13 Sep 20, 18:25
Day: @Spot and Rioulu Thanks for your kind and thoughful words, I am sure that Amar would want us to be strong and stay safe.
13 Sep 20, 18:23
Day: Happy Birthday in heaven Amar. Your light still shines brightly in our hearts,,
13 Sep 20, 07:01
Spot: Amar, Wishing you joy on your birthday in Heaven!
27 Aug 20, 03:13
Riolu: Even though he was a few years younger than me, he was such an amazing person and role model. You're deeply missed Amar!
27 Aug 20, 03:12
Riolu: This time of the year with Amar and Ben's anniversary tomorrow, I always think about how blessed we were to have Amar and especially how blessed I was to have someone to look up to
27 Aug 20, 03:11
Riolu: Hope you are also staying safe Day! I wish I'd known what was coming when I wished everyone a happy 2020 back in February...
8 Aug 20, 07:52
Spot: Happy Birthday, Ben!
27 Jul 20, 08:52
Day: Just a reminder to stay safe. There are better days to come.
12 Apr 20, 17:12
Gimpy: Happy Easter, everyone!
31 Mar 20, 07:03
Day: Hoping all of Amar's friends and families are staying safe aand well.
13 Feb 20, 02:56
Spot: Happy 23rd Birthday, Erik! Miss you!
12 Feb 20, 08:31
Riolu: Happy 2020 to all! Thank you for renewing the site Day. You are so wonderful for keeping this place up!
1 Jan 20, 00:11
Doug: Here's wishing a happy 2020 to Amars Army... everywhere!
26 Dec 19, 06:26
Spot: Wish a Merry Christmas and New Year with peace and joy!
25 Dec 19, 20:34
SamD: Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for Happy New Year! :) :heart:
24 Dec 19, 21:14
Day: Merry Christmas to all!
24 Dec 19, 21:13
Day: The renewal is now complete. One change, you will get a message that you are logging in to an unsecured site. It's OK to log in, nothing has changed and you will not be affected in any way.
24 Dec 19, 18:10
Gimpy: Just stopped by to do what's become a tradition-reading the Joopey Christmas post from 2011. Merry Christmas to all, especially Day, and Hugs!
1 Nov 19, 18:16
Gimpy: Thank you, Day. Hugs!
21 Sep 19, 08:47
Day: Thans all who have dropped by ti wish Amar a Happy Birthday. My gift is another year hosting.
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