13 Feb 19, 06:22
Spot: Happy Birthday, Erik!
1 Jan 19, 12:00
leonardo: Happy New Year!!!!
1 Jan 19, 10:51
Day: Best wishes to all of Amar's followers. May his light of love shine on you this New Year!
24 Dec 18, 19:16
Spot: Merry Christmas and hugs to all in Amar's brotherhood!
24 Dec 18, 16:36
leonardo: Merry Christmas to all. Thank you very much Day, for keeping Amar's memory alive.
24 Dec 18, 16:35
leonardo: Merry Christmas to all. Thank you very much, Day, for keeping Amar's memory alive.
22 Dec 18, 10:31
Day: Gimpy, you bring tears to my eyes. Thanks so much and Merry Christmas!
20 Dec 18, 20:14
Gimpy: Merry Christmas to you, Day. And thank you for keeping Amar's memory alive for all who miss him so. It's become tradition for me to read the "Joopey Christmas" post and shed a tear. Cheers to all.
18 Dec 18, 18:44
Day: Just renewed the site license for another year,Merry Christmas everyone!
22 Nov 18, 19:02
Day: Happy Thanksgiving!
21 Sep 18, 03:04
Day: Congrats Riolu!
21 Sep 18, 03:03
Day: Thanks to all of Amar's friends for wishing him happy birthday.
13 Sep 18, 17:57
Niklas: Oops, I pressed enter to skip a line...;-) Well, dear Amar, I hope you're doing well, wherever you are. Happy birthday. And hugs to all reading this.
13 Sep 18, 17:53
Niklas: Dear Amar,
13 Sep 18, 16:59
Spot: Yes! Happy Birthday, Amar! Hello everyone!
13 Sep 18, 16:01
leonardo: 13 september, a day to remember. greetings to all who loved Amar.
11 Sep 18, 03:52
Doug: Congratulations Riolu!
26 Aug 18, 07:58
Riolu: Quite a lot has happened for me since I last talked to you guys. I've graduated college, gotten a full time job, and come out to a lot of my close friends. Thank you Amar for being such an inspiration
26 Aug 18, 07:56
Riolu: Hi everyone, hi Day! Around this time every year I remember Amar and Ban's anniversary and remember how much I miss them. I hope you all are doing well, it's nice to still see people visiting the cbox
25 Jun 18, 08:54
Day: Happy summer everyone!
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