30 Apr 17, 18:25
Day: Love you too Riolu. Just keep Amar's love in your heart and love will find you.
30 Apr 17, 02:44
Riolu: Hey everyone~ Still thinking of you Amar. I told a guy I liked him for the first time a couple weeks ago. He told me he was straight but we're still friends. Oh well, I'll keep looking. Love you all~
29 Apr 17, 09:23
Day: And please forgive my typiing skills.
29 Apr 17, 09:21
Day: If there are better ways of sharing his Amar's life story please let me know.
29 Apr 17, 09:20
Day: Thanks Gimpy. I will always be here for you and all who can find joy and comfot in Amar's life stories.
24 Apr 17, 07:22
Gimpy: Hey, Day! Still here & in need of inspiration, so I'm reading the archives again. Thanks again for keeping them available. Hugs!
23 Apr 17, 10:11
Day: Just a shout out. If you are still coming by say hey,
20 Mar 17, 18:59
Day: Welocme to spring everyone! May your spirits be renewed and may joy fill your lives as Amara did ours.
9 Feb 17, 20:49
Day: You are most welcome Leonardo!
29 Jan 17, 11:25
leonardo: Just coming by to say 'thank you' to you Day for keeping this site alive.
25 Jan 17, 18:31
Day: You are most Welcome Niklas. It warns my heart knowing that Amar's stories bring joy to you and his loyal followers.
21 Jan 17, 22:58
Niklas: It is wonderful to know that I can come back to this site every now and then. Reading these posts again touches me deeply. Thanks, Day! Lots of love to all.
21 Jan 17, 22:57
Niklas: Hello everyone, I just want to say I am extremely grateful that this site still exists. I have read Amars World every single day from November 2010 onwards. Time goes by so fast! /tbc
1 Jan 17, 12:52
Day: Happy New Year to you Leonardo and to all of Amar's friends. May his spirity guide us all.
1 Jan 17, 11:35
leonardo: Happy New Year to all the friends of Amar.
26 Dec 16, 23:59
Day: Niice to see you Doug. Hope all is well with you.
26 Dec 16, 01:26
Doug: Merry Christmas, and God bless us everyone!
25 Dec 16, 18:47
Day: Merry Christmas to you Gimpy and to all of Amar's Brotherhood. May his eternal light of love and compassion shine brightly on us all.
25 Dec 16, 08:31
Gimpy: Merry Christmas to you, Day, & to all of Amar's friends. I always hang a blue tree ornament in honor of Erik! Hugs!
7 Nov 16, 22:53
Day: Thank you Gimpy. Always nice to see you and other friends of Amar drop by.
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