23 Jan 15, 09:06 AM
Lisa: I mean never mind*
23 Jan 15, 08:52 AM
Lisa: Never I found it I think. lol
23 Jan 15, 08:32 AM
Lisa: One more question. Do you know of any store that have CS4 or CS5?
23 Jan 15, 08:31 AM
Lisa: Hi very sorry to keep you waiting. Ok thank you for the reply. So sorry to be away from computer. Real life got in my way. Have a great day Savage. :)
20 Jan 15, 02:01 PM
Savage: Hi LIsa. I use CS4 and 5. Sometimes I use CS2, but mostly 4. :luv2:
18 Jan 15, 03:04 PM
Lisa: Hi great tuts and snagged your mask. Thank you. Question I never use Photoshop before may I ask which Photoshop you use?
11 Aug 14, 05:41 PM
Katie: Thank you for some word art that I snagged, very kind of you.
1 Jul 14, 10:48 AM
Duskie: Thank you for the Hope mask ♥
27 Mar 14, 10:51 AM
Savage: You are both very welcome! :luv:
28 Jan 14, 08:13 PM
Ann: Thank you so much for the awesome masks. Hugs. :luv2:
21 Oct 13, 10:03 AM
donnalee: just dropped by to say hello and look at some of your tuts,beautiful work
25 Aug 13, 09:49 AM
Savage: Fiona, please send me an email at savage.hbic@gmail.com I will send you zips of whatever you would like. :luv:
25 Aug 13, 09:48 AM
Savage: Thank you Everyone! It's my pleasure. :luv2:
25 Aug 13, 03:39 AM
Fiona: Is it possible for you to zip your files as a zip file other than a rar file?
18 Jul 13, 02:15 PM
Always Creations: thanksso my for the templates..great blog. thanks for all your hard work
13 Jul 13, 07:05 PM
Julie: Beautiful; thank you! :)
22 Jun 13, 08:29 AM
Maria Lee: Hi, Your Blog is Beautiful iw ish i will have blog like you.. :)
29 Mar 13, 09:53 AM
Savage: You are all so very welcome and Thank You for stopping by and leaving some luv. :mojo:
3 Mar 13, 03:04 PM
Isabelen: TY for the fabulous masks and tuts, will play with them very soon.
4 Feb 13, 08:02 AM
Brenda: Hiya Savage..I grabbed some masks and templates..thank you!
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