18 Jul 10, 06:56 PM
Fresh: Welcome to Fresh Yoga.. Let's chat..
18 Jul 10, 06:58 PM
Fresh: :cool:
18 Jul 10, 07:06 PM
Fresh: Everythings here are so freshhh, hope you will like it.. :D
20 Jul 10, 11:36 AM
Freah: Hi members, pls check 'Like', if u like the post or photos. Thanks..
24 Sep 10, 12:46 PM
Alice: Is there outdoor yoga this Sunday? Can non-members join?
23 Oct 10, 04:03 PM
Fresh: Hi Alice, anyone who interested in yoga is welcome to join us.
10 Feb 11, 10:20 PM
nathan: i am interested , but i go back to kl during weekends are there any evening classes during weekdays
22 May 12, 07:35 AM
Adam: lama tak jenguk sini. semakin hebat!