20 May 17, 17:59
Jbh: Health 2017
26 Sep 16, 15:29
M: I was here. Thinking about a strong person I never met. I hope you are at a better place. Thinking about you. X
23 Aug 16, 15:44
Natchie: I really, really want to talk to you right now.
23 Aug 16, 15:43
Natchie: I love you. I will always love you.
23 Aug 16, 15:42
Natchie: I haven't used the name 'Natchie' in a long time, Leonie. I feel like only you could use this name and it only sounds and feels right when you do... what I would do to have you back...
23 Aug 16, 15:40
Natchie: I still feel like you're a skype call away and that I can just call you and sit at the corner of my room and chat with you for hours like we used to.
23 Aug 16, 15:40
Natchie: Hey Leonie, I'm at work right now and you came to mind. God, I miss you so much today that I'm fighting to hold back the tears. It's been four years, Leonie. It hasn't been easy...
22 Apr 16, 10:26
Stephanie: Its almost 4 years. But it felt like yesterday. I miss you. I really do.
22 Apr 16, 10:26
Stephanie: But you are the reason i stayed, even when i felt like quitting. You're someone for me to look up to, when im down. A life mentor where you taught me how to deal with things, when if you've left me.
22 Apr 16, 10:25
Stephanie: There are so many times when i wanted to dial your number and give you a call. Just like how i always did. Work has really worn me out a lot. And i've fallen ill a few times because of stress.
22 Apr 16, 10:23
Stephanie: Hi Leonie. Its your birthday today. Just as im sitting at my work desk, my cant help but to think of you. My heart still aches so much whenever i do. I miss you, more than i actually know.
7 Nov 15, 21:52
yeng: 好像和你说说话
4 Nov 15, 10:45
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