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5 Apr 17, 08:23 AM
PhoneSen: Comcast guys are doing what they can to fix it
5 Apr 17, 08:22 AM
PhoneSen: So get this: the landlord severed the xfinity cable with her lawnmower
5 Apr 17, 12:36 AM
PhoneSen: So apparently total service failure is widespread in my area right now. Techs are coming out tomorrow morning to see if they can fix it
4 Apr 17, 09:25 PM
PhoneSen: Yea i may get it if net doesn't come back
4 Apr 17, 08:43 PM
Isra: Discord has a mobile app if you need to get in to talk to folks.
4 Apr 17, 08:41 PM
Isra: Ack, that sucks Sen!
4 Apr 17, 08:40 PM
PhoneSen: So if anyone was curious that's whats going on
4 Apr 17, 08:39 PM
PhoneSen: And our landline phone
4 Apr 17, 08:38 PM
PhoneSen: So for whatever reason comcast has been down all day. Net AND tv
20 Mar 17, 03:45 PM
Senaru: maaan
20 Mar 17, 03:16 PM
Jackins: yeah, there's been reports of ddosing multiple things
20 Mar 17, 03:16 PM
Senaru: wow it super shit itself
20 Mar 17, 12:48 PM
iNox: Discord whyyy
20 Mar 17, 12:29 PM
Heijale: :)
20 Mar 17, 12:22 PM
Jackins: no worries. We're not goin' anywhere
20 Mar 17, 12:22 PM
Heijale: *aka* late at night and early in the morning will not be happening, but "normal" hours will be
20 Mar 17, 12:21 PM
Heijale: I'm still around, but UGH, that new computer of mine has a fan problem, so it has to be sent off. I'll still be getting on the mac desktop, but it'll limit my posting slightly
20 Mar 17, 12:00 PM
Jackins: yeah, discord seems to have shat itself.
20 Mar 17, 11:39 AM
iCap: Looks to be gone again
20 Mar 17, 11:02 AM
Void: seems to be back
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