10 Oct 10, 12:10 PM
Squeky: Your welcome :) Any ideas for the site?
27 Aug 10, 04:46 AM
Lilimitzuki: thanks for the site :)
13 Aug 10, 09:04 PM
Squeky (Moderator): aminewsletter@live.co.uk <<Email us:)
13 Aug 10, 02:20 PM
Squeky (Moderator): Thanks so much for having a look at the blog. Have a look at the 'Your Work' page for the group email:) Hope it'll help
10 Aug 10, 06:28 PM
Kimmikat: That was meant to be a smile!! I'll try that again... :)
10 Aug 10, 06:27 PM
Kimmikat: Good luck with this new site. Looking forward to the fun :(
10 Aug 10, 04:46 PM
sueazhari: hi! congratulations on the blog .. and i'm so happy to know that the group is arranging some activities.. yay! all the best! may we all have fun there! cheers!
8 Aug 10, 07:10 PM
Squeky (Moderator): Hello all, this is safe (I have used it in the past) Feel free to use it :) Please no spam or rude messaging.. Thank you!