Ayie: Assalamualaikum, great site. .Minta jasa baik ke blog saya sebentar. Terima kasih
SyamStyles: hak blogwalk, hak kami, haha
P.andatryoshka: The RoChu here is awesome! BTW, where can I read the rest of Childhood Ambitions? I wanna read it...
haragurotan: Thank you so much *_*
StarAnise: I absolutely love your work, and your RoChu collection is just so beautiful~!
泉泽: 嗷嗷感谢!!考完试就开始往里面搬东西~
haragurotan: 连好啦!期待内容更新! 网站名字Rochu Melody 好可爱哦!
泉泽: 求互连><
haragurotan: Thank you so much! >3<
Mimi: I love Guardian Angel, you write so well :D I so want to get Our secret history now:)
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