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16 Jan 18, 15:28
waveguru: I have mixed feelings. I think I would like to see more of our money used on us. I guess I don't get why it is our job to support the Palestinians?
16 Jan 18, 15:41
Bc: I think it is bs that Israel was given a country a few years back, I just do not want to be labeled an anti Semite, how bout you?
16 Jan 18, 15:52
Bc: I'll try to link the cognitive test that trump took over the weekend, we have to be honest with our answers
16 Jan 18, 15:54
Bc: Trump asked for the test kinda looking into a mirror. Think about it
16 Jan 18, 16:13
Bc: propecia, freaking trump has great hair because of propcia, now he tells me [link]
16 Jan 18, 16:49
db: I think Tom K had a valid point yesterday. :(
16 Jan 18, 19:11
Cap: carry on
16 Jan 18, 19:20
Wonder: Nobody likes to get their annual physical. Least of all myself. When you’re president it’s required. Trump passed his with flying colors. With the tests he has just taken, he has proven he is the smartest guy in the room. MAGA!!!
16 Jan 18, 19:34
Wonder: The area we spend the winter used to have a big population of Grizzly Bears. Nobody I talk to seems to miss them much at all.
16 Jan 18, 19:37
Wonder: Probably wolves too. Now they’re more into French Bulldogs, Corgey’s, etc.
16 Jan 18, 19:42
Wonder: Really sad to hear about the loss of Tom k. Hopefully we can find somebody from triple a to come up and replace him.
16 Jan 18, 19:45
Wonder: I saw the funniest looking bike today. The rider was sitting almost on the ground. I asked a friend what it was and he called it a butt bike. That’s just crazy.
16 Jan 18, 19:47
Wonder: Why anybody would spend good money on a Bitcoin is beyond me.
16 Jan 18, 19:51
Wonder: Why would you take a perfectly good plane and remove the engine. It makes no sense.
16 Jan 18, 19:55
Wonder: Why would anybody want to ski on rolling terrain when they could ride a perfectly good chairlift to the top and ski down?
16 Jan 18, 19:56
Wonder: Does that about cover it?
16 Jan 18, 20:06
larry: Pretty much. But I'm wondering what people think about the looming Federal Government shutdown. We've been through a lot of these, and sometimes it's the Republicans that won't negotiate, and sometimes it's the Democrats who won't negotiate.
16 Jan 18, 20:07
larry: I wouldn't blame the Democrats for drawing a harder line in the sand this time, seeing as how they've pretty much been shut out of any legislative proposals and bills this past year.
16 Jan 18, 20:09
larry: Time to assert themselves a bit, while they can, since this bill takes 60 votes in the Senate. Everything else the Republicans in Congress passed last year only needed a simple majority.
16 Jan 18, 20:15
larry: Which is pretty amazing to me, that a huge tax legislation bill can be somehow turned into requiring just a simple majority vote.
16 Jan 18, 21:48
db: I've no problem with the Dems making the Republicans squirm a little, and even demanding something in return, but ultimately a government shutdown hurts everyone.
16 Jan 18, 22:03
db: I guess it's a sign of the times that a story about a porn star being paid off by the president to keep her mouth shut is probably at least five stories down on page 4. Below the fold.
16 Jan 18, 22:06
larry: Yep, old news. That's just Trump being Trump.
16 Jan 18, 22:12
db: The odd thing is, getting back to the looming shutdown, didn't a couple of bipartisan senators present Trump with exactly the sort of bipartisan bill he said he'd sign . . . protection for dreamers, money for his freaking wall, and I think a couple of other things. Looking good, right up to the point where Trump went off in an angry outburst.
16 Jan 18, 22:17
db: After being kicked in the teeth, little wonder the Democrats aren't in any mood to cooperate.
17 Jan 18, 08:28
db-mobile: I wonder how today's Fake News award ceremony is shaping up. Isn't The Donald noted for showmanship? I've got my popcorn.
17 Jan 18, 13:23
waveguru: “the interest in, and importance of, these awards is far greater than anyone could have anticipated” so said donnie boy
17 Jan 18, 14:27
waveguru: So db, what is your take on the cut in aid to the Palestinians?
17 Jan 18, 14:41
db-mobile: It's not high on my list of concerns. I'll leave it to the experts who are more familiar with the situation.
17 Jan 18, 14:43
db-mobile: Unfortunately, I doubt the experts are being consulted and it in the hands of that crew of incompetents that Trump has assembled.
17 Jan 18, 15:12
waveguru: Or anybody's take? Tom?
17 Jan 18, 15:15
waveguru: So you trust that when we were sending them @125Mil it was a good thing?
17 Jan 18, 15:31
larry: Wasn't the president going to cut back on foreign aid, not just to Pakistan, but worldwide?
17 Jan 18, 15:32
larry: Oh wait, you did mention it's being cut. Cut down to 125 million, or lower?
17 Jan 18, 15:51
larry: Do you have a link to an article on that?
17 Jan 18, 17:10
larry: And by "Pakistan", I meant "The Palestinians". Easy mistake. ;)
17 Jan 18, 17:10
larry: They're both somewhere "over there"...
17 Jan 18, 17:19
Wonder: I just heard on the news that the press is demanding a recount. Yes, Trumps physical numbers were so good they think they are fake. You can’t make this stuff up. Larry, db, what say you?
17 Jan 18, 17:20
larry: Do you have a link to that? ;)
17 Jan 18, 17:21
Wonder: Another thing. Apple investing 35 billion, 20,000 new jobs. WoW!!!
