9 Jun 18, 10:45
Jaqi: *blows dust off Aurora*
9 Jun 18, 10:45
Jaqi: Hellooo
7 Mar 18, 05:37
ava: dang its been a while... i miss you all!!!
3 Mar 17, 13:22
Joseph Day: thinking of y'all!! can't wait for the book of dust
11 Apr 16, 15:07
Hera: The Daemon Forum. LOL. It's hard to explain- just search up the Daemon Page if you're curious. There is a RP section, but it's not as good as here T_T
4 Apr 16, 14:38
Joseph Day: It was probably archived, like mine was. And TDF?
29 Mar 16, 02:52
Hera: I might have to resort to going back to TDF to RP. lol. But I like this website much better for that kind of stuff
29 Mar 16, 02:51
Hera: Oh yay, you actually saw it! Haha. I'm sad cuz it looks like my account got deleted, but it's my fault for disappearing D:
26 Mar 16, 05:38
Joseph Day: I understand. I've only been checking since I saw your messages. And definitely! I miss y'all!
25 Mar 16, 19:23
Hera: Hey! I stopped checking awhile ago so I didn't see this, but I am sad this place is falling apart too :( If you ever want to RP something, let me know- this place looks so dead D:
20 Feb 16, 16:28
Joseph Day: HERA!!!!! Gosh I hope you see this. I miss you all so much, I'm very very sad to see the website falling asleep. Had some wonderful times with you all<33
25 Jan 16, 04:33
Hera: haven't been around in forever- is this place still a thing? I couldn't even find it on google. haha
2 Dec 15, 13:03
Liam: I wish I was more active, I have been really busy with school and work, and even game development
6 Aug 15, 00:46
ArchyD: Remus! To the Nuclear Disaster! We must continue!
31 Jul 15, 14:27
Guest: Is this site active?
12 Jun 15, 23:54
Remus: About a week, M.
12 Jun 15, 05:21
M: how long before the reserve is up like is it a few days ?for a canon...
8 Jun 15, 04:28
darkdestiny83: Hi, thanks for the welcome. :)
6 Jun 15, 22:32
Remus: Hey Dark Destiny, welcome to the Aurora!
1 Jun 15, 00:18
Remus: Hi Salica, welcome to the Aurora!
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