23 Apr 17, 05:45 AM
wow7: like owing him 68 million for his age 35 and 36 seasons good grief
23 Apr 17, 05:45 AM
wow7: millsap is already 32 i think its going to be a garbage contract
23 Apr 17, 05:44 AM
wow7: i think riley is too smart for that but maybe
23 Apr 17, 05:42 AM
Cage: Maybe Miami?
23 Apr 17, 05:41 AM
wow7: knicks maybe who knows what theyll do terrible fit with zinger but maybe
23 Apr 17, 05:40 AM
wow7: boston doesnt have room
23 Apr 17, 05:39 AM
Cage: Knicks will off milsapp the max and Boston
23 Apr 17, 02:28 AM
wow7: assuming someone maxes him, which i think someone will somewhere
23 Apr 17, 02:27 AM
wow7: millsap costs 34m per, will be the largest contract in nba history because over 10 years
23 Apr 17, 01:52 AM
ge: We don't want to waste good/cheap/important players or top lottery picks for players that would rather go/live/play elsewhere.
23 Apr 17, 01:51 AM
ge: Bad if a star comes (via FA or trade) we need to make sure that he is committed to Boston.
23 Apr 17, 01:50 AM
ge: Not that we would look bad.
23 Apr 17, 01:49 AM
ge: this will be a complete makeover. Not easy to do in one summer but you never know with Ainge.
23 Apr 17, 01:31 AM
kip: is it possible to sign griffin and trade for george? say they decide they want to team up
23 Apr 17, 01:31 AM
kip: remeber in an article somewhere it said danny didnt trade for a star cause he thought he could get two in the summer?
23 Apr 17, 01:31 AM
ge: I think Jerebko stays on the cheap. I don't believe he looks like the guy who is desperate to get money and he knows he is a role player rather living the dream that he will be a star in NBA.
23 Apr 17, 01:28 AM
kip: hey ge
23 Apr 17, 01:28 AM
ge: Just get rid of the placeholders for a start.
23 Apr 17, 01:28 AM
ge: We still need a starter AND a veteran player in the bench, alongside the youngsters/rookies etc.
23 Apr 17, 01:27 AM
ge: The thing is that it's not easy to contend if you are too young.
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