17 Jan 18, 17:27
larry: Yep, it's always been amazing to me how well deficit spending can boost the economy. That's been our fallback position ever since I've been watching in the early 1980's. It's great to know that deficits don't matter anymore! :)
17 Jan 18, 17:29
larry: Kind of like having your credit cards all maxed out, and then getting another one. Fun times for a while!
17 Jan 18, 17:32
waveguru: Here's my link.... [link]
17 Jan 18, 17:32
larry: Anyway, obviously the economy gets a temporary boost from increased deficit spending. However, that's supposed to be done in an economic downturn, not when the economy has been growing nicely for several years now. Inflation and higher interest rates, here we come.
17 Jan 18, 17:34
larry: Thanks waveguru. So are we also cutting back our aid to Israel?
17 Jan 18, 17:41
waveguru: We give Israel a lot of money... 38billion over the next 10 years. [link]
17 Jan 18, 17:46
larry: Yes, but they have cool weapons, and buy a lot of weapons from us. So there's that.
17 Jan 18, 17:50
larry: But regarding foreign aid, I definitely think we need to look at where we're spending it, even though there's often a positive return from it.
17 Jan 18, 17:59
larry: But since we're currently dismantling the State Department, we might as well stop foreign aid while we're at it.
17 Jan 18, 18:25
db: Yeah, who needs all those diplomats when we have so many generals.
17 Jan 18, 18:26
db: @Wonder, is that money Apple had not previously planned on investing?
17 Jan 18, 18:39
Wonder: Hi db. I was kidding about you’re bike. Plenty of incumbent bikes around here. It’s all good. It was on the news today. Check it out yourself. We had a great SUP paddle this morning , and long bike ride after. Cheers.
17 Jan 18, 18:48
Wonder: After seeing Trumps numbers on the physical, I have some serious concerns for some posters on this site. Larry, how tall are you and what is your weight. We want blood pressure numbers and much more.
17 Jan 18, 18:51
Wonder: Db, I know women don’t like to give their weight, but this is important. Age and weight in colum three please.
17 Jan 18, 18:52
larry: According to my most recent physical, I'm in better shape than anyone else in the history of the planet.
17 Jan 18, 18:52
Wonder: You git my drift?
17 Jan 18, 18:54
Wonder: Larry. How about a bike race this summer. You’re choice of weapons.
17 Jan 18, 18:54
larry: Sounds good, except the weapons part. :)
17 Jan 18, 18:55
Wonder: Road bike or Mtn. You’re choice.
17 Jan 18, 18:57
larry: Road, although all I have is a MTB currently. Maybe an e-bike, and we'll race up a bunch of hills. You on your road bike, me on my e-bike.
17 Jan 18, 18:57
smiley: The purpose in the cuts in aid to Palestine is to get them to stop inciting violence against Israel and to get them to come to the table for peace talks "The House Foreign Affairs Committee resolution came a day after two top congressional appropriators, a Republican and a Democrat, warned Abbas in a letter that US funds were contingent on tamping down incitement during the current wave of violence. “We implore you to refrain from highly inflammatory language and to redouble your efforts to uphold nonviolence,” wrote Rep. Kay Granger (R-TX), the chairwoman of the Foreign Operations subcommittee of the US House of Representatives Appropriations Committee, and Rep. Nita Lowey (D-NY), the committee and subcommittee’s top Democrat. [link]
17 Jan 18, 18:59
larry: Well ok then. Sounds good in theory...
17 Jan 18, 18:59
larry: It'll be interesting to see if it works as we want it to.
17 Jan 18, 19:00
smiley: If the Dems want to go into an election year opposing giving people back more of their money AND shutting down the government because Trump won't give them a "clean" DACA bill for illegal immigrants, the "blue wave" will become a blue anchor. Maybe it will feel good to stick it to Trump, but it will only bite them at the ballot box
17 Jan 18, 19:01
smiley: Things never do, do they?
17 Jan 18, 19:01
larry: Often not, but sometimes.
17 Jan 18, 19:02
smiley: The current Palestine situation is no doubt the result of the announcement of moving the American embassy to Jerusalem
17 Jan 18, 19:03
Wonder: Hi Larry. Not really wanting a bike race. Kind of had one today. I think I won but wow. Kind of surprised you don’t have a firm position Israel. Most libs do.
17 Jan 18, 19:06
larry: How about moderates?
17 Jan 18, 19:07
smiley: To veer away from the political for a moment, here is the story of one of my personal heroes, Susan Kuhnhausen. Her husband hired a hit man to kill her but she strangled him instead. Ten years later, this is her story [link]
17 Jan 18, 19:10
larry: Good story; I remember that one. When I first heard it, other than the fact that she was very brave and resourceful, I thought "if you're going to hire a hit man, do a better job of hiring."
17 Jan 18, 19:14
smiley: yeah, hard to get good references for a hit man job though! :biggrin: :P
17 Jan 18, 19:18
larry: Indeed, not that I would know anything about that. I'd probably start with Craigslist, and go from there.
17 Jan 18, 19:19
larry: Gotta run; later.
17 Jan 18, 19:19
waveguru: I'll go with karma instead...
17 Jan 18, 19:20
larry: Yeah, there's always Karma, but sometimes that takes many lifetimes to take effect.
17 Jan 18, 19:29
Wonder: Little Pauli Krugman takes first place. Kinda sucks to be a lib tonight.
17 Jan 18, 19:39
db-mobile: You mean the Trumpies, or fake news awards?
17 Jan 18, 19:40
db-mobile: Was there a red carpet?
17 Jan 18, 19:44
db-mobile: But . . . um . . . Krugman writes opinion, not news
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