29 Oct 13, 01:21 AM
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12 Jun 13, 09:50 PM
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4 Dec 10, 06:09 PM
JD and Max: Aww Richie and Ronnie - that's awful! We've had to put the draw back a few days cos we can't get to Lily just now (and her human is drawing the tickets) so we're gonna get you 5 more tickets! :)
3 Dec 10, 05:34 PM
Richie n Ronnii: We want to purchase raffle tickets tonight but our paypal account is hinky as someone hacked it so we can't use it :cry: :cry:
12 Aug 10, 08:45 PM
JD and Max: Hi Ginger and Buddy - FH has just replied to your messages! Thanks for your donations and also for the donations from your pals too - you're all very kind and we think you're fab! <3
12 Aug 10, 08:44 PM
JD and Max: Thanks Molly and Molly Momma - we're so pleased you're a part of this! Everypup has been so generous, we've been blown away by it all! :)
12 Aug 10, 07:44 PM
Ginger n Buddy: Our dumb dumb mummy finally read through your instruction page properly at last! So we know now how payment etc will work now. just let us know...okiee?:)
12 Aug 10, 07:39 PM
Ginger n Buddy: Please ask Mumsy to go chk her facebook messages. Impawtant message there.
12 Aug 10, 07:38 PM
Ginger n Buddy: Hey!everything looks good.This is surely gonna be a hoooge success....We are proud of u JD n Max n Mumsy for coming up with such a swell idea!
12 Aug 10, 06:16 PM
Molly Momma: I am rather proud to be part of this wonderful auction and I would like to thank JD & Max and their Mom for thinking of it and hosting it. Way to go you guys. :heart:
12 Aug 10, 07:54 AM
JD and Max: WOW - just seen a l lovely e-mail that we've been sent from some doggies willing to give up some of their biscuits to make a donation to Shelby! Our total now stands at $153.00! Wonderful! :cool:
12 Aug 10, 07:47 AM
JD and Max: HI everyone - we're pleased to inform you that money pledged so far from bids stands at $123.00 - thanks everyone!! Keep on bidding - new items are being listed every day! :biggrin:
8 Aug 10, 09:36 PM
JD and Max: We are delighted to have opened bidding on our auction items so please feel free to start bidding! :biggrin:
27 Jul 10, 08:25 PM
JD and Max: Welcome to Team Shelby's auction page! Please feel free to bid on items or to add items to be auctioned