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10 Aug 18, 22:26
db: Although I'm not entirely certain that Trump supporters are cultist. Some, perhaps, but they are a pretty diversified group. It's too easy to assume that they all think the same or support Trump for the same reasons.
10 Aug 18, 22:27
db: I think the one uniting characteristic is anger with the status quo.
10 Aug 18, 22:28
db: I'm angry with the status quo, too, but I don't see Trump as the way to change anything.
10 Aug 18, 22:29
db: I'm waiting to see the rage tweets when Omarosa's book comes out. :)
11 Aug 18, 12:41
Fishawk: Now there's someone with an abundance of credibility. Some people abuse their 15 minutes of fame.
11 Aug 18, 19:01
Fishawk: Trumpster continues to intentionally cause division in our nation on racial lines with his "anthem" ballyhooing. What a sanctimonious, lying hypocrite.He has no respect for the flag, intermingling it with the flag of a repressive, brutal dictatorship, North Korea. He has no respect for the national anthem because he doesn't even know the words. He has no respect for the military, choosing Putin's word over the analysis of 17 different agencies and his own administration. Americans don't need advice on patriotism from A TAX AND DRAFT DODGING HYPOCRITE. A lot of people died fighting for the fundamental right to protest in a free society, if you want to attack that, move your treasonous arse to Russia.
12 Aug 18, 12:43
db: Well, one corrupt congressman has decided to call it quits . . . [link]
12 Aug 18, 12:46
db: However, his name will probably still be on the ballot, and venality may not discourage his voters. This will be interesting to follow.
12 Aug 18, 12:49
db: Trump has conditioned his followers to believe that integrity and ethical behavior aren't necessary for elective offices.
12 Aug 18, 13:29
db: Remember the outrage over Hillary's speaking fees?
13 Aug 18, 09:35
db: Oh, lordy, lordy. Donnie's Monday morning raging tweet storm is beyond my wildest expectations. Oh, Donnie, Donnie, you've outdone yourself. [link] So sad that this is coming from the President of the United States. 😬
13 Aug 18, 10:59
db: Sleazy Donnie in recording made by Omarosa when she was fired: “Omarosa, what’s going on? I just saw on the news that you’re thinking about leaving? What happened? . . . You know they run a big operation, but I didn’t know it,” Trump says after she explains she was fired. “I didn’t know that. God damn it. I don’t love you leaving at all.”
13 Aug 18, 11:00
db: Sleazy Donnie in one of this morning's rage tweets: “Wacky Omarosa, who got fired 3 times on the Apprentice, now got fired for the last time. She never made it, never will. She begged me for a job, tears in her eyes, I said Ok. People in the White House hated her. She was vicious, but not smart. I would rarely see her but heard really bad things. Nasty to people & would constantly miss meetings & work.”
13 Aug 18, 11:01
db: Guess she is no longer saying GREAT things about him. :)
13 Aug 18, 11:03
db: But at least she finally got her own nickname, although I think she shares it with someone else.
13 Aug 18, 17:28
Varney: Is this an active chat room? db Fish db Fish db Fish db Fish db Fish db Fish db Fisk. Really. No thank you. Cheers.
13 Aug 18, 18:45
Pourquoi: Yeah, I know. Boring, isn't it.
13 Aug 18, 20:28
Fishawk: Yep,a bit of an echo chamber with just two voices. If I was a Trumpster at this point, i would stop talking too. Too bad they can't give a well thought out reasoned explaination for the direction he has taken this country. End of the day " follow the money"💰
14 Aug 18, 10:51
waveguru: I enjoy this group and do like reading what all have to say. I too would love to hear more logical support for the current administration actions. Not too surprising that mostly what we get here from the right is conspiracy hit and run postings...
14 Aug 18, 12:33
Operationmockingbird: Fish, what direction is he taking the country?
14 Aug 18, 12:35
Operationmockingbird: Wave, what about the left wing conspiracy hit and run posts?
14 Aug 18, 12:48
db: Example of a left wing conspiracy hit and run post, please. Thanks.
14 Aug 18, 13:59
Fishawk: @Operationmockingbird, good too hear from you, your question about direction could take a while. The dog whistle white nationalist racist sympathies are a direction so anathema to the fundamental ideals of America, I will start with that. Any political party that aligns itself with or even sympathises with Nazi race superiority scum deserves nothing but equal contempt. But there are many other changes of direction from the Trump cabal that are troubling, including basic honesty and competence. I'll get back to you on some others. What are the good changes of direction from Trump in your mind OpMock?
