19 Apr 17, 12:07 PM
beepboop: com back!! u r my lifeline OTL
9 Apr 17, 09:32 PM
elf: k2n is down again T.T
9 Apr 17, 08:40 PM
zir: is anyone else's k2n not loading or is it just my ****ty wifi
30 Mar 17, 02:16 PM
Youm: But that adfly is the way for k2nblog to make money. Haven't you noticed?
27 Mar 17, 11:46 PM
Lifunia: I agree with k2nblog luver, adfly keeps sending me to spam sites.
26 Mar 17, 05:15 AM
k2nblog luver: can you PLEASE get rid of adfly, my browser won't let me get past the initial page for download
25 Mar 17, 01:12 PM
eeJoon: is anyone else getting massive popups on k2n main blog?
24 Mar 17, 02:25 AM
ap: please upload Kim Ji Soo - A Dream album
23 Mar 17, 06:12 AM
melon: hi can you post sugarbowl's new release thanks
14 Mar 17, 07:37 PM
ally is chani's wifeu: i'm still waiting for Eyez Eyez by Victon :) hopefully you would be able to get it here
12 Mar 17, 04:09 AM
Britt: I second that! Please get new Eric Nam x Somi You Who! Eric Nam is sooo cute! <3 xD
10 Mar 17, 11:06 AM
Mikikikiki: Eric Nam x Somi You Who please ><
9 Mar 17, 03:15 PM
Kpop87: Get Eric Nam X Somi uploaded please
8 Mar 17, 09:04 PM
swaeg: How about Twice's Knock Knock? Not here yet?
8 Mar 17, 08:16 PM
hihi: thank you so much T-T hope you can recover your blog soon!
8 Mar 17, 02:51 PM
julian: what about taeyeon's album? why isn't it on this back up blog
8 Mar 17, 09:22 AM
Juliarose00: Hopefully you're able to upload Romeo's new mini album!! Thank you for doing all this!!
7 Mar 17, 09:33 PM
Kpop87: BLANC7 seem promising, I will keep an eye out for them in the future
7 Mar 17, 09:29 PM
Britt: Blanc7! Thanks! I was sleeping when u put it up but I'm def getting it now! :P lol
7 Mar 17, 09:15 PM
wps12: Awesome BLANC7, so fast, Thx
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