7 Dec 19, 06:15 AM
ge: the more plays we have in our drawing board the more questions our opponents need to answer
7 Dec 19, 06:14 AM
ge: we need him to be part of our team and we need to continue developing some schemes/rotations/plays where he is involved
7 Dec 19, 06:13 AM
ge: he might be ready already, there is no reason to just keep him practicing with the team for a month and not playing him, it's not that kind of injury
7 Dec 19, 06:11 AM
ge: good news
7 Dec 19, 03:14 AM
Spaceman: The Celtics believe Gordon Hayward will back on the court before their Christmas matchup with Toronto
7 Dec 19, 01:59 AM
ge: recently but should we reach the finals we will NOT be the underdogs.
7 Dec 19, 01:58 AM
ge: We ARE contenders and there are others as well. We are not going to dominate the league and win it like superstar-dependent teams have done against cheaper/weaker/injured competition have done
7 Dec 19, 01:56 AM
ge: pseudo-experts dreamed of heavy favourites this year (yes, PHI including) but these are ALL fake favourites. These are not returning champs or experienced teams with a strong foundation and chemistry.
7 Dec 19, 01:54 AM
ge: Now, it is not always the case that we need a (heavy) favourite team to win it. Sometimes we have just contenders in the league.
7 Dec 19, 01:43 AM
ge: This comes as a surprise to the haters but those do not understand basketball. They will still be surprised/shocked/etc when we beat LAL or LAC in a meaningful game or series.
7 Dec 19, 01:42 AM
ge: Which means they are good. Probably 3rd best in the West. We are just a better team.
7 Dec 19, 01:41 AM
ge: Anyway, DEN is a team that can (barely) beat us at home if we are missing two of our stars.
7 Dec 19, 01:41 AM
ge: Missed the game, will watch it later in the day.
7 Dec 19, 12:21 AM
merkin: Carmelo is the original Kyrie on defense
6 Dec 19, 11:22 PM
merkin: Edwards and Grant can't shoot worth a shit, starting to get worried
6 Dec 19, 11:10 PM
merkin: Brad needs to put starters back in, Nuggets starters out there about to make a run
6 Dec 19, 11:08 PM
merkin: fucking semi taking a 3 with 21 seconds on the clock and a 21 point lead
6 Dec 19, 10:43 PM
merkin: Yeah Brown, make that fat fuck play defense
6 Dec 19, 10:35 PM
merkin: refs constantly fuck us over on clean strips
6 Dec 19, 09:56 PM
merkin: I'm sick of edwards, if he can't hit open shots, why's he out there?
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