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24 Apr 16, 11:59 PM
Hank: I think something is in our house
25 Apr 16, 12:01 AM
Hank: my kids toys are going off even though they are broken
25 Apr 16, 12:01 AM
Hank: DSTV channels changing by itself
25 Apr 16, 12:02 AM
Hank: light started switching on and off lately by them selve
30 Jun 16, 03:25 PM
Mel: Hi Hank i had that experience in the past with my DSTV channals changing or when i try and type some
30 Jun 16, 03:26 PM
Mel: thing it deletes by itself or adds letters or just doesnt let me type anything. I suggest you put
30 Jun 16, 03:27 PM
Mel: by doors, windows and bury toys in a lot of salt. This one is trying to get your attention.
30 Jun 16, 03:28 PM
Mel: And its clearly working. Stand your ground, clear your surroundings and protect yourself.
13 Jul 16, 02:00 PM
Anton Thomas: i have a photo of my passed away grand father and my uncle, where can i sell it, 074-688-6918
1 Nov 16, 08:06 PM
Des: Hi
1 Nov 16, 08:09 PM
Des: Anyone here
12 Feb 17, 09:34 PM
Cobus: Hi, i have had experiences where objects(small) where thrown at me and my radio volume changes
12 Feb 17, 09:35 PM
Cobus: This all happened after the passing of my best friend/cousin
27 Dec 17, 11:52 PM
Julia Hoffman: My ghosts **** around with my Dstv too ! And the lights and the electric and they like to play chess
27 Dec 17, 11:54 PM
Julia Hoffman: They like to call your name as well
27 Dec 17, 11:55 PM
Julia Hoffman: But they do it I the other persons voice so we r always asking each other did u call me?
27 Dec 17, 11:56 PM
Julia Hoffman: I have so many pictures I don't know what to do anymore of giant orbs and a dark shadow
27 Dec 17, 11:57 PM
Julia Hoffman: They have screwed with my phone so I can't get any emails right now.
28 Dec 17, 01:12 AM
Julia Hoffman: Does anyone know the history of 33 fifth ave . Morningside Durban house is over 100 yrs old.
17 Jan 19, 11:51 AM
richard: about a year ago I had keys thrown over my shoulder whilst watching Tv into the middle of the front