01/26/13 11:07 AM
Marilyn: also if anyone's in the mood for plotting, holla at a playa~
01/26/13 07:35 AM
Marilyn: do you come in peace?
01/26/13 07:34 AM
Marilyn: ._______________.
01/26/13 02:50 AM
ivwiwba35: sfsdfsdf
01/26/13 02:49 AM
ivwiwba35: Lxc527tt
01/23/13 06:38 AM
Marilyn: lul. I have friends who have read it and like it, which it probably why I haven't read it yet. But John Green is a bit of a masterpiece in himself
01/22/13 09:51 PM
Kiki: Oh my god guys. The Fault in Our Stars. Read it.
01/22/13 04:21 PM
Marilyn: :3 I'm so excited for life. you have no idea. but im also appreciating my hs years. c: somewhat. everyone is still a %(*&$*&#(*#&*($&. but that's alright.
01/21/13 09:32 PM
Ally: AW so many milestones girl! it's going to be great...and yes tiring
01/21/13 05:22 PM
Marilyn: We're doing family shots in march or April. The next shoot I'll do will have to be my senior shots. That's it ;__; it's fun but tiring
01/21/13 05:21 PM
Marilyn: Omg aha. We're son.
01/21/13 03:25 PM
Ally: lol! aw as an "aging" person (i'm 29 HA) I know how it feels to want to capture your beauty before it's too late!
01/21/13 11:47 AM
Marilyn: oi. she's only 42 ffs. but oh well. I get to creep at the mall
01/21/13 11:47 AM
Marilyn: OOOOh sounds like fun. And so does dog sitting! c: I'll be about from like.. 12-3 or 4pm probably. My mom is taking portraits ;___; she thinks she is getting old and must do it before shes wrinkly.
01/21/13 10:02 AM
Ally: and i'm dog sitting and bumming it today so hopefully i'll be around a little
01/21/13 10:02 AM
Ally: well welcome back Marilyn Monroe! lol! yeah it's been pretty cray cray around here too AND with Kiki as shes working the Inauguration today!
01/20/13 09:32 AM
Marilyn: Scratch that. After an hour of hard work and wires, I'm back in business. *cracks knuckles*
01/20/13 05:48 AM
Marilyn: *hops off lte*
01/20/13 05:47 AM
Marilyn: Been down for the past week so do excuse my absense. The cable provider thinks its cool to make us wait a week for someone to come out here and fix it
01/20/13 05:47 AM
Marilyn: Omg at my life. I'm not even that busy with classes for some reason. I guess my teachers are all in good moods lately, or aim prioritizing so well that I never take home work. Ah well. My Internet has
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