This Cbox has expired. Renew it here.
23 Mar 17, 10:10 AM
Honey : Our new Cbox can be found at here
22 Mar 17, 11:20 PM
HoneyPhone: It's a nice change from the deep reds and golds of before
22 Mar 17, 11:13 PM
Jenn: I like the color scheme
22 Mar 17, 10:48 PM
HoneyPhone: I might change the cbox to match tomorrow, lol
22 Mar 17, 10:48 PM
HoneyPhone: I'm really liking how the site is looking! The colour scheme is really growing on me a
22 Mar 17, 10:02 PM
Honey : Okay. The recent posts just doesn't want ot be my bitch.
22 Mar 17, 08:33 PM
Honey : Almost got the colours done. Kind of scared of finishing it because then I have to attack the profiles and post layout :|
22 Mar 17, 08:32 PM
Honey : and I win >D
22 Mar 17, 08:14 PM
Honey : ... and suddenly teh Online block si bright yellow. Da fahk
22 Mar 17, 02:04 PM
HoneyPhone: Back to work I go. And by work, I mean reading Wikipedia between phone calls :| lol
22 Mar 17, 01:47 PM
Jenn: xD I don't know how to do that either
22 Mar 17, 01:42 PM
HoneyPhone: Yeah, it's the software. You have to hard refresh and irk how to do that on phones xD
22 Mar 17, 11:07 AM
Jenn: for some reason it doesn't show all the changes on my phone
22 Mar 17, 11:07 AM
Jenn: Boards looking all fancy and stuff
22 Mar 17, 10:42 AM
HoneyPhone: I hate having nothing to do, but not be able to entertain myself :(
21 Mar 17, 08:55 PM
Honey : Just have to finish fixing the layout to be all hte right colours now lol
21 Mar 17, 08:55 PM
Honey : Edited up the Usergroups. I think they look pretty spiffy now.
21 Mar 17, 07:53 PM
Honey : xD
21 Mar 17, 02:49 PM
JennPhone: Out and men
21 Mar 17, 11:50 AM
HoneyPhone: * you and me both, girl
21 Mar 17, 11:50 AM
HoneyPhone: ^
21 Mar 17, 11:50 AM
HoneyPhone: Wow. Slaughtered.
21 Mar 17, 11:50 AM
HoneyPhone: Haha, out and men both girl! XD
21 Mar 17, 12:25 AM
JennPhone: I'm going to reply to that in the morning time. While I'm at work because I'm a rebel
21 Mar 17, 12:24 AM
JennPhone: I have not gotten to see it yet! But I hear the opening was huge
20 Mar 17, 12:46 PM
HoneyPhone: Lol *Jenn
20 Mar 17, 12:46 PM
HoneyPhone: link Jenny and Tams please have your say :)
19 Mar 17, 11:19 PM
HoneyPhone: Beauty and the Beast was glorious!! Have you seen it, Jenn? You really should if you haven't already :D
18 Mar 17, 07:42 PM
Honey : Made some progress on the layout, and added the Recent Posts. Fighting with the footer for Affiliates atm lol
17 Mar 17, 10:50 PM
Honey : Once that's done I'll figure out what to do about the Clutch Records.
17 Mar 17, 10:50 PM
Honey : I'm too tired to function now XD
17 Mar 17, 10:49 PM
Honey : Tomorrow I'll finish up the layout colours and then work on the profile fields I think
17 Mar 17, 10:49 PM
Honey : Yes!
17 Mar 17, 10:07 PM
JennPhone: Getting all sorts of stuff done today
17 Mar 17, 07:14 PM
Honey : Membergroups done :)
17 Mar 17, 06:15 PM
Honey : I did! Now to colour the membergroups XD
17 Mar 17, 06:14 PM
JennPhone: \o/ but you won
17 Mar 17, 04:23 PM
Honey : It took me all day (at work lol) but I won >:D
17 Mar 17, 02:22 PM
JennPhone: Punch it
17 Mar 17, 12:47 PM
Honey : -__- I can't get the Online Today code to do what I want
17 Mar 17, 10:35 AM
Honey : Hopefully it'll get fancier soon :D
17 Mar 17, 10:35 AM
Honey : :P
16 Mar 17, 01:57 PM
Jenn: so fancy
14 Mar 17, 09:52 PM
Honey : Site is temporarily closed while I make some updates! Hopefully it won't be too long. Watch this space ♥
5 Feb 17, 01:31 PM
HoneyPhone: I can't believe so many seats have already been sold lol
3 Feb 17, 10:55 AM
Jenn: I can't wait to see that
31 Jan 17, 11:59 PM
Honey : ;; it looks soooo good ♥
31 Jan 17, 12:46 AM
Tams: New Beauty and the Beast trailer! [link] I am so excited!
