-q1
nomadpunx: :)
PunkrPrincess: just updated sam
PunkrPrincess: ,nm,
nomadpunx: :cool:
PunkrPrincess: i think it was that lady
PunkrPrincess: hahaha
nomadpunx: FB removed the profile lol
nomadpunx: i reported as fake account lol
PunkrPrincess: is it gone i dont see them
nomadpunx: i think
nomadpunx: [link]
PunkrPrincess: jessie something?
nomadpunx: station and pp promo
PunkrPrincess: which page?
nomadpunx: 8[h
nomadpunx: idk but i reported em lol
PunkrPrincess: ratin
PunkrPrincess: was it that lady?
nomadpunx: comps wouldn't fit on a cd lol
nomadpunx: :)
PunkrPrincess: r[79
nomadpunx: .02.z
nomadpunx: w.o.t..
nomadpunx: I reported their fake account to FB lol
nomadpunx: someone was rating us 1 out of 5 stars lol
oioioi: .m.xa
nomadpunx: :biggrin:
nomadpunx: ?.2a
nomadpunx: :)
nomadpunx: :cool:
PunkrPrincess: 0o;l
nomadpunx: g.pv
nomadpunx: :cool:
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