16 Jan 17, 08:42 PM
DanteJITZ: Starting
16 Jan 17, 08:41 PM
DanteJITZ: Ya he is
16 Jan 17, 07:20 PM
Skematik-7yrs No Center: lol when clearly twitter states otherwise lol
16 Jan 17, 07:18 PM
Cage: Nope
16 Jan 17, 06:59 PM
DanteJITZ: Bradley in tonight?
16 Jan 17, 06:11 PM
Cage: Yeah nigga
16 Jan 17, 06:11 PM
Skematik-7yrs No Center: Little early but none the less lets go Cs!
16 Jan 17, 04:50 PM
bigsaladtosser: lets molest them
16 Jan 17, 04:49 PM
bigsaladtosser: the hornets are really sucking balls latley
16 Jan 17, 04:06 PM
ge: The point is always to have a good team, not just get a good player. Dennis Smith might become a Lillard (or not) but we would have to trade the whole team and tank for him (or anyone) to become that.
16 Jan 17, 03:55 PM
ge: a future star it's great, otherwise we will take anything that gives us as an added bonus.
16 Jan 17, 03:54 PM
ge: For me, it's too soon to tell. I haven't got enough time to watch/follow many of them. Maybe in the coming time. It's not like our life depends on these picks. If the pick(s) is/are high and we draft
16 Jan 17, 03:52 PM
ge: Regardless, we have to have/build a strong team, then mainatin a couple of really promising ones, but not too many of them.
16 Jan 17, 03:50 PM
ge: for the rest of their career, bounce from team to team after their rookie contract, even be out of the league after a few years.
16 Jan 17, 03:49 PM
ge: bad organisation that is clueless, they are injured, etc) or they don't work hard they will be overpassed (the teams/fans will just focus on the next unready youngster in the next draft), be mediocre
16 Jan 17, 03:47 PM
ge: They are not ready. It's a process for them and it highly depends on where they land. Which means that if they are unlucky (e.g. go to a team that is too strong and can't give playing time, go to a
16 Jan 17, 03:45 PM
ge: Some guys have potential, like hundreds of others (either hyped or underexposed) that don't/won't make it.
16 Jan 17, 03:44 PM
ge: We are talking like everyone is surely going to be a GOAT, then, once reality hits, we are lucky that they turn into Marquese Chriss, Otto Potter instead of being complete busts.
16 Jan 17, 03:42 PM
ge: As fans we usually overhype everyone based on a couple of videos, then we forget about them once they play a couple of games, either at NCAA or NBA.
16 Jan 17, 03:39 PM
ge: Eventually, only a couple of all these players will be great.
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