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19 Jun 18, 14:38
db: Trump's tantrums are getting more frequent and more irrational. He's now kicking and screaming, smashing his toys, and disrupting the entire household. This child is definitely out of control.
19 Jun 18, 14:48
db: I'm thinking ADHD, dyslexia, even autism. It would certainly explain a lot of Donnie's behavioral problems.
19 Jun 18, 15:11
Cris: I would bet my left arm (my only good one) that Donnie has narcissistic personality disorder. Combine that with ambien or other meds and you have all sorts of problems. A close family member of mine has NPD and also takes ambien, which makes it so much worse. I see a lot of their personality traits and issues in Donnie. It adds an extra dimension of horror for me personally.
19 Jun 18, 15:13
Cris: Quick temper, quick to forget conversations and events, but they are the greatest, and won’t let me forget that they are the greatest and that they know everything. They often more than their doctors, etc. it is a troubling thing to deal with on a personal level, but I get to see it in a president now, too 🙃
19 Jun 18, 15:13
Cris: Know more* than their doctors.
19 Jun 18, 15:16
Cris: A quick run down of it [link]
19 Jun 18, 15:18
db: Scary, isn't it?
19 Jun 18, 15:18
Cris: It’s horrifying. Truly horrifying.
19 Jun 18, 15:22
db: All four former first ladies are condemning the border policy. Virginia and Maryland are joining Massachusetts in withdrawing their National Guard troops from the border. Ivanka Trump, so-called children's advocate, has nothing to say. And Donnie blames the Democrats.
19 Jun 18, 15:26
Fishawk: The lack of empathy is classic sociopathic behavior. Its all about the Donald, 24-7. Time for Mitch McConnell to step up and defend the nation against the destructive whims of a sick mind. They can reign in his powers, especially his war powers, if they have the balls. Unfortunately, most of the Republicans seem to be cowards. Hats off to McCain, Corker and Flake for speaking truth to power.
19 Jun 18, 15:27
Fishawk: NC is now pulling national guard border support.
19 Jun 18, 15:28
db: One thing that bothers me the most is that this whole fiasco is so poorly implemented that it will be nearly impossible to reunite all of those children with their parents. But I have a great idea. Begin tattooing identification numbers onto the arms of the children. And maybe onto their parents, too. [link]
19 Jun 18, 15:29
Fishawk: @db hope that was twisted sarcasm.
19 Jun 18, 15:30
db: That was a scream of outrage. :(
19 Jun 18, 17:07
waveguru: How long will all this take to stop? And how much longer to attempt to reunite the children to their parents? What we are witnessing is historic and will certainly go down in history as another low point for humanity.
19 Jun 18, 17:10
waveguru: I think that throughout the entire animal kingdom, the worst thing you could do to any creature would be to take away their offspring and put them all in cages.
19 Jun 18, 17:13
waveguru: Then play recordings of their loved ones calling out to them crying 😢
19 Jun 18, 18:08
db: New Hampshire, Delaware, Rhode Island, Connecticut now saying they will refuse any requests to deploy National Guard troops to the border.
19 Jun 18, 18:12
waveguru: Evidently housing detainees is a very profitable nonprofit [link]
19 Jun 18, 18:12
db: I suspect that massive protest marches are being planned for the weekend.
19 Jun 18, 18:13
waveguru: I wonder if the don is getting a cut?
19 Jun 18, 18:16
waveguru: “Southwest Key rapidly increased the compensation of its CEO, Juan Sanchez, from about $269,000 in 2010 to more than $786,000 in 2015, the most recent year for which its tax returns are available through the website Guidestar.org. His compensation nearly doubled to $1.5 million in 2016, according to tax records for an Austin charter school he founded.”
19 Jun 18, 18:28
Fishawk: Pay to play den of thieves without a conscious. Swampyness prevails.
19 Jun 18, 18:47
waveguru: While U.S. citizens could once claim to be part of the 9% of people in the world governed by a “full democracy,” they are now part of the near 45% who live in a “flawed democracy.” That’s according to the Economist Intelligence Unit [link]
19 Jun 18, 18:59
Cris: Db, protests are already happening. The one in Pdx was effective. This guy has been covering it [link]
19 Jun 18, 19:05
db: Rachel Maddow broke down on air tonight when she tried to read a breaking news notification that babies are now being taken to "tender age" shelters.
19 Jun 18, 19:09
db: What a disaster.
19 Jun 18, 19:11
waveguru: Faux News calls the detention camps “summer camps” [link]
19 Jun 18, 19:15
waveguru: Session’s own church wants him charged with child abuse! [link] Can’t make this stuff up...
19 Jun 18, 19:18
db: AP is reporting that "hundreds of babies and toddlers" are being held in at least three facilities in south Texas.
19 Jun 18, 19:41
db: How long before we start hearing reports of young girls being raped by unvetted contract personnel?
