21 Sep 18, 04:04
Day: Congrats Riolu!
21 Sep 18, 04:03
Day: Thanks to all of Amar's friends for wishing him happy birthday.
13 Sep 18, 18:57
Niklas: Oops, I pressed enter to skip a line...;-) Well, dear Amar, I hope you're doing well, wherever you are. Happy birthday. And hugs to all reading this.
13 Sep 18, 18:53
Niklas: Dear Amar,
13 Sep 18, 17:59
Spot: Yes! Happy Birthday, Amar! Hello everyone!
13 Sep 18, 17:01
leonardo: 13 september, a day to remember. greetings to all who loved Amar.
11 Sep 18, 04:52
Doug: Congratulations Riolu!
26 Aug 18, 08:58
Riolu: Quite a lot has happened for me since I last talked to you guys. I've graduated college, gotten a full time job, and come out to a lot of my close friends. Thank you Amar for being such an inspiration
26 Aug 18, 08:56
Riolu: Hi everyone, hi Day! Around this time every year I remember Amar and Ban's anniversary and remember how much I miss them. I hope you all are doing well, it's nice to still see people visiting the cbox
25 Jun 18, 09:54
Day: Happy summer everyone!
14 Jun 18, 04:08
Day: Thanks for dropping by Sam! Thanks!
12 Jun 18, 02:22
SamD: Just stopping by to say Hi to Everyone! :)
10 Jun 18, 04:07
Day: Happy to hear you had a wonderful family day, Gimpy. Thanks for stopping by to say hi and remind us of Amar's loving family spirit.
9 Jun 18, 22:59
Gimpy: Just had a loving family experience that reminded me of Amar, so thought I'd stop by. Hello to Day and everyone. Hope you all are well. Hugs!
4 Apr 18, 09:46
Day: Thank you Spot and Leonardo! Hoping that you and all Amar's friend had a great Easter as well.
1 Apr 18, 12:23
leonardo: Happy Easter to all
25 Mar 18, 14:23
leonardo: Just coming by to say 'hi' to all.
15 Mar 18, 21:09
Spot: Hello Day and everyone!
12 Mar 18, 10:43
Day: Just stopping by to say hi to friends of Amar. Please say hi if you come by.
27 Jan 18, 11:56
Day: Thinking of Amar in heaven https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TvThHk-wMRk&index=2&list=RDCxMoxNVMIXE
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