20 Aug 17, 12:36 PM
Cage: Boogie is a beast
20 Aug 17, 10:25 AM
Spaceman: I certainly wouldn't call 25/12/4 diddly, but certainly don't want him
19 Aug 17, 10:06 PM
Tony 46: He wasn't all that hot with Sac, and from what I can see, he's done Diddley Sqwat in the big easy.
19 Aug 17, 10:04 PM
Tony 46: No way. Boggie is a cancer!
19 Aug 17, 09:40 PM
guessing: do you think for the right price we would look at cousins on a trade couple of articles that he is on the trading block now just see what you guys think o that one
19 Aug 17, 04:36 PM
NLIB -tatum time: a good article for a slow summer would be: the one player that michael jordan could never beat. the legend of larry
19 Aug 17, 02:39 PM
Big Brig: lol
19 Aug 17, 02:39 PM
Big Brig: did you mean covfefe?
19 Aug 17, 01:49 PM
Skematik: And im not talking bout trump LOL
19 Aug 17, 01:49 PM
Skematik: Mfer*
19 Aug 17, 01:49 PM
Skematik: Ainge is sqeezing the orange like a mfee lol
19 Aug 17, 11:15 AM
Spaceman: and another camp body...thats 20 we are done with that phase
19 Aug 17, 11:15 AM
Spaceman: Boston Celtics have reached an agreement with guard Daniel Dixon (College of William & Mary), @BBallInsiders has learned.
19 Aug 17, 11:02 AM
guessing01: sorry I understand where you are coming from but it is a real gague where your players are everyone looks for forumlas to gague players this is a good one
19 Aug 17, 10:41 AM
yaz: Those odds have nothing to do with who is better.
18 Aug 17, 08:08 PM
guessing01: look at Porzingis a 100/1 odds he fucking sucks next to IT
18 Aug 17, 08:07 PM
guessing01: we should get assets for IT and Kyre trade for christ sake ......
18 Aug 17, 08:05 PM
guessing01: for odds on MVP of 2017-18 ?????
18 Aug 17, 08:04 PM
guessing01: isnt it amazing we want to get rid of IT and when you look at the odds of Kyre and IT it has 25/1 IT and 50/1 for Kyre and we are suppose to give assets HOLD ON TO IT !!!!
18 Aug 17, 07:27 PM
Spaceman: White is a camp body, thats about it
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