14 Aug 18, 16:18
waveguru: Mocky, I have not seen any left wing conspiracy hit and run posts here. Like db says, please give us an example and maybe stick around to have a chat?
14 Aug 18, 18:02
Operationmockingbird: Fish, it isn’t about white nationalism. It’s about bring everyone up and out of the rabbit hole
14 Aug 18, 18:09
Pourquoi: Oh, lordy, lordy, I wish we could get everyone up and out of the rabbit hole. Any idea how we could accomplish that?
14 Aug 18, 18:49
db: Unfortunately, that means that first we have to get Trump to stop diving down every rabbit hole he sees.
14 Aug 18, 18:53
Fishawk: @Operationmockingbird .So the nation of equal rights, land of liberty and justice for all is supposed to just ignore a President who openly embraces not only neo-nazi white supremacist, but brutal authoritarian regimes and dictators? The same President who openly complains about the free press and it's 1st Amendment protections all while unabashedly lying to the American people on multiple occasions on many subjects. We're supposed to put that aside for some "rabbit hole" that you can't even give an adequate explanation or even description of without putting on a tinfoil hat. Give me a break.
14 Aug 18, 19:28
Fishawk: Looks like another weak arse troll yelling squirrel again
14 Aug 18, 19:31
Fishawk: @Woman Hater welcome to a discussion, got anything to say other than complaints about the other posters?
14 Aug 18, 20:54
db: Another hit and run?
14 Aug 18, 22:43
Fishawk: Manafort lawyer calls no defense witness, rests case. Guess it's all Rick Gates fault. That or a pardon waiting. Otherwise, it's hard to guess why no defense is presented.
15 Aug 18, 07:02
db: They're claiming the prosecution didn't prove their case. We'll see if the jury buys that.
15 Aug 18, 08:29
db: Are you ready to reap the benefits of the Trump tax cut? Well, it may take a few years. According to a new report by the Tax Foundation, the slashed corporate tax rate at the heart of the law will take years to yield a pay bump for workers. That’s because rather than sharing in the immediate windfall that shareholders and executives are seeing from stock buybacks and dividend payments, employees will only see their benefit fully realized once businesses complete a lengthy cycle of investment. Even then, the think tank calculates, workers will collect a 1.5 percent wage gain over the long run, which amounts to about $100 a month (before taxes) if you're making about $7000 a month. But remember that tariffs and the trade war will probably more than off-set that $100 a month.
15 Aug 18, 08:34
db: Check it out . . . [link]
15 Aug 18, 09:11
Fishawk: I've tried to see how the Trumpster/Ryan/Republican tax cuts for the rich will be good for working people, but I can't seem to get my head that far up my own.... Oh well, the Trump Cult is just proof you can't fix stupid.
15 Aug 18, 09:48
db: Mocky, you seem reluctant to actually talk about any issues, but here's an easy one for you. Are you doing better financially now that Trump is 18 months in office? Have you gotten a better job, or a pay raise? Without asking how much, did you get a big tax break? Has business improved, profits up (if you're a business owner) or have you found new markets or a better price for your crops (if you're a farmer, rancher, or orchardist). Have you increased your bottom line from deregulation? Are you financially better off now, in August 2018, than you were in, say October 2016? This is a simple question that can be answered without input from the mainstream media or any conspiracy theory, and don't require someone else doing your thinking for you. Anyone else is also welcome to reply.
15 Aug 18, 09:52
db: For myself, nothing much has changed, except that on paper my IRA and other investments are up a bit. Although I'm required to take a minimum annual payout from my IRA, I'm staying ahead of the game.
15 Aug 18, 09:58
db: But I'm getting nervous. The recovery is 10 years old and getting a bit long in the tooth. We're about due a correction and/or recession. It will be interesting if the current administration is equipped to keep a steady hand on the wheel and not do anything to exacerbate the situation.
15 Aug 18, 10:09
bobbie_joe: i will tell my friends about you all. look to europe and sweeden and britain land for their hapiness with the multi culturalism that has taken their country by storm. coming to america soon
15 Aug 18, 10:10
bobbie_joe: wwhy you delete
15 Aug 18, 10:10
bobbie_joe: what is your problem eith opposing views
15 Aug 18, 10:10
db: Just keep the discussion to opposing views and leave other posters out of it
15 Aug 18, 10:12
db: Do you have an opposing view you'd like to air?
