9 Dec 11, 05:58 PM
Mariah: Download PERCUMA Panduan Temuduga KPLI
3 Nov 11, 01:10 PM
Roman Girl: Visit me back
23 Oct 11, 08:14 AM
Sexy Girl ONline: Please tell me is that blogwalking is Rock.i wish you can visit mine too
24 Sep 11, 01:29 AM
Emily J.: I need you to helps me
15 Jul 11, 01:33 PM
Miyabi: hohoho glad i am here. i wish you can visit mine too
16 Dec 10, 04:33 PM
Linda C Barksdale: Feel Free to visit my blog
21 Nov 10, 01:35 AM
Mak Chick Temah: Dikkk, mok cik nok oda kain batik terengganu ado ko dak? Anok mok cik pulok nok tudung Paris Hilton. Ado dok?
21 Nov 10, 01:20 AM
beautifulmonster88: thank you doyah! :D
19 Nov 10, 08:44 AM
Doyah: Lovely stuffs you guys got heree! Thank you i already received my stuff i ordered. In good condition. ;)
19 Nov 10, 07:17 AM
beautifulmonster88: we love u too dayah <3
19 Nov 10, 07:17 AM
beautifulmonster88: hehe. u ve to wait til next months at where u bought it. maybe my friends are going to sell it soon ok sarah walker msian ver? ! ;p
18 Nov 10, 11:18 AM
iedahamzah: love this blog!! <3
18 Nov 10, 08:30 AM
Sarah Walker Msian Ver.: Okay, since cookies not available, i wanna order donuts. All sorts of choc's donuts. A dozen.
18 Nov 10, 08:19 AM
beautifulmonster88: hahahaha! that is for my project at my uni. thank you for being supportive :) the person who made the cookies is not available :/ sorry
18 Nov 10, 07:54 AM
Sarah Walker: Hello beautifuls, i bought from one of the beautiful here. She sold me cookies, donuts, kuih raya, and anythng related to her business. Actually i was forced to. i wana order cokeletchips cookies 30pc
17 Nov 10, 08:27 PM
beautifulmonster88: hello sarah walker. sorry there are no cookies for sales. from whom do u bought the cookies from?
17 Nov 10, 08:24 PM
beautifulmonster88: thank you chuck :) buy more :)
17 Nov 10, 07:31 AM
Sarah Walker: I wonder, cookies are not on sale here? As far as i remember i bought cookies from the girl? *geek snort*
17 Nov 10, 07:28 AM
Chuck Bartowski: Good stuffs, good quality, good models, good marketing strategy. Ive bought alot from them. Huuraa!
15 Aug 10, 09:14 PM
Kina: Ow great! So postage still needs to be included or tak perlu?
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