12 May 21, 02:54 PM
bdf: BigJerkins should be banned for being an unabashed bigot, especially on anti-semitic lines. He's not exactly kind to blacks either.
12 May 21, 02:53 PM
bdf: IP addresses are dynamic, they can change and are generally determined by the ISP one has, so it would only work for a while with that approach.
12 May 21, 02:44 PM
ge: I guess that the current plan is "Premium", unfortunately "Pro" that offers more control is more expensive around 90 USD per year.
12 May 21, 02:42 PM
ge: human mods will be required
12 May 21, 02:31 PM
ge: both MAC and IP are not enough
12 May 21, 02:30 PM
ge: it is not enough
12 May 21, 01:47 PM
BricksNation: Mac address is best, it removes the machine from play, no matter the IP address
12 May 21, 01:47 PM
204Celtics: Yah IP ban is best
12 May 21, 01:46 PM
BricksNation: That is why I said mac address
12 May 21, 01:45 PM
204Celtics: I feel like he'll immediately make a burner account but its better than nothing
12 May 21, 01:45 PM
204Celtics: Yah dump Big Jerkins
12 May 21, 01:44 PM
BricksNation: Dont know if you can or not but, maybe give mods a 24 hour ban button and send comments for review by you
12 May 21, 01:43 PM
BricksNation: For oyu
12 May 21, 01:42 PM
BricksNation: Maybe add some kind of a time stamp to make the appeal process a little easier.
12 May 21, 01:41 PM
BricksNation: Heavy Handed
12 May 21, 01:41 PM
BricksNation: Yes you should have a mod or 2. Bigjerkins shoud be banned forever by mac address and IP subset if necessary. Too many racist statements. Should also have some kind of appeal process so nobody gets
12 May 21, 01:33 PM
admincl: Don't want any admin that will ban ppl because they don't like their basketball views. Or they are too negative, whatever. Who do you all suggest?
12 May 21, 01:32 PM
admincl: I'm fine with adding admins, but need people who will only ban someone for spam or hate speech
12 May 21, 01:32 PM
admincl: And do you all want me to ban Big Jerkins?
12 May 21, 01:31 PM
admincl: Looks like the issue was with Big Jerkins leaving too many comments right? Also there is an issue with wow7 using a homophobic slur. So wow7, refrain from doing that again.
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