15 Aug 18, 10:12
bobbie_joe: im with u im liberal too
15 Aug 18, 10:13
bobbie_joe: but don't let the muslim culture come to your country
15 Aug 18, 10:16
db: Did you know that during the dark ages, Muslim culture kept science, medicine, art, literature and other learning alive?
15 Aug 18, 11:28
Fishawk: America and it's culture welcomes diverise culture. That is a strength, not a weakness, contributions from many cultures, more particularly individuals from those many cultures, helped us develope into the strongest nation on earth. The best of us will judge those "not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character".
15 Aug 18, 11:42
bobbie_joe: you obviously don't know much about the muslim theology unfortunate.souls
15 Aug 18, 12:05
Fishawk: I've gotten to know several Muslims, and would be glad to trade them for many of the so called Christians in my community. Perhaps rather than judging a culture, you might try examining people as individuals.
15 Aug 18, 13:31
bobbie_joe: i lika this quote - This bill would effectively end all our freedoms. This is what is wrong with career politicians. They look at the world ONLY through the eyes of government – NEVER the people. What we are facing is the Revenge of Hillary – loss of Free Speech and this constant push to reestablish the Cold War and move to World War III. The Democrats have become the party of hate and they have been the party that always starts wars with the only exception being Iran and that was Dick Cheney & Donald Rumsfeld. [link]
15 Aug 18, 13:33
bobbie_joe: individuals are not the issue fishe, it's the theology and history behind it, go ask a britain how's the immigration controls working for you? go ask the french in paris. go ask the sweeds, go as the danish, go ask the germans, thank angel ferkel for you sold out the EU.
15 Aug 18, 13:34
bobbie_joe: the bill unfolds- :This bill would effectively end all our freedoms. This is what is wrong with career politicians. They look at the world ONLY through the eyes of government – NEVER the people. What we are facing is the Revenge of Hillary – loss of Free Speech and this constant push to reestablish the Cold War and move to World War III. The Democrats have become the party of hate and they have been the party that always starts wars with the only exception being Iran and that was Dick Cheney & Donald Rumsfeld."
15 Aug 18, 13:35
bobbie_joe: "Without the rule of law, there is no economy! If Trump wants to “drain the swamp” he has to start with the Judicial System."
15 Aug 18, 13:36
bobbie_joe: "The only way to protect Poland from Islamic terror attacks is to not allow Muslims to migrate en masse, which is now the view of 71% of the people. This is becoming the major issue in Poland and is at its core dispute with Brussels. When it comes to reducing the chances of Poland being hit by Islamic terror attacks, the overwhelming consensus is to simply ban Muslim migrants for the so called Syrian refugee crisis. The most amazing thing is Brussels takes the position of accept refugees or get out of the EU. Poland still has its own currency. For its own survival, it should link with the USA and exit the EU. Many American banks and companies have moved their back-offices to Poland. They have far more to gain with a trade relationship with the USA than with the EU."
15 Aug 18, 13:37
bobbie_joe: "Merkel’s invitation to Muslims to come to Europe without limitation has destroyed the very fabric of Europe. Now, Austria’s Freedom Party, an anti-Europe and anti-immigration far-right political party, won more than a third of the vote in the presidential election on Sunday. "
15 Aug 18, 13:37
bobbie_joe: "Many people in the United States are outraged that Trump is requiring people from certain Muslim countries to be cleared before entry. Yet, these people are clueless. Even Former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright who wants to defend immigration fails to get the issue. In Sweden, three refugees gang raped a girl for three hours and broadcast their crime in a live stream on Facebook."
15 Aug 18, 13:54
Angie: Is this one complaining about another poster? Looks like another weak arse troll yelling squirrel again
15 Aug 18, 13:54
Angie: Another complaint about a poster? We're supposed to put that aside for some "rabbit hole" that you can't even give an adequate explanation or even description of without putting on a tinfoil hat. Give me a break.
15 Aug 18, 13:57
Angie: oh and finally, let us stick to one user name right? Pourquoi: Oh, lordy, lordy, I wish we could get everyone up and out of the rabbit hole. Any idea how we could accomplish that?