30 Jan 17, 10:28 PM
Honey : I keep meaning to agree with you, but my phone keeps logging me out of the cbox and then I forget XD
27 Jan 17, 03:27 PM
Jenn: While I hate when people leave I secretly love it because then I can snag FCs
26 Jan 17, 03:57 PM
Tams: Ah, he was Firah, played by Tashe. So the FC could be re-purposed now since he was set to be faded out
26 Jan 17, 03:26 PM
JennPhone: Yes and no I don't believe so
26 Jan 17, 03:24 PM
HoneyPhone: Haha! Probably not XD
26 Jan 17, 03:04 PM
Tams: Is there? Did the Candidate survive the landslide and is he still active, are the more important questions
26 Jan 17, 01:51 PM
HoneyPhone: XD
26 Jan 17, 08:21 AM
JennPhone: There was a candidate with that face
26 Jan 17, 12:23 AM
Tams: So if someone wants to build a character with Jay Ryan as an FC, you can have damn near any of my characters to play with >.> *just discovered this man*
24 Jan 17, 06:22 PM
JennPhone: It actually kind of was xD
24 Jan 17, 06:13 PM
HoneyPhone: Hahaha sounds fun. XD
24 Jan 17, 05:49 PM
Jenn: She was bat shit crazy.
24 Jan 17, 05:23 PM
HoneyPhone: Oh wow XD
24 Jan 17, 01:58 PM
JennPhone: Fanatical tin foil hat variety
24 Jan 17, 12:22 PM
HoneyPhone: What kind of crazy are you arguing with, Jenn?
24 Jan 17, 12:21 PM
HoneyPhone: B'jin is pleased he doesn't count, and R'nya is confused by their strangeness. Lol
24 Jan 17, 10:26 AM
JennPhone: Arguing with crazy people gives me a headache
23 Jan 17, 07:14 PM
TamsPhone: R'nd is pleased R'nya is older lol he feels he's getting older but it helps to see someone else is older. (B'Jin doesn't count lol R'nd is odd like that and doesn't see him as old)
23 Jan 17, 11:29 AM
HoneyPhone: Ooh! He's getting old lmao. I'm sure Rhae's cake was superb and even if it wasn't, Ren said it was XD
23 Jan 17, 12:56 AM
Tams: :o Happy belated birthday, R'nya! He turned 40 on Friday the 13th. I'm sure Rhae spoiled the heck out of him. Hopefully her baking has improved enough that the cake didn't make him sick!
22 Jan 17, 11:26 PM
Tams: Time to wash out the hair dye and then make some hot chocolate to sit down with and write. Poor Ameris; left sitting in a bath tub all alone
21 Jan 17, 11:03 PM
HoneyPhone: Ugh, that's the worse x.x
21 Jan 17, 10:22 AM
JennPhone: Mine always is and usually it's family and I have to bite my tongue not to be like "yes but here's what ACTUALLY happened"
20 Jan 17, 03:13 PM
HoneyPhone: My Facebook is gross with political crap XD
16 Jan 17, 12:10 PM
JennPhone: And I have tags to do
16 Jan 17, 12:10 PM
JennPhone: I feel ya. I still have like 5 hours
16 Jan 17, 11:48 AM
HoneyPhone: But first, nine hours of work :( lol
16 Jan 17, 11:47 AM
HoneyPhone: not sure how many I owe, but it's at least three XD;
16 Jan 17, 11:47 AM
HoneyPhone: I need to write up my tags too. Im
16 Jan 17, 08:19 AM
JennPhone: You're fine!
16 Jan 17, 02:35 AM
Tams: I'm sorry for the lack of reply for Ameris, Jenn! I keep meaning to but >.> I'm addicted to brotrip simulator (Final Fantasy XV XD)
15 Jan 17, 07:06 PM
HoneyPhone: Ugh, that's the worst. Are you getting more coworkers or is your work one of those places who think you have the perfect number already? XD
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