13 Nov 17, 08:17 AM
Sebastian: Cangea is a nice girl she freaks out LOL
13 Nov 17, 08:15 AM
Sebastian: Andrei I have a special upload for you LOL
12 Nov 17, 04:02 PM
Andrei Cangea: Everyone is out of the law!!! Be careful, assholes!!!
11 Nov 17, 03:48 AM
Jean-Marc: Hawk et Andrei sont frères ils baisent la même mère LOL
11 Nov 17, 03:47 AM
Jean-Marc: Andrei t'es nul avec ta petite bite va jouer avec Mireille Mathieu LOL
11 Nov 17, 03:46 AM
Jean-Marc: Andrei Cangea va sucer ton père LOL
11 Nov 17, 03:44 AM
Sebastian: Daddy you're right nice item but poor record unfortunately but get it for free on our website
11 Nov 17, 03:43 AM
Sebastian: El blog mas hijo de puta del mondo this is our kind of stuff poor Andrei LOL grow up lard ass!
11 Nov 17, 03:42 AM
Sebastian: Report your Mom she's a Justin Bieber fan LOL
11 Nov 17, 03:41 AM
Sebastian: Andrei Cangea yeah suck my dick you mother****er
3 Nov 17, 06:47 AM
Andrei Cangea: Be careful, assholes...
3 Nov 17, 06:46 AM
Andrei Cangea: Everyone will be report to FBI. Everything is not legal. Be careful !!!
29 Oct 17, 06:00 PM
daddy: uscitelo però, ajo
29 Oct 17, 05:59 PM
daddy: ajo uscite roustabout in vinile
26 Oct 17, 06:12 AM
hola hola: ola ola
19 Sep 17, 05:51 AM
Jean-Marc: On liquide les stocks gratuitement! Cool! http://thekinginflac.blogspot.ch
19 Sep 17, 05:50 AM
Sebastian: We're giving away everything for free! Enjoy! http://thekinginflac.blogspot.ch
18 Sep 17, 08:27 AM
Sebastian: It's free and open please come and enjoy! http://thekinginflac.blogspot.ch
18 Sep 17, 08:26 AM
Jean-Marc: Vous pouvez tous venir vous servir c'est gratuit! http://thekinginflac.blogspot.ch
14 Sep 17, 06:11 AM
Benjamin: http://thekingofmusic.com is dead and gone we stole all the got LOL
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