15 Aug 18, 14:29
Fishawk: @bobbie_joe where to start. The war started by Cheney/Rumsfeld and the Republican leadership was Iraq not Iran, two distinctly different nations, cultures and even prevalent religious beliefs. What were the Republican voices opposing our involvement in Vietnam, Korea, WWII, or WWI ? You should read a history book. Democrats the party of hate? They're not the group supporting neonazi white supremacist scrum of the earth. As far as this bill would effectively end all our freedoms, what bill? Got a House or Senate resolution put before either body? Bills that become laws are sometimes orphans with difficult to determine origins, but the process of passing legislation by regular order ensures they don't show up like a fart on an elevator. Maybe a history book instead of internet conspiracy sites could be a better source for information.
15 Aug 18, 15:09
Operationmockingbird: Is trumps actions toward Brennan a response to the lefts censorship of the right? Interesting move
15 Aug 18, 15:10
Operationmockingbird: Is the antifa group a good comparison to the nazi brownshirts?
15 Aug 18, 15:11
Operationmockingbird: Why are the mainstream conspiracies completely ignored?
15 Aug 18, 15:23
Operationmockingbird: Our and his wife from god fusion. Ironic that ohr is now the organized crime task force director. Doesn’t get any better than that. [link]
15 Aug 18, 16:06
Fishawk: Took me a minute to figure the Our/Ohr slip but I hope judicial watch gets their FOI request. The Russian Trump investigations predate all of that though Steele dossier included. The Trump organization was being investigated for its ties to international investments before he came down the escalator to announce his candidacy. After a foreign official informed American agents that Russians were offering dirt on Hillary, why wouldn't they investigate that. Both are issues of potential compromise from both candidates. It would have been incompetent NOT to investigate. We'll see how all this shakes out but the investigation is completely justified, including whether the democrats colluded with a foreign country. Let the chips fall where they may, but why is Trump acting so guilty?
15 Aug 18, 16:10
Fishawk: BTW GPS Fusion was originally hired for opposition research on Trumpster by REPUBLICANS they then figured they could sell it to the democrats.
15 Aug 18, 16:16
Fishawk: Brennan having his security clearance pulled is nothing but political showmanship by Trump. Brennan has been persona non grata at "the company" since Trump was elected, and to my knowledge has not been asked to be briefed for a consultation on that time.( that's the way it works, security clearance isn't like a library card that allows you to go look through the stacks)
15 Aug 18, 19:17
Gigi: hey Fish. You’re CIA right. You’re busted man. I heard you were one of the best. Thank you for you’re service.
15 Aug 18, 19:20
Gigi: They don’t make um like you anymore. Cheers
15 Aug 18, 19:36
Gigi: And fish, let’s just keep “the company” thing between us, Right?
15 Aug 18, 19:45
Gigi: In other news, Andrew Cuomo is a great American. He said in a speech today that America was never great. The face of the Democratic Party. My oh my!!!
15 Aug 18, 19:48
Gigi: Ocasio Cortez.... Unemployment is so low because everybody has two jobs. I think she’s on to something.
15 Aug 18, 19:53
Gigi: Lowest ever unemployment numbers for blacks and Latinos. Today the Fed projected 4% growth for next quarter. Poor db. She ain’t gotten any.
15 Aug 18, 20:08
db: Yeah, ain't Obama's economic recovery a marvel?
15 Aug 18, 20:43
Operationmockingbird: Hey fish. Thanks for letting me off the hook for my typos. I believe you are correct about the beginnings of the dossier. McCain, Reid were all complicit. Republicans don’t like trump any more than the democrats. The media has turned a billionaire into an underdog. Americans always root for the underdog
15 Aug 18, 20:44
Operationmockingbird: I am completely sincere fish
15 Aug 18, 20:45
Operationmockingbird: Db, the Obamacare economic recovery? Come on now? I have heard that from every mainstream news outlet. Do you really buy into that kind of bs?
15 Aug 18, 20:48
Operationmockingbird: I remember the obama phone and free food stamps for all. You can keep your doctor. Lol. Believe it or not politicians have a tendency to lie
15 Aug 18, 20:50
Operationmockingbird: Trump wants people to work for a living. Obama wanted everyone to stay in their mommas basement collecting food stamps. People will always feel better when they wirk
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