2 Feb 19, 03:48
ice: still here, :)
26 Nov 18, 22:07
Vladdus: ah, damn, it sounded too good to be true. well, anyway, thank you for the clarification, it's encouraging to hear that you have finished working on the maps. :)
26 Nov 18, 02:37
ice: https://i.imgur.com/XxP0S1F.png
26 Nov 18, 00:15
ice: @Vladdus There is a run event coming soon, but the date isn't for sure just yet
26 Nov 18, 00:15
ice: @Vladdus - Clarification the event on the 15th is a Redfaction DeathMatch Event, not a Run Event. ;)
25 Nov 18, 23:32
ice: @Vladdus -- I do have maps (plural) being finished, its all i did over thanksgiving break, but the event that poop is speaking about is not necessarily within my timetables.
24 Nov 18, 08:05
KING PIN: legend run was updated; it now has 145 runmaps and 135 on randomized rotation (up from 90)
23 Nov 18, 19:41
123: I think he is still working on it.
23 Nov 18, 17:55
KING PIN: What is TMJB's Fight Run? It is a 2016 run map I found offline. It seems finished. Is it okay to upload to the map autodl or is he still working on it?
23 Nov 18, 12:12
Vladdus: so pumped up for this, thanks for letting us know :)
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