19 Jun 18, 19:54
Cris: Db, that already happened :(
19 Jun 18, 19:56
Cris: I don’t really want to go find the link right now, but she was four years old, the officer threatened her mother with deportation if she told anyone. Dallas morning news has the article somewhere
19 Jun 18, 20:10
waveguru: NY Times reports that this parent was deported after they took her kid, without her kid. [link]
19 Jun 18, 20:14
db: @Cris Gawd!
19 Jun 18, 20:15
db: Apparently Trump loves this fight, he loves "liberal" outrage.
19 Jun 18, 20:18
db: He thinks its a winning issue.
19 Jun 18, 21:57
Fishawk: @Cris I saw the article on the deputy who raped the 4 year old. Multiple counts, apparently went on for a week before she went to a fire dept for help. The cop threatened to turn her into immigration if she said anything.There is a special place in Hell for some people.
19 Jun 18, 22:30
Fishawk: Well now Mueller has something new to look at after this incompetent, poorly conceived, apathetically executed border fiasco, child abuse. This makes me embarrassed to be an American. This abuse of the least among us is evil, and done in my name as an American. Dad
19 Jun 18, 22:58
Fishawk: Sad
19 Jun 18, 23:24
db: These are the hollow men, these are the empty men (paraphrasing TS Eliot). An empty space where there should be a soul.
19 Jun 18, 23:54
Fishawk: I want to believe that this President has finally gone to far and his followers will finally look through the spin and see his actions for what they are. If something as cruel as this fiasco doesn't do it, I don't know what will. I pray for our nation if they cannot reject this evil policy.
20 Jun 18, 06:56
db: Unfortunately, his followers fully back him on this. He is the expert at the big lie. Goebbels would have been proud.
20 Jun 18, 06:57
db: And from all reports, Trump is invigorated.
20 Jun 18, 07:39
db: From Dana Milbank (WaPo) this morning: Babies are seized from their mothers’ arms. Photographs show their anguish. News reports describe their cages. A recording captures their wailing and a U.S. border official’s cold mockery. A defiant President Trump falsely blames others for the misery he created. And Republican lawmakers respond as they often have: They hold another hearing about Hillary Clinton’s emails.
20 Jun 18, 07:40
Cris: There will be a gathering on the library lawn at 11am this Saturday for #keepfamiliestogether. Anyone know if Walden is in town? I hope he sees his constituents in action!
20 Jun 18, 07:41
Cris: From the post: “People! Please share this post! Local Mama Bears and I are organizing a march for awareness and action this Saturday at 11am meeting on the library lawn in Hood River. We are marching for the 100 babies under 3 who have been taken from their parents at the borders and put in detention centers to be reunited with their parents. We are marching for the almost 2,000 children that have been taken from their parents at the border to be reunited with their parents. While I know there is lots of very valid fury and disgust about what's happening, the intention of this march is to stay connected to what we want, rather than what we don't want, and what we want is for children to be reconnected with their parents. We want our community to become aware of this issue and we want people to call their senators. This is not a protest or an opportunity to mud sling. We do not need more divisiveness. This is an opportunity to unify behind what we want.”
20 Jun 18, 07:42
Cris: Image to share on your social media pages, if one is inclined. [link]
20 Jun 18, 07:46
db: Nationwide protest marches are being organized for June 30 [link] #FamiliesBelongTogether
20 Jun 18, 09:37
Cris: Yeah I would like to go to the big one on the 30th, but that is the day after my partner’s surgery and I’ll be playing nurse. I would love to be in Pdx on the 30th tho.
20 Jun 18, 09:38
Cris: The more noise made, the better
20 Jun 18, 09:54
db: But we'll be preaching to the choir. Trump's fans are completely behind him.
20 Jun 18, 10:35
waveguru: It doesn’t surprise me that the don would pull something like this, but it does surprise me that so many people are s in favor of it. I thought it would turn more people than it has against him. It really sheds a light on the depth of the prejudice in this country.
20 Jun 18, 10:38
waveguru: You have to wonder about the mentality of the people enforcing these policies. How do they live with themselves? I wonder if any of them have refused to do it?
20 Jun 18, 10:47
waveguru: Sounds like the don is going to stop this, and sign something. [link]
20 Jun 18, 11:44
Farley: Gallop now has Trump at 45% approval. Same as Obama was at this point in time. Seems like Trump should be a bit higher with all the good things he has accomplished.
20 Jun 18, 13:00
db: Maybe it's because the "good things" he's accomplished are mainly fig newtons.
20 Jun 18, 13:02
db: Between the big lie and propaganda, he's managed a pretty good con job.
20 Jun 18, 18:30
Fishawk: @Farley good things like child abuse or being a pathological liar?
20 Jun 18, 18:33
Fishawk: Oh yea,that's right, democrats and the deep state made Trump separate children from their parents.
20 Jun 18, 20:05
db: Children being dispatched to 14 different states with no procedure for reuniting them with their parents.
