13 Feb 21, 07:01
Spot: Happy Birthday, Erik!
24 Jan 21, 17:15
samd: Thank you, Day for the renewal
2 Jan 21, 22:48
Day: Hear, hear!
1 Jan 21, 20:30
Gimpy: Thank you, Day. May 2021 be a year that would have made Amar proud. Happy New Year, everyone.
27 Dec 20, 10:52
Day: I have just renewed the site license for another year, Merry Christmas to Amar's Army!
25 Dec 20, 21:34
Gimpy: This day always makes me thing of Joopy. Merry Christmas one and all.
24 Dec 20, 23:58
Spot: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, everyone!
13 Sep 20, 18:25
Day: @Spot and Rioulu Thanks for your kind and thoughful words, I am sure that Amar would want us to be strong and stay safe.
13 Sep 20, 18:23
Day: Happy Birthday in heaven Amar. Your light still shines brightly in our hearts,,
13 Sep 20, 07:01
Spot: Amar, Wishing you joy on your birthday in Heaven!
27 Aug 20, 03:13
Riolu: Even though he was a few years younger than me, he was such an amazing person and role model. You're deeply missed Amar!
27 Aug 20, 03:12
Riolu: This time of the year with Amar and Ben's anniversary tomorrow, I always think about how blessed we were to have Amar and especially how blessed I was to have someone to look up to
27 Aug 20, 03:11
Riolu: Hope you are also staying safe Day! I wish I'd known what was coming when I wished everyone a happy 2020 back in February...
8 Aug 20, 07:52
Spot: Happy Birthday, Ben!
27 Jul 20, 08:52
Day: Just a reminder to stay safe. There are better days to come.
12 Apr 20, 17:12
Gimpy: Happy Easter, everyone!
31 Mar 20, 07:03
Day: Hoping all of Amar's friends and families are staying safe aand well.
13 Feb 20, 02:56
Spot: Happy 23rd Birthday, Erik! Miss you!
12 Feb 20, 08:31
Riolu: Happy 2020 to all! Thank you for renewing the site Day. You are so wonderful for keeping this place up!
1 Jan 20, 00:11
Doug: Here's wishing a happy 2020 to Amars Army... everywhere!
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