24 Sep 20, 04:42 AM
Ubuntu390: Well, that's a tough loss. I did not understand why we went back on Kanter.
24 Sep 20, 04:14 AM
ge: Nobody has won 3 straight. Oh wait ...
24 Sep 20, 03:52 AM
Laki Titi: stop blaming the refs if things didnt go our way
24 Sep 20, 02:31 AM
merkin: Amazing Danny drafts all these guards and not one of them can pass the ball with accuracy.
24 Sep 20, 02:30 AM
merkin: We got a couple of average passers and that's it. In desperate need of a good ball distributor.
24 Sep 20, 02:29 AM
merkin: Well, the Heat took advantage of our shaky passing and ball-handling skills on this team
24 Sep 20, 01:50 AM
wow7: keep Jaylen and smart grab a godfather pick package from an incompetent franchise and hope Tatum isn't enough to keep them mediocre every year
24 Sep 20, 01:48 AM
wow7: For WCJ and 2021 2022 swap 2024 and 3 more swaps of our choosing until 2034
24 Sep 20, 01:48 AM
wow7: Beyond Bud Stevens though there is a talent issue, I'll take the shit for it and not knocking the player but my you need a top 7 guy theory I'd trade Tatum. Like Knicks for next 8 1sts/swaps or Bulls
24 Sep 20, 01:46 AM
wow7: Bud Stevens
24 Sep 20, 01:04 AM
merkin: That's why I refuse to watch NBA last couple weeks
24 Sep 20, 01:04 AM
merkin: Still, we're like 3-24 during playoffs where Foster and Brothers ref
24 Sep 20, 01:03 AM
André Moreira Lima: but the refs weren't bricking open shots for us in the first half, nor making passes straight to Miami players
24 Sep 20, 01:02 AM
merkin: https://twitter.com/envyrng/status/1308965815144775681/photo/1
24 Sep 20, 01:02 AM
André Moreira Lima: Scott Foster AND Tony Brothers lmao
24 Sep 20, 01:01 AM
merkin: Oh wait, Scott Foster, nevermind, we weren't going to win this
24 Sep 20, 12:57 AM
merkin: Need to go ahead let Heat finish this out so they'll be rested vs Lakers, Danny's terrible draft picks screwed us this season, there's no way around this bench
23 Sep 20, 11:51 PM
smartseller: going to bring my low energy like they did to friday's game lol
23 Sep 20, 11:50 PM
CelticsKY: That’s right. Later.
23 Sep 20, 11:50 PM
smartseller: well whatever we see on friday
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