20 Jun 18, 20:47
waveguru: Some kids will probably not be united with their parents for months or maybe never. What a living nightmare for those families. It is a crime against humanity.
20 Jun 18, 20:53
db: If this was absolutely necessary, it should have been done with careful preparation and planning. Just another harebrained Trump impulse of the moment. Typical. No plan. The youngest will never see their parents again. HHS has no plans to reunite these kids.
20 Jun 18, 22:38
Fishawk: Yet another example of absolute incompetence by this administration. Trump rambles through his presidency, jerking the levers of power without consideration of consequence, much less having any real plan around the implementation of policy. The obvious lies that have surrounded the latest fiasco, and their acceptance by his base, show an apathy for evil that does not bode well for the future.
21 Jun 18, 06:59
db: The secrecy with which all this is being done makes it look doubly sinister. If they're so proud of how they're handling the situation, they should at least invite one or two representatives of the media and NGOs to witness their handiwork. I noticed yesterday that airlines are now refusing to transport the children. They recognize a PR nightmare when they see one.
21 Jun 18, 07:44
Fishawk: As this calamity moves forward, lost in the heartbreaking revelations, is the political reality that created it. Republicans have refused to deal with immigration legislatively. A group of moderates attempted to bypass leadership to bring it to the floor for debate. Ryan warned that Republican dysfunction on display before the midterms would be a disaster. In that context, the Trump administration tried to force movement by hastily implementing this disasterous separation policy. Let's see the great negotiator go to work and solve this problem of his own parties creation. It is after all, his own party that is in complete control of government. This will be a demonstration of whether the republicans and Trump are capable of governing.
21 Jun 18, 07:45
db: The big take from this whole sorry disaster on our southern border is that a free press is absolutely critical to a free society, and it emphasizes why Trump is so desperate to destroy the free press. It was reporters, doing the job they are meant to do, dispatching stories in audio, video, photo and written form — whatever the complexities of immigration law and immigration reform — who publicized these atrocities, who ripped away the veil of secrecy with which the Trump administration attempted to hide it, who showed that this was wrong. Every time that pathetic, insecure, whining demagogue rails against the free press, every time he launches into his complaints about "fake" news, every time he lies and mocks and belittles reporters, I want to stand and proclaim that it will be the free press that eventually brings him crashing down. He may try to suppress the Mueller findings, but the free press will make sure they are not buried.
21 Jun 18, 07:50
db: The free press is the blazing light of day that cannot be tolerated by the rats and cockroaches and other vermin that attempt to infest the government. It is what saved us from Richard Nixon, it will save us from Donald J. Trump. If anyone deserves the Nobel Peace Prize it is the aggregate free press.
21 Jun 18, 07:51
db: I cede the soapbox now.
21 Jun 18, 08:42
Fishawk: @db +1
21 Jun 18, 08:49
db: And only slightly secondary are the brave people who see wrongdoing and leak or notify the free press.
21 Jun 18, 08:52
db: "Democracy dies in darkness." The motto of the Washington Post, adopted after the election of Donald J. Trump.
21 Jun 18, 09:00
db: Odd little "tell" from Donald J. Trump yesterday: "The elite! Why are they elite?" Trump wondered at a campaign rally. "I have a much better apartment than they do. I'm smarter than they are. I'm richer than they are. I became president and they didn't." Whenever he has to accept something he can't avoid, whenever his poor, delicate ego is bruised, he falls back on reminding us how much richer he is than the despised "elite," how his apartment is bigger and flashier, how he went to a better school. Of course, that also applies to every single person who adoringly attended his campaign rally, but they don't see that.
21 Jun 18, 09:09
Fishawk: In fox news speak "the elite" aren't the mega wealthy who have gamed the economic system so that they take everything but the scraps that fall from the table. In fox-world the elite are pointy headed liberal college professors pushing "fake news" like science and apparently after this immigration debacle, human decency.
21 Jun 18, 11:02
waveguru: One of the first to be separated is now back together. [link] I’m sure their trauma will last forever...
21 Jun 18, 13:58
waveguru: It’s surprisingly quiet in here since the don reversed himself.....
21 Jun 18, 14:15
Fishawk: Melania Trump went to Texas to visit detained children. Leaving Washington, she was seen wearing a green jacket that across the back read "I don't care, do you?" She no longer deserves the benefit of doubt once afforded her. Clearly with that message, she was "on board" with the abusive treatment of children. And they still have no plan to account for, much less reunite these kids with their parents. "Better to be thrown into the ocean with a millstone tied around your neck."
21 Jun 18, 14:32
db: Well, she reportedly said, "It's a jacket. No hidden message." She apparently either didn't know what was on the back or she is suffering from appalling tone deafness.
21 Jun 18, 14:42
db: Gawd, I miss the style and class of Michelle Obama. :(
21 Jun 18, 14:54
db: So Trump wants to combine the Departments of Education and Labor. Sure. That makes sense. :nuts:
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